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5/13/2024 5:38 pm  #1011

Re: Torland Hockey League: THL 2.0

Thanks S30! Speaking of noted Falcons fans, we move to the Sava Side:

Yubay Falcons

About the Team: The Falcons were originally founded in 1960 in Trowburgh, Lismane as the Lions by league co-founder Leo Rankin. The team only lasted two seasons before relocating to Yubay, Tamokeva to become the Falcons in 1962. The Falcons have been one of the premier teams in the league but also had tumultuous ownership, particularly after Rankin had a major health crisis in the early 70's. The Falcons have featured many superstars, including one of the best players in league history in Geno Pasternak, who helped the team win three Marcotte Cups. The fans in Sava Side are considered among the most passionate in the league and have a fierce rivalry with crosstown neighbors the Glaciers. The Falcons are now owned by Dwight Dietrich and play in the Rankin Division.

Ownership and Management: Leo Rankin helped found the league with Rey Marcotte with an original team in Trowburgh before moving to Yubay, where he had major businesses to help establish a new arena in a growing market. He was a beloved figure in the league until his illness in 1973 triggered a clause which gave majority control to business friend Barry Boyle, who proceeded to make wholesale changes to the team, much to the chagrin of Rankin's wife Lynette and the fans. A long legal battle gave team control to Lynette in 1975 with Leo's passing. Lynette helped restore the team back to its former standing until she retired and sold the team to local businessman Dwight Dietrich in 1982. Dietrich is a stoic, stable owner and has helped the Falcons remain relevant even during an extended rebuilding era.

The team hired an all-new staff in 1991 beginning with a new GM in Rusty Sykes, who then hired former Heralds coach Kip Weller. The Heralds' dynasty of the early 80's with the famous three-peat was coached by Weller. The Falcons hope Weller can help turn around the protracted playoff drought. Weller hired Fred Campbell, a former Bucks assistant, to fill out the staff.

City and Arena: The Falcons play at the Yertas Arena, situated on the Sava Side in Scarssevain Square in Yubay, Tamokeva. The Yert is a large gothic structure that is home to some of the most passionate fans in the league. Its venerated rafters ooze nostalgia but the overall condition of the arena is in need of new renovations as it is one of the older barns in Torland and subject to the especially tough northern Tamokeva winters. The fan experience is bar none though and it's a popular place to play amongst players in the league for the accommodations and history. Yubay is one of the largest cities in Torland with two distinct “sides” known as Sava and Niko.

Previous Set: 1987 Yubay Falcons

Team Brand and Identity: The Falcons decided to change up their look, taking advantage of the new template by adjusting their brand and leaning into a look that was seen briefly for the '88 Hockey on the Mount with a single-color falcon, this time with a new tail. The new uniform set takes cues from past uniforms but focuses on the single-color motif of the adjusted logo and introduces a new number system. The classic double-striped hems are closed and the red secondary color is reduced to more of a tertiary accent. The outlines on the numbers and letters are removed to suit the new flat scheme. The silver away jersey remains as a staple of classic team look, as well as the pant stripes.

Roster Breakdown

Top Three Players

Bobby Kozun, 20, center
Luke Root, 22, defenseman
Bryan Klein, 23, right wing

Forwards: The team is lead by young phenom Bobby Kozun, heading into his third year after being drafted first overall in 1990. Kozun is the centerpiece of the Falcons' lengthy rebuild and the young centerman has a killer wrister and excellent two-way playmaking abilities. He centers a top line with fan-favorite veteran Cameron Sallee and big winger Bryan “Bazooka” Klein, who was was drafted in '88 and has one of the hardest slapshots in the league. Charlie Holmes, 23, and a brilliant playmaker, centers a second line between young Paul Tudor and scrappy young winger Marlon Cross. Rookie Kirby Hammett is projected to center a third line with Adam Chaney and Trent Schaffer, a pair of 20-year-olds with speed and forechecking abilities. A tough veteran fourth line features Val Redman on the dot and hard-hitting Louie Briseno, along with journeyman Buck Jacks.

Defensemen: The blue line features two rising offensively-minded defenders in the Finnish Erik Karppenin and Luke Root, both 22, on a top pairing. Both are smooth skaters and have slick handles. The defensive prowess of Owen Nabholz, 28, is paired with veteran team captain Malcolm Jackson who has been with the team since he was drafted in 1978 as the first African American in the THL. Jackson is a 3-time All-Star, now 33 and focused on mentoring the young players. A third pairing of Melvin Manzur and Arnold Fleming has experience and potential with excellent PK work.

Goaltenders: The Falcons are backstopped by the duo of Sid O'Neil, whom they drafted in '88 after he fell due to legal troubles, and Mac McFarlane, who has been an average starter since being drafted in '86. Both are still under 25 but neither has ascended into an everyday starter for the team as they hoped. The pipeline is pretty barren with aging veteran Larry Lietzow on his last legs and certified bust Blaine Thibodeau.

Three Key Storylines: 

  • Can Kozun and Co break through soon? The team hasn't made the playoffs since 1983 and the fanbase has endured a lengthy and painful rebuild.
  • Can the new regime with Sykes make the right moves? The team has drafted well and have infused the team with young talent but now need those extra pieces to put it all together.
  • Can Dietrich convince the city to help renovate the Yert? The team coffers aren't flush with cash after such a long playoff drought but the Yertas Arena is in need of modern renovations.

Future Projection: The Falcons are close to breaking through but it will be tough to do so in the tight Rankin Division. If Kozun continues to level up the team could contend for a wildcard berth but shaky goaltending and depth will be difficult to overcome. The Sava Side looks like they can be contenders again in the next couple of seasons though.

Marquee Series Sig:

C&C much appreciated! I'd love to hear your thoughts on the new presentation, detailed write-up, new logo and uniforms, anything. Also always happy to answer any questions about teams or Torland!

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5/13/2024 7:32 pm  #1012

Re: Torland Hockey League: THL 2.0

I have to begrudgingly admit the Falcons look good. With that out of the way, who cares about the dirtbirds? The Glaciers are up next!


5/16/2024 8:33 am  #1013

Re: Torland Hockey League: THL 2.0

Big fan of the new look for my Falcons! Those jerseys are instant classics. I do miss the Y in the logo, but I like the simplification to one color for the logo and numbers.

Looking at how many of our top guys are below the age of 25 gives me a good feeling about our future, but for now I just want to see us back in the playoffs.

Go Birds!


5/17/2024 8:43 pm  #1014

Re: Torland Hockey League: THL 2.0

I'm glad the Sava Side of Yubay has been well received! Now we move on to the Niko Side:

Yubay Glaciers

About the Team: The Glaciers joined the league in 1965 as part of a two-team expansion as the THL was keen doubling up on a huge hockey market in Yubay after Sterling Aquino was granted a franchise after he completed construction on a brand new arena in Niko Side. The Glaciers have a fierce rivalry with crosstown neighbors the Falcons in Sava Side, including meeting twice in the championship finals, each winning once. The Glaciers have won three Marcotte Cups out of five appearances. The Glaciers have featured many superstars and several Hall of Famers as a premier franchise in the league. They, along with the Falcons, have endured a lengthy rebuilding era during the 80's and finally look poised to contend again. The Glaciers play in the Rankin Division.

Ownership and Management: The Glaciers have been owned by Sterling Aquino since their inception in 1965. Aquino's brash tongue has gotten him in trouble at times as a recognizable and loquacious figure in the league but has toned down his style in older age. At 80 years old he's the oldest active owner in the league but his son Kevin has begun to take over operations and appears likely to become controlling owner by the end of the season.

The team is managed by Buddy Wimberly, 54, who has held the role since 1986 after previously managing the Lecayne Saints in his career. The team hired former Kodiaks head coach Pete Clayton to helm the bench in 1989 to spur progress in the rebuild. Jeff Turner is the assistant coach.

City and Arena: The Glaciers play at the Glacier Dome, situated on the Niko Side of Yubay, Tamokeva in the Candlelight Point district. Built in 1965, the “G” has been a pinnacle of stadium design in the league and has held up remarkably well over the years, making it one of the destination arenas in Torland. The Niko Side is known for its high levels of education and white collar businesses. The rivalry with the more blue collar Sava Side has fueled northwestern hockey in the THL and in general and is a cornerstone of the league, even when both teams have been in the basement. Both sides of Yubay have grown exponentially.

Previous Identity: 1984 Yubay Glaciers

Team Brand and Identity: The Glaciers decided to retool their color scheme and uniforms, dropping red for purple, a color that was introduced briefly in 1974 but was haphazardly done and the fans revolted causing the team to switch back to the more familiar red and teal the next season. The cream is dropped for white in an effort to be more modern, however the New Age Bear logo, which was created in 1984, remains unchanged outside of color. The full-length sleeve yoke which was from that set is returned along with the triple-stripe motif. New rounded sans-serif deco numbers with double outlines are added while the TV numberd and NOBs have single outlines.

Roster Breakdown

Top Three Players

Raleigh Talbot, 22, center
Lars Ljungborg, 26, defenseman
Jerry O'Connor, 23, left winger

Forwards: The Glaciers are headlined and captained by Raleigh Talbot, just 22 years old and ascending into an elite talent and young leader in the league going into his fifth season. Talbot is a well-rounded player who took his lumps early on in his career and now is the franchise cornerstone. He is on a line with speedy winger Jerry O'Connor, 23, a former 2nd-rounder who has ascended into an elite talent along with the tough power forward Dean Stills, just 22 after being drafted in '89. A second line features rookie sensation John Amber, a scoring winger with the versatile veteran Steven Jessup opposite him. Rocky Pomeroy, 34, mans the dot and has been on the team since 1980. A third line with Buddy Hogg and Sandy Patino is young, fast and powerful with strong forechecking and the hard-hitting presence of Jay Shervington. 35-year-old center Alvin Yaquinto centers a shutdown fourth line with young goon Landon Palumbo and journeyman Paul Flugstad.

Defensemen: The blue line features the big stoic Swede Lars Ljungborg, a hulking defender with a massive reach and unflappable persona. Lars is 26 and possesses elite level talent along with huge leadership intangibles. He's paired with the rapidly rising Shane Streeter, 20, heading into his third year and has seen his offensive game flourish. A second pair with young Henry White is another 20-year-old with exciting potential, paired with the Polish defender Fredric Kozlow, 23. All four in the top two pairs are former first round picks. Rusty O'Connor, 26, cousin of Jerry, is on a third pair with Gene Marks, 22, who has been alternating seasons between the minors.

Goaltenders: The Glaciers feature Finnish goaltender Jussi Pentti in net, a 24-year-old finally blossoming into form since being drafted in the first round in 1986. He's got room to grow but has established himself as a dependable everyday goalie. Backing him up is the capable Robby Harmon, 26, himself a former first-rounder. Neither are quite elite but the team likes their duo and believes they have what it takes to backstop the team into the playoffs.

Three Key Storylines: 

  • Can the Glaciers break through? Like their crosstown neighbors, the team has been in an extended rebuilding season and are looking to find the playoffs again.
  • Who will step up? Raleigh Talbot took his lumps to become an elite players, and now the team needs to find another player such as Jerry O'Connor or Lars Ljungborg who will do the same.
  • Is Pete Clayton the right coach? Clayton had a rocky tenure in Kirlow during a rebuilding era much like the current situation in Yubay, leading some to question whether he can help the team break into contention.

Future Projection: The team has a lot to like, especially with the star turn of Raleigh Talbot, which could propel them into wildcard contention. It will be difficult in a tough division and depth leaves a lot to be desired but the team is very young and projects well for the future.

Marquee Series Sig:

C&C much appreciated! I'd love to hear your thoughts on the new presentation, detailed write-up, new logo and uniforms, anything. Also always happy to answer any questions about teams or Torland!

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5/17/2024 10:49 pm  #1015

Re: Torland Hockey League: THL 2.0

Oh my god, they're gorgeous! The Glaciers reclaim their spot as the best-looking team in Torland. I am living for the reintroduction of purple and the swap to white makes the teal really pop. Honestly I hope the purple sticks around full-time.


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