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9/11/2019 8:48 pm  #1

History of the National Football Association - 1974-75 Season

Hey y'all I'm here with a football series I've been working on for a couple weeks now! For those who know my previous works, you should know I do a lot of football concepts, I've always been a big fan. So inspired by the works of Veras specifically I got this idea to start my own football league. But something else caught my eye, as many of you also know, I have a baseball league. WHICH WILL BE CONTINUING! But it took over my barest of foundations for my football league, so I scraped the idea in hopes I might pick it up later. So, as you probably guessed I'm picking that back up! It's going to start in the year 1946 and go until modern day! I hope you enjoy!

The World of Football as of 1945:
Football had long had its cemented teams and league. From the year 1919, the football world was led by the American Football Association. A league which had consisted of up to 20 teams, ranging from Minneapolis to Boston. But over the course of a handful of years, the once powerful AFA had changed. Due to the Great Depression and WWII efforts the great 20 team league had diminished to just 6 teams and changed it's name to the National Football League. It all ended up coming to a crashing end in 1941, where the league finally went under. After losing most the teams rooted in league history. And having been relegated to an ultimatum where they could continue to lose money in hopes the league pulls through or end it now and save the pain. The last team owners and league commissioner agreed it was time and pulled the plug.  For the remaining teams they could either choose to fold or relocate to neighboring leagues. All 6 of them relocated. 
And for the first time in 22 years, the world was without a big football league. The football market was dominated by the college game, of course there were the local leagues, that saw a spike in attention after the collapse of the AFA. Leagues such as the Atlantic Players League, which harbored teams around the Chesapeake Bay area and ran up the Atlantic Coast. There was also the New England Football League, which, as its name states, consisted of teams in the New England Area. The last significant league was the Champions Football Association, which was weak itself. It housed teams in the Midwest area, from Illinois to Pennsylvania, focusing in on bigger cities around the Great Lakes. This era of american football didn't last long however.
5 years after the collapse of the AFA, the war ended, football players were returning home, and money was flowing back into the pockets of the americans. This had an immediate effect. Not long after the war had ended, had several owners of the most powerful football teams in America, many of them survivors of the AFA, come together to discuss a revival of the AFA, which had been renamed the National Football League towards the end of it's timeline. The idea of a revival was bounced around with the idea of a new league for a while, until one day on a sunny Sunday afternoon in a small house of the owner of, arguably the best team in America. The Boston Gaels. Where the owners and important figures finally came to an agreement. A new league, taking the name of the old one, was to be formed, mostly of the survivors of the original NFA/AFA mixed in with some others, was to be founded. The roster of teams was to be the; Baltimore Bulldogs, of the APL, the Boston Gaels, of the NEFL, the New York Cannons of the NEFL, the Philadelphia Hornets of the CFA, the Pittsburgh Ironmen of the CFA, and the Washington Pirates, of the APL.

1946 Onwards...
This is where the story starts. Where readers like you will have a chance to watch the history unravel in front of you. Suffering the prosperities and hardships of professional football. Picking your favorite teams and watch them become dynasties, or watch them get lost in time, suffering loss after loss. 

Champions Bowls:
1946- Washington Pirates 17- Boston Gaels 15
1947- Philadelphia Hornets 21- Boston Gaels 17
1948- Boston Gaels 28- Washington Pirates 27
1949- Washington Pirates 37- Philadelphia Hornets 13
1950- Pittsburgh Ironmen 13- Washington Pirates 3
1951- Buffalo Tigers 36- Pittsburgh Ironmen 24
1952- Pittsburgh Ironmen 31- Buffalo Tigers 28
1953- New York Cannons 45- Philadelphia Hornets 28
1954- Philadelphia Hornets 24- St. Louis Tigers 17
1955- Chicago Zephyrs 28- Philadelphia Hornets 21
1956-57- Philadelphia Hornets 27 - Detroit Bombers 24
1957-58- Chicago Zephyrs 45 - Washington Pirates 0
1958-59- Chicago Zephyrs 27 - Cleveland Rangers 20
1959-60- Chicago Zephyrs 17 - Washington Pirates 10
1960-61- Chicago Zephyrs 37- Boston Gaels 16
1961-62- Detroit Bombers 23- Washington Pirates 20
1962-63- Chicago Zephyrs 29- Pittsburgh Ironmen 28
1963-64- New York Cannons 19- Los Angeles Tigers 3
1964-65- Boston Gaels 24- Los Angeles Tigers 7
1965-66- Boston Gaels 24 - Philadelphia Hornets 14
1966-67- Cleveland Rangers 31 - Boston Gaels 9
1967-68- Washington Pirates 30 - Los Angeles Tigers 10
1968-69- Philadelphia Hornets 17 - New York Cannons 10
1969-70- Washington Pirates 35 - Miami Stingrays 10
1970-71- San Francisco Whales 33 - Washington Pirates 31
1971-72- Miami Stingrays 24 - Houston Explorers 10
1972-73- Colorado Cougars 31 - Los Angeles Tigers 27
1973-74- Colorado Cougars 17 - Detroit Bombers 14

Champions Bowl Victories:
Chicago (6), Washington (4), Philadelphia (4), Boston (3), Pittsburgh (2), New York (2), Colorado (2), Buffalo (1), Detroit (1), Cleveland (1), San Francisco (1), Miami (1)

Champions Bowl Appearances:
Washington (10), Philadelphia (8), Boston (7), St. Louis/Buffalo/Los Angeles (7), Chicago (6), Pittsburgh (4), New York (3), Detroit (3), Colorado (2) Cleveland (2), Miami (2), San Francisco (1), Houston (1)

The team identities will start to be unveiled tomorrow! Get ready! C&C always appreciated!

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Re: History of the National Football Association - 1974-75 Season

Definitely looking forward to this!

9/11/2019 10:24 pm  #3

Re: History of the National Football Association - 1974-75 Season

Consider me an Ironmen fan from the start, no questions asked! First time I've ever cast my allegiance sight unseen! But I'm a Pittsburgh fan.

Can't wait.
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9/12/2019 7:35 pm  #4

Re: History of the National Football Association - 1974-75 Season

The first team to be revealed are the Baltimore Bulldogs!
The Bulldogs were founded in 1932, one of the 2 teams in the league to never play in the original NFA. Baltimore played in the smaller Atlantic Players League. They won 6 APL championships and seemed to always be contending. Looking to move up to more competition, they were pleasantly surprised when they were invited to play in the NFA. Although coming off the worst season in franchise history in their last APL season. They have the potential to be an underwhelming team.

C&C Appreciated!

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9/12/2019 11:27 pm  #5

Re: History of the National Football Association - 1974-75 Season

Good look for the Bulldogs. Is a white home set league policy or team preference?
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9/13/2019 2:19 pm  #6

Re: History of the National Football Association - 1974-75 Season

Baltimore looks good, looking forward to the rest

9/13/2019 3:19 pm  #7

Re: History of the National Football Association - 1974-75 Season

Steelman wrote:

Good look for the Bulldogs. Is a white home set league policy or team preference?

NFA has asked for white at home, every team has complied except for one, you'll find out who that is soon.

Up next are the Boston Gaels, the Gaels were founded in 1923 and played for the original NFA up until its folding. They were a powerhouse team that won 5 NFA championships. Once the league folded they, alongside the New York Cannons, joined the New England Football League. Where they won a championship against the Cannons in their first year there. Owner Edward Smith is one of the founders of the new NFA.

C&C Appreciated! I'm glad you guys liked Baltimore!


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9/13/2019 6:46 pm  #8

Re: History of the National Football Association - 1974-75 Season

The inclusion of the orange really makes this set pop, my favorite thus far in these early stages. I dig the Old English lettering on the shamrock.
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9/13/2019 9:51 pm  #9

Re: History of the National Football Association - 1974-75 Season

Boston looks great, love the colors and logo.

Definitely a classic look which I dig a lot.

9/13/2019 10:39 pm  #10

Re: History of the National Football Association - 1974-75 Season

Decided to go ahead and upload the next team, the New York Cannons!

The New York Cannons were founded in 1898, before the NFA even existed, making them the oldest team in the league. Originally playing for the New York Football Association, with other teams in the area, they dominated being one of the league's best teams. When the NYFA went down in 1911, they played for the NEFL were they played well once again. Then they were an inaugural member of the original NFA, when that league was founded in 1919. They stuck with the NFA for its entirety and returned to the NEFL when the NFA met its demise. Overall all 3 leagues and all 48 seasons. The Cannons have amassed 11 championships. Making them the most accolated team in the world.

C&C Appreciated! Glad you like Boston, one of my favorite identities to get to play with! Had a lot of fun making them.

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