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9/09/2020 4:14 pm  #1021

Re: AltHL Legacy

Hey, any news on the Quebec Owls?

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9/09/2020 4:44 pm  #1022

Re: AltHL Legacy

Sevsdast wrote:

Hey, any news on the Quebec Owls?

AltHL Community,

I have decided not to further pursue majority control of the Quebec Owls.

I will fully admit that my plan for the future of the Owls franchise never involved keeping the team in Quebec City long-term, and that if I got the team, I would have pursued relocation as soon as possible.

With that said, I sincerely and unreservedly apologize to FC Macbeth for threatening to move the team. I feel like I treated the AltHL as if it were an actual professional hockey league (basically, a bit too seriously) in the days after FC Macbeth relinquished his ownership shares, and that I should have known ahead of time that the new owner, whoever it may be, would have to keep the Owls in Quebec City, which, as I said earlier, had no plans to do.

I have no doubt that the AltHL can thrive in small markets like Quebec City, and I would like to officially reaffirm my interest in pursuing an expansion franchise for the 2021-22 AltHL season.


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9/09/2020 5:38 pm  #1023

Re: AltHL Legacy

Sorry to see you go dvdbubba27. Good luck with expansion


4/19/2021 12:34 pm  #1024

Re: AltHL Legacy

AltHL Community! 

What happened last night was exactly what we envisioned when we started this crazy universe over a year ago. People from around the country watching a Toronto/Vancouver overtime game just to see who would take the last spot in the playoffs. Whether it was a Leddy-fluke goal in OT to give the Seawolves the lead or the last second pick up of goalie Braden Holtby there was plenty of drama to be enjoyed. 

With that said, we have come to the conclusion of the first AltHL season. Our 8 teams are gearing up for the playoffs. We will introduce the matchups in a few minutes. But for now we have to take care of some Week 14 items.

We have a few banners to raise as the season concludes....

And if you were keeping track of the perfect is the full season perfect lineup. Connor McDavid is our league MVP.

I will double post again with our playoff previews in a few minutes.

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4/19/2021 1:10 pm  #1025

Re: AltHL Legacy

Welcome to the AltHL Playoffs!

First up we have the Montreal Chevaliers and the Denver Bighorns. This is an exciting matchup because it features the league's top team in Montreal and the league's playoff surprise in Denver. The Bighorns slyly maneuvered their way past Los Angeles for the final spot. They also were the one team to defeat the Chevs this season. Needless to say that Montreal is looking for revenge. But they will have to do so shorthanded. The Chevs are missing half of their starting lineup due to Covid-19. Montreal will have to hold down the fort until help arrives on Thursday (hopefully). The Chevs are lead by the league's scoring leader Auston Matthews. They will have to lean on their hot backup goalie Igor Shesterkin to send them to the semis. The Bighorns are lead by Sidney Crosby and goaltender Jordan Binnington. May AltHL fans may forget by the Bighorns first round pick was Nikita Kucherov who hasn't played yet this season. They made the playoffs despite that touch loss. The rams from the Hockey Mountains journey east to the birthplace of hockey in what is a great first round matchup!

Next we have the 4v5 matchup. These two rivals were set to play an outdoor game in Scotland before Covid-19 postponed it to next season. Halifax has been a solid squad all season. The Kingfishers are powered by Leon Draisaitl and Mark Stone. But the real gem of their team has been their goaltending which came from the unexpected places of Jarry and Lankinen. They will face the Rovers who are the fourth place team in the AltHL and third in the East. Because of their tough division the Rovers flew under the radar for much of the season. Bergeron, Tavares, Panarin will lead the march for the Rovers against Halifax. Glad that these two rivals finally get to meet and the stakes couldn't be higher! 

Next up we have the #2 seed-Adams Cup Champion Portland Sawblades as they take on their western conference rival Calgary. This is a rematch from their week-5 matchup in which the Blades beat the Wranglers 100-81. The Sawblades have put up a great many points this season thanks to Matthew Tkachuk and company. The stumbled at the end of the season with a surprising loss to Los Angeles. On the other side of the dial we have the Wranglers from Calgary. The Wranglers have shown the potential for an explosive game no and again. THey'll need to pull out the guns for this matchup with Portland. The Wranglers play a team style with no one player dominating the scoring. They'll look to Jonathan Huberdeau to get things started but it should be a tough matchup with the Sawblades. 

Finally we go to the 3-6 matchup between Winnipeg and Quebec. The Arrows were the lucky recipients of the third seed after winning the woeful Central Division. The Arrows will get to play in front of their rowdy fans.  The Arrows had a rough start to the season but turned it around in a BIG way. Rattling off a great number of wins to pass rival-Minnesota for the Central Crown. The Arrows are lead by their defensman Alec Martinez. They are also buoyed by Alex DeBrincat and Patrick Kane. They will take on an Owls team who are also led in scoring by their defensman Kris Letang. They will look to the veteran Marc Andre Fleury to settle things down between the pipes. 

A couple of interesting things I noticed.

-The Eastern Conference sends 4 out of 6  teams to the playoffs
-5/8 playoff teams are from Canada. Meaning we could theoretically have an all-Canadian final four. 
-The coolest thing I noticed was that the three worst teams from the legacy project DENVER, QUEBEC and PORTLAND all made the playoffs. Good for you guys! 

Enjoy the games this week! 

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4/19/2021 3:10 pm  #1026

Re: AltHL Legacy

Sevsdast wrote:

Hey, any news on the Quebec Owls?

Yea, they lost to Portland last week and will be playing as the 6th seed against Winnipeg in the first round of playoffs this week.

I can’t believe the Gritty Cup was decided by .1 point.

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4/19/2021 3:52 pm  #1027

Re: AltHL Legacy

Gritty wrote:

-The coolest thing I noticed was that the three worst teams from the legacy project DENVER, QUEBEC and PORTLAND all made the playoffs. Good for you guys! 

Thank you Gritty, very cool!


4/19/2021 6:57 pm  #1028

Re: AltHL Legacy

Love the playoff infographics! Win or lose, I'm just happy to finally get the rivalry with Boston started.

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4/19/2021 8:40 pm  #1029

Re: AltHL Legacy

Shouldn’t this be in the AltHL Season thread? Nonetheless, great job with the graphics, I’m excited to see how this plays out.


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