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2/20/2021 9:10 pm  #451

Re: AltBA Design Thread

Steelman wrote:

If it's paused, are we able to continue/finish concepts for the other teams in Group A?

Yep feel free to send any concepts you may have and I'll add them

2/22/2021 10:25 am  #452

Re: AltBA Design Thread

Alright everyone! We are back from our little pause. Thank you all for understanding. Here is the new poll. Enjoy!
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2/24/2021 2:21 pm  #453

Re: AltBA Design Thread

Is Group B (Atlanta, Charlotte, Los Angeles, New Orleans, Vancouver and Washington) still due on Saturday, or is everything being pushed back with this vote still ongoing?
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2/24/2021 3:54 pm  #454

Re: AltBA Design Thread

The deadline for Group B will be SUNDAY 2/28 @ noon. 

The voting is over. I am currently rendering all of the teams to the 3D template. I have all but one team complete but I had some tech difficulties with my photoshop that I am working out. I hope to have them posted soon! The teams are looking good. 


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2/26/2021 5:17 pm  #455

Re: AltBA Design Thread

Hello everyone! 

Thank you for your patience. The file that I was working on got corrupted and it took me a second to get back up and running. But with that said...I am pleased to reveal the Group A uniforms. I have another template that will feature the shorts that I'll bring out in the future.
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2/26/2021 5:51 pm  #456

Re: AltBA Design Thread

Glad my designs did well! I'm hoping that we continue to get some out-there designs for the rest of the league.
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2/26/2021 6:28 pm  #457

Re: AltBA Design Thread

Congrats to the winners of the first uniforms!

Nice work on the template, Gritty. Looks good!

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2/26/2021 6:31 pm  #458

Re: AltBA Design Thread

Just a few thoughts on these first 6 teams!

Chicago Bulldogs: Nice to see Bulldogs make the cut as a team name, always liked that one!   I'm glad these jerseys made more use out of light blue instead of black, to avoid anymore connections to the NBA's Chicago Bulls (both teams already being primarily a red team with the word Bull in the name).   Definitely a fan of the Chicago flag's stars on a couple of the jerseys, a notable feature on one of our country's best city flags is always a welcome sight!

Minnesota Giants: Not to sound dramatic, but I think this team's entire design, from logo, to jerseys, is an absolute masterpiece!  The jerseys stand out stylishly without being gaudy, the logo is freakin' awesome, and I really enjoy the Jotnar wording on the alternate jersey.  This team has got to be a strong contender for being the first one picked!

Denver Mountaineers: This one is pretty creative!  The mountain peak design being on every jersey, instead of just the alternate, was an unexpected design choice and definitely helps them stand out amongst the rest of the league.

Louisville Spirits: This one have a pretty simple design, and I like it!  The alternate in particular is a favorite of mine, as it feels like a classic design that maybe the team might have had at one point, then brought back by popular demand. Really cool one!

Seattle Emeralds: A pretty basic, no-nonsense approach here, feels very Brooklyn Nets to me, (for the record, the Nets have one of my favorite uniform designs in the NBA just because their simple approach stands out against the rest of the league in a good way).

Detroit Mustangs: This is another old-school looking team, and again I really like it a lot!  You kind of get the feeling that this team has kept the same design for many years and that's pretty cool!

Really great start to the AltBA!  Can't wait to see the rest!

2/26/2021 7:02 pm  #459

Re: AltBA Design Thread

These uniforms are definitely out there. My favorite is probably Seattle. Congrats to the winners!


2/26/2021 9:44 pm  #460

Re: AltBA Design Thread

I also think Minnesota has the best jerseys so far, that third jersey is dope.


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