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4/03/2020 10:19 pm  #11

Re: Canadian International Hockey Association

Hi everyone, thanks for the feedback so far. I had a habit of downsizing my image to avoid everyone from complaining about my images being too big, but since you guys are OK with me posting them in regular size, then I will do that moving forward.

Now it's time for the AQHL team's Introduction.

Cape Breton Warriors
Est: 1970 (pre-AQHL Est: 1967)
Location: Sydney, Nova Scotia
Colours: Maroon, orange, white
Owner: Will Rollins 1967-present
Bronz Cup titles: none
Arena: Warrior Arena (build: 1960) (cap: 1600)

The Warriors logo is a spear between the “C” and “B.” Light jersey got big orange cuffs and maroon to fill out the arms, the hem got two stripes, both maroon and orange. The dark jersey is the same, but with a white stripe between the orange and maroon.

Drummondville Les Rouges
Est: 1970 (pre-AQHL Est: 1915)
Location: Drummondville, Quebec
Colours: Red, white
Owners: Lou LeClair 1915-1955 Hubert LeClair 1955-present
Bronz Cup titles: 1972
Arena: Arena de Drummondville (build: 1970) (cap: 2000)

Les Rouges logo is a big “D” with an “R” inside it in red and white. Two thin stripes on the arms, the hem and the yoke are coloured for both the light and dark jerseys.

Fredericton Vikings
Est: 1970 (pre-AQHL Est: 1966)
Location: Fredericton, New Brunswick
Colours: Purple, orange, silver, white.
Owner: Joe Haskell 1966-present
Bronz Cup titles: none
Arena: John Haskell Arena (build: 1965) (cap: 2000)

Their logo is a Viking helmet with horns and an axe and the letter “F” sitting in front of the helmet. The jerseys on both light and dark got two thick stripes and a thin stripe in between.

Laval Tigers
Est: 1970 (pre-AQHL Est: 1945)
Location: Laval, Quebec
Colours: Orange, black, white.
Owners: Matthew Rabideau 1945-1950 Jean Alves 1951-present
Bronz Cup titles: 1971
Arena: Laval Centre (build: 1935) (cap: 1500)

The logo is a big “L” with tiger stripes and trims around it. Both light and dark jerseys got seven stripes together on both arms and hem. The only difference between the light and dark is in the dark, and it got a black yoke on it.

Moncton Bears
Est: 1970 (pre-AQHL Est: 1940)
Location: Moncton, New Brunswick
Colours: Green, orange, white
Owners: Todd Lowe 1969-present
Bronz Cup titles: none
Arena: Moncton Auditorium (build: 1934) (cap: 1800)

Pentagon shape with a letter “M” and a bear paw combo inside with green and orange put together as the team’s logo. The horizontal stripe on arms, thick stripe and a thin stripe on the hem for both the light and the dark jersey.

Portland Clippers
Est: 1970 (pre-AQHL Est: 1968)
Location: Portland, Maine
Colours: Blue, red, white.
Owner: Ted Wilkens 1968-present
Bronz Cup titles: none
Arena: Portland Centre (build: 1965) (cap: 2500)

A sailboat is the team’s logo. If you look closely at the sail, you will see the letter “C” on it. Blue, red and white are the team’s colours. Thick stripes and a thin stripe on the arms, while the hem just got only one thick stripe and two thin stripes for both the light and dark jerseys.

Sherbrooke Loups
Est: 1970 (pre-AQHL Est: 1922)
Location: Sherbrooke, Quebec
Colours: Dark blue, silver, white
Owners: Allen Poulette Sr 1922-1969, Allen Poulette Jr 1970-present
Bronz Cup titles: none
Arena: Patinoire de Sherbrooke (build: 1922) (cap: 1500)

The Loups is French for Wolves, so the team has two logos that both are old English font. The light jersey is the letter “L” for Loups to play games against teams from Quebec. While on the dark jersey is “W” for Wolves as they wear them for games against teams in the Atlantic side just in case some fans don’t understand what Loups means. Stripes on the arms are angled, the stripes on the hem are straight for both light and dark jerseys.

Trois-Rivieres Titans
Est: 1970 (pre-AQHL Est: 1958)
Location: Trois-Rivieres Titans, Quebec
Colours: Gold, black, white.
Owners: Lou Chouinard Sr 1958-1969, Lou Jr and Lance Chouinard 1970-present
Bronz Cup titles: none
Arena: Aréna de Trois-Rivières (build: 1955) (cap: 1800)

The big letter “T” sitting on top of a badge in gold and black is the team’s logo. Stripes, stripes everywhere on both the arms and the hem. The light jersey is white, while the dark is gold thanks to the jersey rule made by the league where teams can schedule to wear one of two jerseys they can choose.

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Re: Canadian International Hockey Association

I'm gonna go with the Vikings of these bunch, they all look great though. Love the unique color schemes


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Re: Canadian International Hockey Association

I am liking Brandon and North Battleford in the West
for Ontario, Burlington and Owen Sound catch my eye.
Then gotta say, the Atlantic is definitely the best overall, though west coast is a very close second, I don't honestly have an absolute favourite, if anything I would take Fredricton because Purple > all and the orange combo is sharp with the hint of grey.

They all are great good work!


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Re: Canadian International Hockey Association

1972-73 WCLH Season

1972-73 standings
1. Lethbridge Cougars
2. Saskatoon Cats
3. Abbotsford Forest Kings
4. Fargo Owls
5. Medicine Hat Hawks
6. Brandon Buffalos
7. North Battleford Crusaders
8. Nanaimo Greyhounds

On October 25, 1972, all 8-team played on that day. The Cougars blew the Crusaders 6-0, both the Hawks and the Owls played a 3-3 tie game, Buffalos beat the Buffalos 3-1, and the Cats blanked the Greyhounds 4-0.

The playoff format was the best 2 of 3 games in the 1st and 2nd round while the finals became the best 3 of 5 games. Other note WCLH president James Name announced that all eight teams would be in the playoffs no matter the standings.

If anybody thinks that there is no chance that the Greyhounds would give any top teams a hard time even after winning just 10 out of 40 games, in the playoffs they played as they belong in 1st place with help from forward Sam Scott scoring 6 goals and goalie Paul Richards 4 goals-against average eliminated 1st seeded and favourited to win it all the Lethbridge Cougars 2 games to 1.

The Greyhounds magic would go all the way to the finals and beat the Brandon Buffalos 3 game to 5 to win the team’s first-ever Jade Trophy and qualified for the Valor Cup tournament.

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Re: Canadian International Hockey Association

1972-73 OMJHA Season

1972-73 standings
1.Kitchener Generals
2.Kitchener Legionnaires
3.Owen Sound Arrowbirds
4.Waterloo Maroons
5.Burlington Metros
6.Oakville Oaks
7.Milton Micmacs
8.Guelph Crusaders

Franklin Name attended a season opener in Burlington, Ontario, along with CIHA first President Joseph McGeorge. As they and hockey fans at the Burlington Auditorium witness, the Metros won the game over the Guelph Crusaders 4 – 2. After the game, McGeorge announced that the Toronto Forum (Toronto Pro Hockey team’s rink) would be the location for the first Valor Cup tournament.

Due to only eight teams in the league, only six teams will make to the playoffs while the bottom two teams will be outside looking in. The playoff format in the OMJHA is the best 2 of 3 games in the wild card round, both the 2nd round and the finals are the best 3 of 5 games.

Both the Oaks and Micmacs battle each other for the 6th spot for the playoffs, both played four times against each other, so far the series is at two games apiece as they would face each other in their last game of the season both got the same record, but it’s a must-win for the Oaks as the Macs got less GAA.  Luckily for the Oaks, their goalie Matt Allen played very well and helped the Oaks shutout the Macs 3-0 to clinch 6th place. Sadly, the Oaks would get eliminated by the Arrowbirds.

Metros forward Cliff Raymond is the top scorer of the OMJHA, and he proves it as he and the Metros outscored and beat the Kitchener Legionnaires to win the Smyth Cup 3 to 1 and headed to the Valor Cup tournament.

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Re: Canadian International Hockey Association

1972-73 AQHL Season

1972-73 standings
1st: Sherbrooke Loups
2nd: Laval Tigers
3rd: Cape Breton Warriors
4th: Moncton Bears
5th: Drummondville Les Rouges
6th: Portland Clippers
7th: Trois-Rivieres Titans
8th: Fredericton Vikings


Paul Name had a long road trip from Moncton to Laval during the league’s season opener. At Moncton, the Bears got the win from Trois-Rivieres 4-2, while Laval lost big time by Sherbrooke 7-2.

The Playoffs format and several games for each round are the same as the WCLH, but for seeding the 8th place team, they must have at least more than five wins to be in the playoffs. For the Fredericton Vikings, it is a must-win in hopes of being in the playoffs sadly; on their last game of the season, the Vikings lost 4-3 to the Portland Clippers as the Vikings record of 5 wins, 28 losses and 7 ties, which not enough to clinch a playoff spot which means they are eliminated. The Loups got themselves a first-round bye.

The Sherbrooke Loups is the league’s best team as they finished with 35 wins, followed by three losses and two ties, making 72 points. The Loups won the Bronz cup title by beating the Laval Tigers 3 games to 1 and advanced to the Valor Cup in Toronto, Ontario.

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4/10/2020 7:53 pm  #17

Re: Canadian International Hockey Association

1973 CIHA Valor Cup tournament

The Valor Cup tournament kicked off at the Toronto Forum in Toronto. Both Metros and Greyhounds had hard times in the round-robin with both finished with a 1-3 record. In comparison, the Loups played comfortably with a 4-0 record. What’s didn't sit well for both the Greyhounds and the Metros was at a motel. Next door beside both was the Sherbrooke Loups room celebrating, the Loups believes that they are going to be the first Valor Cup champions chanting “PREMIERS CHAMPIONS!” which translates to first champions. Unhappy with it, both teams used it as motivation.

​The semi-round between the Greyhounds and Metros was a great game as Greyhounds forward Eric Dunn scored 2 goals, 2 assists to help the Greyhounds win 4-3 after coming back from being behind 3-1 after the 2nd period. The Greyhounds shocked the world as they beat the Sherbrooke Loups 3-1 to become the first-ever CIHA Valor cup champions lead by the first Valor Cup MVP forward Eric Dunn, who had 1 goal, 2 assists.

1973 off-season:

The League had Montreal, QC, to host the 1974 Valor Cup tournament, but the arena that they were supposed to play in was purchased by the Montreal Pro Hockey Club and turning it into a practice facility, so with that Toronto, ON will once again host the tournament come 1974. The Name brothers and CIHA president Joseph McGeorge had meetings with their leagues about changing to adding rules to even adding more teams. The brothers and Joseph McGeorge have agreed to add six more teams, two in each League for the 1974-75 season.

So far in the WCLH, the possible candidates’ locations are Surrey B.C. Red Deer Alberta, Moose Jaw Saskatchewan, and too surprised everyone Kenora Ontario. The two cities not on the list are Regina Saskatchewan due to it being a minor pro league team playing under the Minnesota Pro hockey club farm system, and Victoria B.C. is the Vancouver pro hockey club’s Minor pro league affiliate club.

In OMJHA, the only two cities that are on target for expansion are Barrie and Oshawa. Mississauga was initially on the list, but the city is more focused on getting a minor league team set shop with the Toronto Pro Hockey club as their contract with Brampton is about to expire after the 1973-74 season. The cities that are not on the list are Brantford, Stratford, Woodstock and London because those cities are in their rival’s territory the South West Ontario Hockey League (SWOHL.)

​Over at AQHL Granby QC, Verdun QC, Saint John NB and New Glasgow NS are on the list to be part of the expansion. The League will cut down to two teams, one in Quebec and one in the Maritimes. One city in New Hampshire called Manchester is hungry for a hockey team as John Rome lost his minor pro league ownership as Boston pro hockey club took his team and sent them to Lowell, Massachusetts. Luckily for Rome is a good friend of the current owner of the Portland Clippers Ted Wilkens, who spoke highly about him and hopes to bring AQHL to Manchester New Hampshire down the road.

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Re: Canadian International Hockey Association

I'm enjoying your presentation. Nice work.

Good effort from the Metros. Congrats to the Greyhounds.

AHS Admin. Creator of the THLPUCHWHA: Redux and Retroliga.

4/11/2020 8:15 pm  #19

Re: Canadian International Hockey Association

Steelman wrote:

I'm enjoying your presentation. Nice work.

Good effort from the Metros. Congrats to the Greyhounds.

Thanks. I'm glad you're enjoying it.

1973-74 WCLH Season

1973-74 standings
1. Lethbridge Cougars
2. Nanaimo Greyhounds
3. Saskatoon Cats
4. Brandon Buffalos
5. Abbotsford Forest Kings
6. Fargo Owls
7. Medicine Hat Hawks
8. North Battleford Crusaders

The 1973-74 season came in strong in a big way. All eight teams played very well. A lot of scouts from the pro hockey leagues are keeping their eyes on the Cougars rookie forward Cliff Burns, a Brooks Alberta native who scored 22 goals, 61 points in 40 games, including his 8 points performance on February 24, 1974, as the Cougars blew the Hawks out of the water with a 10-2 win in Lethbridge.

On March 2, 1974, the WCLH announced that Moose Jaw Saskatchewan and Kenora Ontario are the new expansion teams for the 1974-75 season. The names for both new teams names will be announced during the 1974 Valor Cup tournament.

The Greyhounds made a significant improvement from last year, placing in 2nd place and went all the way to the Jade Trophy finals. Despite the big improvement, the Greyhounds were 2 wins short as the Brandon Buffalos took the series and the Jade Trophy championship 3 to 1.

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Re: Canadian International Hockey Association

1973-74 OMJHA Season

1973-74 standings
1. Kitchener Legionnaires
2. Kitchener Generals
3. Waterloo Maroons
4. Burlington Metros
5. Oakville Oaks
6. Milton Micmacs
7. Owen Sound Arrowbirds
8. Guelph Crusaders

Once again, both the Legionnaires and the Generals top the League. The only difference is both switched places as the Generals dropped to 2nd, while the Legionnaires take 1st place.

While other teams had success with attendance but not for the Guelph Crusaders, what is worse for the team is that a Guelph Jr. B team got a better turnout than the Crusaders. Jack Doan, the team’s owner, hopes that trading draft picks for some better-experienced players and a new look for next season will turn the team around.

It is official, both Barrie and Oshawa are getting their teams in time for the 1974-75 season. For Oshawa, it is their return to the OMJHA after the original couple folded in 1969. The city of Barrie is happy to have an OMJHA team in their area as the Barrie Ice Arena is complete and ready to be played. The 1974 Valor Cup tournament will be the event that both teams will announce their names.

The Metros make it back to back for the first time in team history as they played all five games and beat the Waterloo Maroons 3 to 2.

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