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4/27/2020 10:25 am  #21

Re: AltFL - Design Thread

Here we go again, with all this fun and whatnot...


4/27/2020 11:54 am  #22

Re: AltFL - Design Thread

From the creators of the AltHL comes the next fantasy sports endeavor.

The AHS community is about creating worlds.  Worlds that have tradition, characters and history.  But when multiple worlds come together, a universe is born.

It is with great excitement that we launch the AltFL.  The tremendous success of the AltHL has led us to this special opportunity.  The AltHL had 3 simple yet clear goals.  First, we wanted to create a thorough, robust and engaging experience for everyone.  Second, we wanted our teams and products to be of high quality.  Finally and most importantly we wanted to create a place where all of the creators on the boards could come together and collaborate.  So far the AltHL design process seems to have accomplished that with thousands of votes, hundreds of submissions and countless discussions.  That process led to the creation of an exciting fantasy hockey league that will drop the puck in the fall of 2020.  But since the heavy lifting of the design process is completed we have come to this exciting new opportunity.  

Welcome to the AltFL.  

The AltFL will be a collaborative fantasy football league. The AltFL will take its lead from the AltHL and will improve upon its experience.  Everyone is welcome to participate.  That is the point of the league.  So if you are one of our 18 AltHL owners or whether you are brand new to us you are welcome to join.  Below I have an 'owner application' which is simply used to gauge your interest in being on of our owners.  It will also help us plan the next stages of the process.  If you are interested...fill out the form by Friday.  If you don't want to be an owner we still encourage you to participate.

As for the process.  It should take us through the summer and up until the regular season.  I am not putting dates on each stage because last time we were able to shorten some times and needed to extend others.  Here are the stages that we will take.

Round 1 - City Selection
Round 2 - League Alignment
Round 3 - Name the Teams
Round 4 - Team Logos
Round 5 - The Uniforms
Round 6 - AltFL Owner Draft
Round 7 - Stadium Construction
Round 8 - Hire a Coach
Round 9 - The Rookie Draft
Round 10 - The Fantasy Draft
Round 11 - AltFL Kickoff

Let's get started! 

Round 1 - City Selection

This list below is a list of the 50 largest metropolitan areas (not necessarily largest cities) of the United States.  I have also included the three international cities that the NFL has targeted.  Your job is to reply to this post with your TOP TEN cities that you'd like to include.  Put them in the order that you prefer them with #1 being the best.  I will close the voting on Friday.  Once we have a head count of owners as well as the ranking of our cities we will see the AltFL franchises.

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4/27/2020 12:08 pm  #23

Re: AltFL - Design Thread

1 - ​Salt Lake City
2 - Milwaukee
​3 - Virginia Beach
4 - Tampa
5 - San Diego
6 - Providence
7 - Louisville
8 - Birmingham
9 - San Antonio
10 - St. Louis


4/27/2020 12:17 pm  #24

Re: AltFL - Design Thread

1. Louisville
2. Portland
3. Birmingham
4. St. Louis
5. SLC
5. San Antonio
7. Virginia Beach
8. San Jose
9. New York
10. Chicago


4/27/2020 12:17 pm  #25

Re: AltFL - Design Thread

1. Indianapolis
2. Dallas
3. Louisville
4. St Louis
5. Buffalo
6. Washington
7. Phoenix
8. Austin
9. Riverside
10. Birmingham


4/27/2020 12:25 pm  #26

Re: AltFL - Design Thread

1) KC
2) LA
3) Chicago
4) New York
5) Houston
6) Denver
7) Phoenix
8) Seattle
9) Miami
10) Toronto

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4/27/2020 12:25 pm  #27

Re: AltFL - Design Thread

1. Milwaukee
2. Chicago
3. St. Louis
4. San Diego
5. New York
6. San Antonio
7, Orlando
8. Portland
9. Sacramento
10. Austin


4/27/2020 12:33 pm  #28

Re: AltFL - Design Thread

1. Phoenix
2. Chicago
3. San Antonio
4. Birmingham
5. New York
6. Toronto
7. St. Louis
8. San Diego
9. Milwaukee
10. Washington

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4/27/2020 12:40 pm  #29

Re: AltFL - Design Thread

1. Milwaukee
2. London
3. Las Vegas
4. Austin
5. San Diego
6. Birmingham
7. Miami
8. St. Louis
9. New York
10. Los Angeles


4/27/2020 1:06 pm  #30

Re: AltFL - Design Thread

1. San Jose
2. Phoenix
3. Nashville
4. Salt Lake City
5. St Louis
6. Birmingham
7. Louisville 
8. Toronto
9. Charlotte
10. Miami


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