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9/13/2021 12:01 am  #2581

Re: Minnesota Amateur Hockey League

And finally we have Savage who is also joining the SMHL. Savage is exploding in population at the moment so it was no surprise when they were granted a team for the upcoming season. Sitting just west of Burnsville with whom they will have to share a home rink with until one can be built in Savage. That means they'll be playing at the newly built 1,400 seat Gary R. Harker Rink in the meantime. Despite this, they will not get representation at center ice as the city of Burnsville refused their request, opting to instead keep the Bucks and the high school Braves (who are just coming off their first ever State Championship in 1985) logos in center.

They'll be called the "Racers" in honor of the most famous athlete to ever come out of Savage, a man so dominant that the competition would eventually refuse to even race him, I'm of course talking about Dan Patch. Dan Patch was an American Standardbred that was known across the nation as the greatest harness racing horse in the United States. He would retire with an undefeated record in open competition, finishing one of the most iconic horses in racing history. To honor the Stallion, the team from his hometown decided to name themselves the Racers and use his face as their logo. The horse logo the team came out with is based on an image of Dan Patch recolored in the teams colors of orange and blue.

That rounds out the 1985 Offseason, let me know what you think!


9/13/2021 12:12 am  #2582

Re: Minnesota Amateur Hockey League

If anyone wants to check out the updated MAHL Map click here

And if you want to see any teams logo or uniform history, banners, or any other extra stuff click here

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9/13/2021 4:36 am  #2583

Re: Minnesota Amateur Hockey League

Section30 wrote:

Morris is a town in western Minnesota that will also be joining the Granite Hockey League. With a population of over 5,500 Morris is a fairly big city for the region and they felt it was time to get a team of their own. The Mules will play their home games at 500 seat Morris Ice Arena.

They will be called the "Mules" stating that they want to mimic a Mules strength and work ethic along with it just sounding good. Their logo is a kicking mule over a M for Morris in the teams colors of forest green and red.

This whole set is gorgeous. Make a green and red team look good? Absolutely nailed it. Fantastic. I'm a fan.
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9/13/2021 5:44 am  #2584

Re: Minnesota Amateur Hockey League

Another FANTASTIC offseason! (I too, am a huge fan of Morris' set especially)

You know where to e-mail 'em to

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