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10/14/2020 10:29 pm  #21

Re: American Runty Championship (Markball 2.0): 1946 Season!

Steelman wrote:

Depending on how long your season is, a week-by-week format is definitely a huge time commitment though, I'd make sure you really want to do that before committing to it. The NFL/American football style is easier because the season schedule is super short.

If you wanted to feature some regular season games, you could highlight a game of the week, or the late-season playoff race, or something like that. I think most people care more about the playoffs though as far as game scores.

I'll agree with what Steel says about the week to week time commitment. Really slows down progress as you move forward, but adds depth. If you are simple enough with the recaps then its not too bad, but I would say you really gonna want to do it if you go that route.

I would say game of the week is certainly a good direction, and really if you go just a full recap you have the realism of having the scores which you can mention in the recap.

10/15/2020 10:27 am  #22

Re: American Runty Championship (Markball 2.0): 1946 Season!

Really like what you've got so far! I didn't really keep track of the Markball thread, so I'll definitely be keeping an eye on this one.

10/16/2020 1:44 am  #23

Re: American Runty Championship (Markball 2.0): 1946 Season!

Apart from the weekly scores, I'd like to see some anecdotes on how the game grows as time goes on.


10/16/2020 4:23 pm  #24

Re: American Runty Championship (Markball 2.0): 1946 Season!

So I feel I'll just post the game of the week for my season posts (As well as first week highlights). The seasons aren't too long, so I feel like that would be the best way to incorporate scores. If I had the patience, I'd go week by week, but I don't really have much patience

Here's my season format, let me know what you think, and I'll update the season format for 1947!

1946 NERC Season

The Northeastern Runty Championship kicked off its its first season on May 11, 1946, with 3 afternoon games.

In the first game, the Panthers came back from an 11-2 halftime deficit to defeat Staten Island 18-14 in Buffalo.

In the second game, a fourth-quarter goal from Wolf Alberts proved to be the difference as Boston defeated the Clippers in Hempstead, 19-15.

In the third game, a high-scoring (at the time) fourth quarter saw New York prevail in the Bronx, as they won 24-17.


Week 1: Boston 19-15 Hempstead
Week 2: Staten Island 16-22 the Bronx
Week 3: the Bronx 22-20 Hempstead
Week 4: New York 33-23 Boston
Week 5: Hempstead 34-20 Buffalo
Week 6: Buffalo 12-15 Staten Island
Week 7: Boston 24-19 Buffalo
Week 8: Hempstead 29-32 the Bronx
Week 9: Staten Island 11-13 Hempstead
Week 10: the Bronx 24-18 Boston

Leading Goalscorer: Joe Hunnith (13)

The first regular season champions of the NERC were a huge surprise, the New York Knights.  they came bursting out of the gate, winning their first 6 games, by an average of over 13 points. This was thanks in large part to CF Johnny Hunnith, who finished second in the league with 16 goals. They suffered a bit of a scare in the late stages of the season losing 3 straight, including a 49-13 thrashing by Hempstead. However, they finished the season off in convincing fashion, clinching the #1 seed and home advantage for the playoffs.

Leading Goalscorer: Denny MacTominay (7)

Coming is second and clinching one home playoff game were the Bronx Bears. They started off slowly, obtaining a 2-1-1 record through 4 games. After two rough losses at home to Boston and at New York, and the season looking lost, they hit a groove, winning all 4 of their remaining games, including a thrilling 32-29 win at home over Hempstead. What was interesting about the Bears' season was that their offense and defense didn't really stand out, but their team play impressed lots of analysts. They had to have done something right to finish 6-3-1.

Leading Goalscorer: Eddie Tracy (12)

Coming in third and clinching the final playoff spot were the Hempstead Clippers. Even though they finished 6-4, they scored the most points and gave up less than 200, so many columnists predicted them to surprise in the playoffs. Their high-flying (for the time) offense was led by LF Eddie Tracy, who led the ERD in 1945. On defense, ruck Earl Smith shone, and was considered by many columnists as the league's MVP (The NERC doesn't have an official MVP trophy yet).

Leading Goalscorer: Nick O'Cough (10)
Boston, who many people predicted to at least clinch a playoff spot, finished on the outside in heartbreaking fashion, losing 24-18 to the Bronx in week 10. Paired with a 15-point Clipper victory over Staten Island, ended up making the Riders the odd team out. As well, their 1-4 home record ranked tied for last in the league. However, one bright spot for the Riders was their lockdown defense, who allowed 14 less points than any other team. FB John Hughes was considered the team's best performer, for his goal-saving tackles and high-flying clearances.

Leading Goalscorer: Artie Booth (8)
Despite being the 1945 ERD champions, the Panthers fell hard in the NERC. Things were looking good at first, as they won their first two games against Staten Island and Boston, but proceeded go winless for their next 5 games, effectively eliminating them from playoff contention. On the plus side, young Artie Booth led the team's struggling offense in scoring, and analysts predict for him to break out in 1947, which could potentially turn the tides for the Panthers. 

Leading Goalscorer: Oz Smart (4)
Finally, in last place were the Islanders. It was a season to forget, and there were virtually no bright spots for them, offensively or defensively. They scored 4.7 less points per game than the next worst team, and gave up 1.3 more points on average. While the Islanders were expected to be bad, they certainly weren't expected to be THIS bad. Even worse, they don't really have any young stars in the making, so the next few seasons could be very painful as well for the Islanders.

Miscellaneous Stats:

      -   Leading Goalscorer Trophy (Retroactively Awarded): Joe Hunnith (NY)
      -   Largest Home Victory: New York 13-49 Hempstead (Week 7)
      -   Largest Away Victory: Boston 31-5 Staten Island (Week 3)
      -   Most Combined Points: 62 (New York 13-49 Hempstead (Week 7)

Notable Events:

      -   The week 9 game between Hempstead and Staten Island finished 13-11 in favour of the Clippers. This is likely to remain as the lowest-scoring game in NERC/ARC history.
      -   In the same game, Staten Island FB Barry Jacoerin scored an amazing end-to-end goal, which ended up being the highlight of the Islanders' season.
      -   The NERC instituted a controversial rule in week 1 that forbade players from pushing each other to get to a loose ball. This was quickly reversed for week 2 due to numerous complaints.
      -   Due to construction at the Knights' home ground, they played their first three home games at Governor's Park, the home field of ERD team Manhattan.

There's the first season post! Let me know how you like the format, your thoughts on how the season went, or if you have any questions!

Funny Note: The NERC New York Knights through 1 season already have more first-place finishes than the NAML's New York Knights, who did not finish first in any of their 24 seasons.
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10/16/2020 4:33 pm  #25

Re: American Runty Championship (Markball 2.0): 1946 Season!

C'mon Panthers, hopefully they can break out in 1947.
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10/18/2020 5:04 pm  #26

Re: American Runty Championship (Markball 2.0): 1946 Season!

I like the write up style, disappointing first season for the Isles, but here's to hoping they turn it around!


10/18/2020 9:24 pm  #27

Re: American Runty Championship (Markball 2.0): 1946 Season!

Go Bears!

Nice job on the write up.

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10/19/2020 10:09 pm  #28

Re: American Runty Championship (Markball 2.0): 1946 Season!

Good season Bears! Let's kick some Clipper butt!


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