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6/30/2024 2:55 pm  #1031

Re: Torland Hockey League: THL 2.0

Yes, this helps big time Steel, thanks!

I'm gonna do a few posts instead of all at once, so for now, I'll start with the Willard Division

Fort Bevin Rockets: Hate to start on a downer (this won't be the norm!), but I'm not quite as big a fan of this set, I think it's mostly due to the logo.  I will say seeing yellow make any sort of comeback with this team's look is great for sure, that's a definite plus, Fort Bevin I remember always made good use of all three primary colors, happy for that evolution!  I'll miss that old "Rocket on the B" roundel logo though, hope that makes a comeback someday, or at gets an eventual update after the 90s.  The new logo puts Fort Bevin's look towards the bottom 1-2 in the league for me personally, but at least that's a good sign that things are only going to go up (very, very up!) soon!

Port Alrene Anchors: Some teams just know when to keep a good thing going!  I've always loved Port Alrene's brick and mustard color scheme and I've always loved them keeping their changes mostly minimal over the years!  This is still one of the stronger sets of the THL to me!  That brick shoulder color works nicely for updates!  

Portarra Pioneers: I'll always miss the orange and yellow set (I seem to remember that color combo being the main combination for the Pioneers for a while, unless I'm mistaken?), but a solid blue and orange will always be a win on the ice for me, Portarra definitely looks good!  The update to the away set (more orange and better outlining of the logo) are very nice to see!   I also like the new striping on the pants of both jerseys!  Good work!  

Portarra Whales: Not much needed to change here with the Smilin' Square Whale team and indeed, they keep a rock solid appearence!  The navy and white (with red striping) is a classic color scheme, love it!  Not a lot to say, just a good, solid uniform!

Quebel Crusaders: Now THIS is a huge change!   I'll start with the logo, which is simple enough, but looks really nice (clever use the sword being the little mark that makes the Q).  Definitely an upgrade for me.   The colors are very 90s for sure.   The old blue, white, and red color was fantastic, so I'll admit, it's a bit jarring to see teal, black, and old gold suddenly.  I imagine Quebel being one of those teams that would likely go back to its roots sometimes after the turn of the millennium, all the while looking back at the 90s color scheme with bewilderment, lmao!  Still, judging strictly by looks, the Crusaders do look pretty good though!  I actually could see them owning that teal color for years to come (if Trowburgh doesn't claim it first!), that's a nice shade!  Very bold changes, it's got some good and bad here, but I'll say it's quite a realistic look for a newish team to attempt during the 90s, so awesome job here!

Sina Serpents: Not too many changes made here and that's a good thing, I'm happy that the Serpent has stayed healthy from its chicken pox days!   Green and black is a nice color combo here, though I would love to see them experiment someday with green and white pants, to reduce black as a tertiary color, I think there's potential for it to elevate the look (or perhaps it won't, who knows, plus Waterdee and Kavalos do the green pants thing... maybe on second thought...).   solid design as always!

I don't have the divisions ranked or anything, but I think the Willard division is a little up and down, the ups being the Anchors, Whales, and Pioneers.  The down mostly being the Rockets and some elements of the Crusaders.  So this division will probably end up not being in 1st place amongst the divisions, but it's still a pretty darn good group of teams!   A great starting point!

(BONUS Points for having this year's Hockey on the Mount matchup being a classic Port Alrene Anchors/Portarra Whales matchup!  Looks amazing as usual!)

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7/01/2024 9:59 am  #1032

Re: Torland Hockey League: THL 2.0

Now for the Hatch Division

Alko Barbarians:  The backstory of the Barbarian's having their color scheme being not from the owner's own heritage, but rather his supermodel girlfriend's, is one of the funniest things I've ever seen in AHS, epic stuff!  I like his thinking of black being an "intimidating" color, used to work for the real life Las Vegas Raiders after all!  I'm not quite sold on the logo, it's a generally good idea, but I think having the word Barbarians somewhere inside the crest would help make it clear that it's a Torland hockey team logo instead of just a plain viking styled helmet that could be anything.  Mind, I'm only saying that since they have a crest now, just the helmet by itself would have probably been okay, so I'm probably being a hypocrite, lol.  Still, pretty solid, I like the new look (and that's as someone who really loved their previous identity)!  Their owner alone makes me want to root for these guys!

Alko Wizards: The Wizards have an awesome color scheme, AHS really made me fall in love with maroon/claret and light blue as a color combo, so I've always appreciated it in the THL!  I always liked the logo, that wizard hat creating that slightly awkward looking "A" is classic to me.  Not too much to say, but the Wizards are probably in my top 5 favorite looks, at least top 10.

Dosa City Snappers: Doesn't appear to have changed much at all, but that's a good thing in this case!  I like the greenish teal and gold look that they've rocked for years and the logo is among the THL's best!  I guess the striping and numbers have a slight update, being bolder and simpler, and that works wonderfully for this squad.  Never change, Team Turtle, never change!

Kirlow Kodiaks: The team with the 2nd scariest bear logo out there (besides the nightmare feul Kodiak pancake brand bear.  That thing is awful), the Kodiaks look great as always!  Looks like the brown is "richer" per the post, I assume that means darker?   If so, the slight change works well with the color palatte Kirlow has!  These guys always knew how to make brown work (not always an easy task to be sure!) despite using multiple different secondary colors throughout the years!   Would love to eventually see blue make a comeback to the uniform (maybe a future alternate?), but otherwise, this is one of the THL's strongest identities!

Prestonburg Blazers: That silver is going to take a little getting used to, but I do like that someone in the THL was creative enough to use a non white away jersey!  The sleeve stripings being simplified and both jersey's now having orange collars are wins in my book, looks way better and more cohesive!  That number set is definitely something else, but it stands out at least!  Nice work overall with the Blazers' updates!

Vensessor Swans: It's pretty funny that the team that seems the most adverse to making any changes to the uniform set and instead keeps the classic look going wasn't even one of the THL's original teams!   That being said, I'm glad there's a team out there that won't ever try to fix what ain't broke, because this is still a great identity!  Love it!

The Hatch division definitely stands out with some unique primary colors that you just don't see anyone else in the other divisions have (Kirlow's brown and the Wizards' maroon.  Not to mention Prestonburg being one of only two primary purple teams and nobody else has quite the shade of teal that Dosa City owns).    Very neat group of teams!


7/02/2024 6:31 pm  #1033

Re: Torland Hockey League: THL 2.0

For the Elam Division

Chasonne Heralds: My favorite team gets a huge update!  While I'll always love the original logo the best, Chasonne's new logo is a great update that stands on its own!  I especially like the subtle pieces of the sheet music C and the overall shape being an e for the Elam family.  Very clever!  I think the new number set just fits better with the new look, so yeah, the Heralds are a winner in my book!

Cobantle Cardinals: What are the St. Louis Cardinals doing here?  Lol, just kidding.  But yeah, I can see the baseball team was an inspiration for this design.  That being said, they look great!   Of the two teams that have a pretty similar color scheme (Fort Bevin also having that red primary, navy secondary look going on), I think Cobantle is the better looking team, so great work there!   The cardinal on the hockey stick logo seems like a classic already, not a bad impression for a brand new team!  Overall, very nice!

Kirkenport Captains: They've always had one of the better looks in the THL and Kirkenport's slight color hue adjustments hasn't hurt that feeling one bit!  I think I even like it slightly more now than before, just because I feel like the greater contrast in the midnight and cream helps the blue pop out more.  Not much more to say, just another good, solid THL look.

Narva Neptunes: MY EYES!!!!!   THE BLUE BURNS SO BRIGHT!!!  Seriously, the white and neon ocean blue contrast so much with that ultra dark green that it kinda messes with my eyes a little, lmao!  I kinda dig it though, it makes Dead Ned look a lot more spectral and less like the images of a fever dream.  Not sure if that was the intent or not, but if so, it definitely works, nicely done!  While I'm sad to see that awesome forest green jersey go, I still think the Neptunes are overall a better looking franchise for its changes!

Trowburgh Herons: Oh my lord.   You weren't kidding, nobody embraced the 90s quite like Trowburgh did, that's for sure!  They definitely have the Pittsburgh Penguins design arc going strong here, going from a classic black and yellow (with some teal) scheme (one of THL's best ever, if I'm being honest) to an radical, gnarly, totally tubular uniform set that'll have detractors needing to not have a cow and take a chill pill!   Those diagonal stripes also help take me back to a time when I actually WAS in the 90s (I miss them.  Maybe not all the sports teams' uniforms, but I do miss the 90s sometimes).  I do hope we get the classic Heron someday, but for now, the loud wacked out Heron is pretty rockin' ("He's HIM!  He Ron! ....I'll see myself out now.... well after I comment on Waterdee)!

Waterdee Dragons: I love this!   First, happy to see Waterdee finally get a team (I still remember the baseball Waterdee team, the Ducks if I remember right?  That had been my favorite team in that set)!  I really enjoy the dragon logo, it's simple enough and looks great.  Green and orange are a color combo we need to see a lot more in sports IRL, this looks really nice!  Really great work here!

Yeah, overall, the Elam division is probably my favorite so far.  Probably not totally fair since my favorite team plays in it, but with Kirkenport, Waterdee, and Cobantle also being in this division, there's plenty of good looking teams here!  Even the wackier Narva and Trowburgh have plenty about their looks to enjoy!  Great stuff!


7/03/2024 10:54 am  #1034

Re: Torland Hockey League: THL 2.0

Finally, for the Rankin Division

Abrieden Bucks:  Much as I'll always love the Friday the 13th vibes the old logo had, the maturation of Abrieden's logo is a fantastic look!  I like that quilted feel the new buck has, very unique!  The contrast in colors works better now with the navy blue being darker and the yellow being brighter, so that's nice.  I think the gray is nice for outlining the logo and numbers, works better than white and yellow did with the old set.  Yeah, one of the best updates in the THL!

Bancana Kings: Go Banana Kings!  Anyway, considering that this team had a similar color scheme to the Bucks before this year, the updated color scheme was probably neccesary (helps that the HE RONs changed their jerseys colors too).  I like the black and gold here, along with the tie in reasons for why the color change.  The new number font feels like it fits well too.  Not as a huge of a fan of the "Mummy" lines, it's a bit much, but that appears to be the point (actually, if I recall right, I think the HE RON's old logo was Egyptian based, which would actually have been the mummy lines fit in with them better.  Not that I was complaining about what we had).  This is now just a really solid uniform, crazy how just changing colors can make a huge difference in quality sometimes!

Kavalos Electrics: *Chef Kiss*  What a perfect uniform.   That green and yellow jersey is my personal favorite in all of Torland.  The logo is super creative and looks great as always.  I don't think there's one thing I'd change on this set! 

Kurohara Killers: I always forget there's two whale themed teams in the THL.  It's logo is simpler in nature (no hidden puck and hockey stick inside of a smile here!) but I think the orca with a stick logo is pretty charming in and of itself.  The Killers' black and orange is a winning color combo (although I still remember them having yellow and green in the set too at one point!).  It's a pretty basic set, especially for the times, but that works out alright for me! 

Yubay Falcons: The simplification of the Falcons jersey has its pros and cons for me.  For the logo, I like the removal of the Y, the new falcon tail is nice.  However, I think I miss that red circle (I forget if it was a sun? hockey puck?), it was such a good piece to the logo.  I wouldnt' mind seeing them bring that element back someday (and maybe reduce the number of stripes and amount of space that the current bottom part of the jerseys take up).  Still looks good though!  Love the silver away jersey, it's always nice to see a team not just assume they have to stick wtih white as the away jersey color.  The striping being simplied along with the logo does make a lot of sense here.  While not quite my favorite set of updates, I do still think the Falcons look good overall!

Yubay Glaciers: Saving maybe the best update for last!  I always thought the Glaciers looked pretty neat, that teal, red, and cream color combo definitely stood out.  However, the new purple, teal, and white color scheme is wonderful!  I appreciate them keeping the classic logo and just updating the colors there (the polar bear being white definitely makes more sense than it being cream colored).  The new number font is an upgrade too I feel, that rounding matches the roundedness of the roundel logo, (something that I never would have thought to think about until I literally just noticed this now).  This is overall one of the THL's absolute best sets now, awesome job on this one!

Thinking the Rankin division might rank just under the Elam division for best looking division in the THL.  The Electrics and Glaciers look incredible, with the Bucks being very solid too.  Maybe one too many black teams for color diversity, but otherwise, a really good looking set of teams!

Bottom 5 Teams (Which was hard to pick, there's not really 5 teams I dislike, more like honestly just 1 that I'm not fond of, the rest are just not quite as good as the rest!)
#5 Trowburgh HE RONs
#4 Prestonburg Blazers
#3 Narva Neptunes (I do think they look better now though!)
#2 Sina Serpents
#1 Fort Bevin Rockets

Top 5 Teams (Also not easy to pick from, but for a much better reason, there's a ton of great designs overall!)
#5 Portarra Whales
#4 Dosa City Snappers
#3 Vensessor Swans
#2 Yubay Glaciers
#1 Kavalos Electrics

Yes, my own favorite team didn't make the cut (the Heralds didn't miss by much!), a good sign of an outstanding league!  Awesome work overall Steel, can't wait for the season to begin!


7/09/2024 8:38 pm  #1035

Re: Torland Hockey League: THL 2.0

Mr. Stickman, thank YOU for this amazing feedback as only you could do. I love your thoughts on each team, thank you for taking the time to do the entire league. Very much appreciated!

AHS Admin. Creator of the THLPUCHWHA: Redux and Retroliga.
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7/09/2024 8:40 pm  #1036

Re: Torland Hockey League: THL 2.0

Before we proceed with other offseason posts, I discovered this graphic that I had forgotten about. It shows the progression of each team's logos from the beginning. Enjoy!

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7/09/2024 8:54 pm  #1037

Re: Torland Hockey League: THL 2.0

Cool graphic, reminded me of how good the logos are


7/09/2024 9:06 pm  #1038

Re: Torland Hockey League: THL 2.0

Steelman wrote:

Mr. Stickman, thank YOU for this amazing feedback as only you could do. I love your thoughts on each team, thank you for taking the time to do the entire league. Very much appreciated!

Anytime Steel!  Oh, and loving the Logos By The Years graphic!   What a fun trip down memory lane!  I always forget how many logos Chasonne has gone through over the years!   They don't keep a look too long, and that's awesome since there are definitely real life teams that switch it up a lot!

This was also nice because I now remember a few truly great logos that I wish could come back someday (Portarra Pioneers first logo is an all-time great and ripe for throwback uniforms!  Yubay Glaciers and their original melty pizza logo!  Anything Lecayne Saints- wonder if that city will ever get a team again-)


7/10/2024 8:32 am  #1039

Re: Torland Hockey League: THL 2.0

Love the logo evolution graphic


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