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5/21/2020 5:37 pm  #21

Re: AHS Turns One!

I also like this


5/25/2020 12:59 am  #22

Re: AHS Turns One!

I think in celebration, we should sing an Irish Drinking Song.

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5/25/2020 1:00 am  #23

Re: AHS Turns One!

exhale.mp3, double post.

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Charlotte Racers (2016 AltHL Champions) St. Louis Explorers (2000 & 2011 AltBowl Champions) Minnesota Giants (2000, 2004, 2006 & 2014 AltBA Champions)
"The prosecution is ready, Your Honor. That is a pepper, of course."

5/26/2020 2:30 pm  #24

Re: AHS Turns One!

ProsecutorMilesEdgeworth wrote:

I think in celebration, we should sing an Irish Drinking Song.

The site is 1, not 21.


6/04/2020 2:08 am  #25

Re: AHS Turns One!

I appreciate everyone weighing in on a like button. It's a fascinating debate really, one that we've had for years on a different forum that I'm part of for songwriting. That one has even fewer features than our site here but forces people to add more in-depth thoughts beyond just a simple like. For a place dedicated to critique and feedback, it really helps keep the focus. I'm not sure if that model directly applies to what we're doing here, but I personally have enjoyed the lack of a like button because it forces more creative thoughts. I'm not opposed to it and hope we can implement it soon but sadly this software does not have such a feature.

QCS wrote:

Another thing I just thought of: I'd love it if you were notified if your post was quoted (or liked if we institute that). It's super helpful on CCSLC for looking at criticism/continuing the conversation immediately and I think it'd be a nice feature to have if possible.

I do wish we could have quote notifications as well. It's definitely on my list. This software does not include it.

Wallflower wrote:

While I've only been on here for a few months, those few months have been great. I love the passion and love for sports and design that everyone has, as well as the overall respect and kindness everyone here shows.

I think the best part is the community itself and the ways we can connect. The Atl Sports Universe has been fantastic as well as my own attempts with the NAAF (having people add prospects and vote for awards). I'm game for more interactions, and even collaborations, for sure.

I also love the like button and especially the quote notifications ideas a lot.

And one last shoutout to the mods, for keeping everything running smoothly and helping whenever and wherever they can. Keep it up and Thank you!

Thanks! We appreciate everything you're doing here. Nice work on your project series.

H-Town1141 wrote:

I took a little break from this site, but since I opened up the old files on my fictional league, I knew I couldn’t league this community forever. Everyone here, from the creators to the commenters is extremely supportive of one another and it’s really nice to see people’s best skills shine. Where they might have gotten ripped on CCSLC for their designs, story is a lot more appreciated here than it ever was on SFF, outside of the American Family Association ;) [just f’in w you veras] and PHL. People also seem to be a lot more willing to accept criticism and evaluate their uniform/logos on an objective level, which has allowed for better progression of design skill and proficiency. It really feels like there’s a close-knit group here, and it’s nice to experience that online outside of just CCSLC, but there it seems more clique-y. People comment on all of the threads and I like that.

I like the closeness of this community, but I’m wondering if there’s some way to contact the CCSLC mods and talk about possible advertising on their boards? I don’t mean spam them or the boards or anything, but I’m sure that plenty of people over there who have interest, or possibly lurkers who want to find a community like this, haven’t clicked on DrPepper’s sig. maybe we could talk to them about putting a something into the rules & guidelines section, or pinning a post in concepts talking about where to go for content like this. 

^^ I know all of that is probably insane and would imply too close a connection for Chris or the mods to be comfortable with, but it’s just a thought. 

Also I’m a broke boy, but I’d love to contribute if I ever get some spare change.

I appreciate your thoughts. I don't think there's any bad blood between us and CCSLC or anything, certainly many of our members also frequent their boards, but there's definitely no connection currently with their team. Perhaps we can work on forging something in the future. In the meantime, I don't think there's any harm in doing what Dr.Pepper does with a signature that leads back here. I definitely don't want to overstep by doing too much advertising over there though.

Veras wrote:

I like this, too. I would also like it if it were easier to quote more than one post at a time. It would also be cool to not have to prove my humanity every time I try to post, though maybe instead of being slightly annoyed by it, I should be grateful for the frequent confirmation that I haven't been replaced by a synth.

Not having built-in multiquote is honestly one of the most annoying things about this software. So I feel you on that. It'll be a top priority.

QCS wrote:

I used to have the Captcha when I posted, but it doesn't show up for me anymore. Maybe you just have to reach a certain number of posts before it knows you're a human?

Veras wrote:

When I first started, it sometimes made me do it twice and the first time it said that I would only have to go through the process until I had a certain number of posts (I think it was 10?). I now have more than 10, and it no longer doubles up or tells me that it will eventually stop, but it still happens maybe once every 3 or 4 times I try to post. Maybe it has something to do with the number of images that I upload or how quickly I post after hitting the post reply button?

sportsfan7 wrote:

I've had the Captcha come up several times, but I'm fairly certain that only happens when I post pictures.

For all of you having Captcha problems... this is the first I've heard of it. Sorry that's happening. I've never had to use Captcha here. I'll dig around the settings and see what's up but I don't recall us setting anything up for that.

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6/04/2020 1:44 pm  #26

Re: AHS Turns One!

Super glad to see you responding to these. I hadn't thought about the creative response aspect to a lack of a like button, but it does make sense and is definitely something to keep in mind. Also happy that easier multiquote is on the list, it's honestly obnoxious as it is now. Hopefully we get some good changes in the future, keep up the good work!


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