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5/10/2021 12:33 pm  #371

Re: The AltHL Season 2020

Congrats, Steel! You certainly showed the rest of us. As someone who was on the receiving end of that twice, the Kingfishers were truly unstoppable during the second half of the season.


5/10/2021 2:20 pm  #372

Re: The AltHL Season 2020

Congrats Steel!  Excellent showing, dominating most of us, like QCS, in the second half of the year!


5/10/2021 2:33 pm  #373

Re: The AltHL Season 2020

After weeks of hustle to get into the Alt Cup Finals, the Wranglers lost their steam and, quite rightfully, given their controversial practices, the title. Steelman, you played well all season; congratulations on the Cup!


5/10/2021 3:56 pm  #374

Re: The AltHL Season 2020

Ggs to the finalists! Unfortunately, us here at the as of yet unnamed Copration were at a silent retreat and didn't see the game!


5/10/2021 4:28 pm  #375

Re: The AltHL Season 2020

What is the name of the trophy?

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5/10/2021 5:05 pm  #376

Re: The AltHL Season 2020

Halifax is honored (honoured for all you Canadians) to hoist the 2021 Alt Cup! We have named our captain Leon Draisaitl as the Finals MVP and as well as the 2021 Team MVP. (with a special shoutout to MacKenzie Weegar, who nearly won Team MVP awards after his prodigious season once he joined the team after a loss to the Chevaliers which helped propel us to a 12-game win streak to ultimately win the Alt Cup) I am immensely proud of this team.

What a fantastic season with many great moments from all the teams!

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5/15/2021 7:46 pm  #377

Re: The AltHL Season 2020

Congratulations to CC and the Spokane Warriors for being crowned Farm League AAA Champions today. Our AAA league will not have playoffs this year but the Warriors just clinched the top record in the league. Stay tuned for the Farm League AA playoffs which will take place this year. 

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6/06/2021 2:27 pm  #378

Re: The AltHL Season 2020

Time for the 2021 AltHL Farm League AA playoffs. The quest for the Pionk Cup begins. If you have your logo for your minor league teams I will sub them in. But for now I just used the parent club logo. The top half of the bracket is the western conference, the bottom is the east. I'll update it by round. 

*I also think it would be cool if this AA league had some more southern flare to it! 

**Also if you'd like help making logos for your minor league teams let me know. I'm sure others would like to help as well! 

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6/06/2021 4:40 pm  #379

Re: The AltHL Season 2020

Go Highlanders!

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6/07/2021 2:16 pm  #380

Re: The AltHL Season 2020

ProsecutorMilesEdgeworth wrote:

The Charlotte Racers will now proudly display the identities of the Greenville Reapers and the Myrtle Beach Skates. In a press conference, team owner and prosecutor Miles Edgeworth unveiled the logo and uniform sets, starting with the Reapers.

“At this time, we would like to proudly unveil the uniforms of the Greenville Reapers. The name was inspired by the Carolina Reaper, and how it’s spice level can reach deathly levels. Plus, the sight of the Grim Reaper using his scythe as a hockey stick kind of humored me a small bit.”

“Moving on to the Myrtle Beach Skates. In naming this team, I wanted to refer to an animal that was common on the shores of Myrtle Beach, and what better way to do that then to give a double meaning, as the skate fish is commonplace, and skates are of course used by hockey players”

“One last thing, I would like to give a major thank you to 3pointtally for the help in designing this brand. As you know, my job as a prosecutor doesn’t usually allow for much creative work. So as such, I had his help in overseeing this process, and we are both very proud of these resulting looks.”

Refer to this for the minor league logos.

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