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7/04/2020 2:07 pm  #11

Re: The American Premier League

Love the Crowns! The powder works really well with red and gray and I'm glad to see that they've got a title under their belt.

7/05/2020 9:23 am  #12

Re: The American Premier League

With the Tournament APL is BACK in just three days we still need to reveal three more groups. Group D is up today.

Detroit Dynamo began play in 2004.  They captured the APL Cup in 2009.  Their look is Red, White and Blue with Black.  The crest features a tire with a block D and two 'red wings' off the tire.  This was to play homage to the Detroit Redwings.
Caesar Sportivo is one of the APL's original franchise.  'Caesar' is a team to pay homage to the rich Italian heritage of the state of New Jersey.  As a former resident and Italian American, I wanted a team that gave a shout out to Italy.  The team is naturally sponsored by Atlantic City's Caesar's Palace.  Caesar has won to APL Cups in 2000 and 2013.
In 2015 Sporting San Francisco burst onto the scene.  For the first time, their southern rival AC Sol had to share the state with a team from the Bay Area.  Logo is inspired by the California State flag.  I ended up using the Bear Head Claw from my submission for the Portland Grizzlies.
FC Lone Star was one of the original franchises of the APL.  Their entire existence has been categorized as mediocre.  They have never excelled but have never been a bottom feeder.  Their logo is the Texas state flag on a shield.
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7/06/2020 9:28 am  #13

Re: The American Premier League

Two days away from the start of the tournament in Disney World.  We have Group E.

Sentinel stands guard of one of our country's most historic cities.  I like soccer clubs that have on name such as Arsenal.  I thought that Sentinel sounded similar, powerful and historic.  Sentinel refers to Paul Revere's midnight ride, Bunker Hill, the protesters at the Boston Massacre, and those who stood tough against waves of redcoats at Lexington and Concord.  Last year Sentinel failed to make the playoffs.
Teams are named FC, AC, SC, but Heartland is named KC.  "The Smoke" are 6 years ago.  In 2018, Heartland KC won it all.  Last year they finished just short by falling in the conference finals.
The Chicago Millennium are one of the APL's original teams and one of the more unique names.  The Millennium was a name born out of the preparation for the forthcoming millennium.  Needless to say it is also a reference to Millennium Park in Chicago.  The Millennium won the APL Cup in 2008.
Finally we have Alpha Miami.  Miami was one of the original APL clubs.  The went to the finals once and lost to 2008 to Chicago.  

Tomorrow we finish with Group F and our final four teams.
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7/06/2020 4:37 pm  #14

Re: The American Premier League

I love the look of Sporting San Francisco, and I like the bear claw more in the soccer crest than I did as a football logo as well.

7/06/2020 5:26 pm  #15

Re: The American Premier League

Sentinel..interesting. It's got the look of an old school team, and I do like the move to play away from the whole Celtic theme for Boston.

7/06/2020 5:35 pm  #16

Re: The American Premier League

American Premier League News:

As of today, Big Foot FC has informed the APL that they will not be participating in the APL is BACK tournament due to a high number of Covid19 cases on the team.
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7/07/2020 9:27 am  #17

Re: The American Premier League

To close out the American Premier League clubs we have Group F:
The Hawaii Ho'ohui joined the league in 2018 and became the first major professional sports team in the nation's 50th state.  The crest features a sea turtle which is comprised of the letter H but the fins and heads float around the H to represent the uniting Islands of Hawaii.  In fact, the name Ho'ohui means United in Hawaii.  The Ho'ohui made news this week when their star player Miguel Angel Hernandez announced that he would not be participating in the tournament due to Covid concerns.  Hernandez won last year's APL MVP.
Big Apple United represents our nation's largest city.  Big Apple unites the 5 boroughs of New York.  Their rabid fan base the 'Apple Corps' make United games a scary place for visiting teams to attend.  Big Apple United joined the league in 2011.  I repurposed a logo submitted for the New York Emperors.

The Bayou Wanderers are simply known as The Bayou.  They are named the Wanderers because they are unique in the way that they will play 5 homes games every year along the Gulf Coast at league approved venues.  Their official home is New Orleans.  The crest is meant to be a submerged alligator - I love the concept but am still working on the execution.
Finally! We finish the American Premier League club reveals with the Colorado Centennial.  The Centennial are by far the most successful franchise in the APL.  The stars on their shield represent their 5 APL Cups.  They also have been to four others.  The Centennial should be a major player in this year's tournament as well.
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7/07/2020 9:46 am  #18

Re: The American Premier League
Pick your team! The tournament kicks off tomorrow!
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7/07/2020 10:16 am  #19

Re: The American Premier League

Go Sporting San Francisco!

7/07/2020 11:11 am  #20

Re: The American Premier League

So many teams so little time! Arizona has grown on me a lot.

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