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6/28/2020 5:36 pm  #11

Re: 2020 Marble League Thread

Alright, I've never watched JMR but I'm bored enough to give it a shot. Where should I start and who should I root for?
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6/28/2020 6:34 pm  #12

Re: 2020 Marble League Thread



6/28/2020 9:00 pm  #13

Re: 2020 Marble League Thread

Well I started watching JMR, and found myself hooked after watching. I first rooted for the Oceanics and Thunderbolts because of how their marbles looked ...

But then the O'rangers grew on me because of their chant. So now I can join the crowd in saying:


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6/28/2020 9:08 pm  #14

Re: 2020 Marble League Thread

3 O’Rangers fans here?! Let’s get it!!!! Plus, who do we got for Sand Marble Rally 2020? My boy RN3 gonna take the 3 Peat!!
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6/28/2020 9:37 pm  #15

Re: 2020 Marble League Thread

I'm a fan of the Raspberry Racers. Sad we couldn't follow up our first event success though.

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6/28/2020 10:06 pm  #16

Re: 2020 Marble League Thread

With the Limers not part of 2020, my oldest son has me converted to his team....

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7/06/2020 2:37 am  #17

Re: 2020 Marble League Thread

I’ll keep being an O’Rangers fan as long as you guys keep insisting on helping out the Maniacs. That is 2 golds. A really decorative crowd here 157 points between my top two teams plus this website’s favorite team.


7/07/2020 2:58 am  #18

Re: 2020 Marble League Thread

I'll happily take a silver OOOOOOOOOOOO!!


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