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RESPECT EACH OTHER Along with the usual rules of not insulting, harassing, trolling, or flaming; topics like controversial team names, politics, or religion, racial, bigoted, sexist, homophobic, or otherwise discriminatory terms, any posts simply meant to antagonize others, and any posts about rape or any other sexual assault (implied or otherwise) will not be tolerated here, regardless of their nature. Do not continue drama or beefs from outside the AHS forums and do not post private conversations in the AHS forums, even if they belong to you. Keep in mind that that if you can’t say it on day-time TV in America, you shouldn’t be saying it here. Above all, be excellent to each other.

RESPECT THE FORUM The public threads will have no images, descriptions, or links to graphic or pornographic content, including any form of nudity, or nude cartoons. No sexual content, including discussion of sex acts (implied or otherwise) or posts about genitalia. Do not post spam. Do not post ads or your promotional materials for your personal business or start threads to promote your personal business or your employer or your friend’s business. Links to your personal galleries in your signature are allowed as long as said galleries are safe for work.

RESPECT THE MODS We’re a crew of volunteers and we all have projects of our own to work on, so help us out by not having alternate accounts, not posting concepts or requests for banned members, not flooding moderator inboxes with issues that don’t disrupt the normal flow of the boards, and being patient while we investigate and resolve issues.

TL;DR: No spam. Be nice.

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