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2/13/2024 6:06 pm  #11

Re: AltHL Refre5h

Thehealthiestscratch wrote:

Is there a visual of all the logos and uniforms in the AltHL that could be posted for viewer reference?





2/17/2024 3:35 pm  #12

Re: AltHL Refre5h

It is officially time to kick things off for our AltHL Refre5h Project. As I said last week, the goal of this project is to revisit and refresh the visual brands of our current AltHL franchises. The skill of our community has grown significantly since we started this project five years ago. 

As we work through this project I want it to be clear that we are looking for a balance of owner autonomy AND honoring the past (the original wishes of the community). I have heard from 11 of the 16 current owners. Therefore we will continue to give our 5 holdouts time to respond. But we want to kick things off for everyone else. 

Today, we will begin with two elements of the Refre5h Project. Please read on for more information: 


Each owner will be responsible for crafting a new vision for their team's identity. Each team will get a refreshed HOME, AWAY and ALTERNATE uniform. This time we will be designing the entire uniform (including pants, socks and helmet). 

STEP 1 - In the Google Form below, each owner will submit their answers which will contribute their short design brief (DUE MONDAY, FEBRUARY 19)
STEP 2 - GRITTY will organize the briefs and post them for the community.  
STEP 3 - Designers will send their submissions to GRITTY
STEP 4 - GRITTY will send all of the submissions to the owner of the club. 
STEP 5 - The owner will make their selections by emailing GRITTY. Owners will be able to mix and match their favorite element of all of the submissions. 
STEP 6 - GRITTY will convert the new looks onto a common template. 
STEP 7 - Each team will have their own post to reveal their new identity - these posts will begin during the AltHL Playoffs (March 24)

We will try to keep a sense of mystery in anticipation for the reveal. So please try to keep your cards close to the vest as you make your decisions. 

Using the AltHL Season as the timeline - the first round of teams will be designed during weeks 19 + 20. The second round will be during weeks 21 + 22. The MHL teams will be designed during weeks 23 + 24. The reveals will begin during the first round of the playoffs (week 25). 

I will share the teams that will be apart of Round 1 on Monday. 

Minor Hockey League

Next season, the MHL will begin play. We will be simulating the MHL in some fashion (format TBD). We are also going to wait to decide whether we will have minor league players on our FANTRAX rosters until after everyone has voted. 

For now, we will be designing the identities of our MHL Affiliate teams. In the Google Form below, you will be able to submit your team name and short design brief. During the final two weeks of the AltHL season we will be focusing our attention on the MHL teams. We will NOT be splitting the MHL into two different rounds. Meaning that we will be designing all of the teams at the same time. 

MHL teams can be from existing NHL + AHL + ECHL markets - they just can't use a name previously used by that market.  

More information to follow - for now, what we are looking for is simply the design brief for these teams. 

League Events

Once the AltHL Playoffs begin we will then be reaching out to designers to work on next year's event logos. 

Google Form (Team Submissions)

As always please reach out with any questions that you have. I will continue to update the community with what needs to be done. For now, fill out the form above and await next steps on Monday. 

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2/17/2024 5:21 pm  #13

Re: AltHL Refre5h

Can't wait!

Looks like the google form is incomplete on the minor league page, showing only a select option not a text option.

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2/17/2024 5:50 pm  #14

Re: AltHL Refre5h

Steelman wrote:

Can't wait!

Looks like the google form is incomplete on the minor league page, showing only a select option not a text option.

That's weird, but it's all fixed now. 

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2/17/2024 6:59 pm  #15

Re: AltHL Refre5h

For MHL teams, are these primarily just to be designed by owners/design helpers? If so, are we able to maintain previously designed minor-league teams?


2/17/2024 8:00 pm  #16

Re: AltHL Refre5h

Yes you can, I'm sure a few people will like to do so. Just send me the logos and the sweater designs when it is time. 

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2/20/2024 8:31 pm  #17

Re: AltHL Refre5h

Thank you everyone for voting. We are about to get started. Like I said above, we will conduct this process in three rounds. 

To Review: 

Round 1 (weeks 19 + 20) --- 8 teams
Round 2 (weeks 21 + 22) --- 8 teams
Round 3 (weeks 23 + 24) --- The Minor Hockey League

To prepare we need everyone to fill out both of the following forms. Below you will have access to the form. Here are the teams who are still missing: 
Survey #1  - Denver, Minnesota, Ottawa, Toronto - main purpose is to vote on Minor League Eligible Players being added to AltHL rosters. 
Survey #2  - Denver, Minnesota, Toronto, Alaska - design briefs

Round 1

- Over the next 1.5 weeks we will be working on designs to provide the current owner for review. Designs will be due on SUNDAY, MARCH 3rd  
- Send your submissions to GRITTY at
-Gritty will then send the submissions to the owner for review on Monday, March 4th
-You can find the DESIGN BRIEFS here. 

This round we will be refreshing...

Have fun designing!


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3/04/2024 10:59 am  #18

Re: AltHL Refre5h

If you haven't yet. Please send me via email your REFRESH submissions. I will be posting the second batch of briefs shortly. 

I will then be sending the submissions to the owners for review. Please let me know if you need anymore time. 

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3/05/2024 3:21 pm  #19

Re: AltHL Refre5h

Haven’t been on much recently, my apologies, but just submitted my Refre5h stuff if it’s not too late.

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3/06/2024 5:06 pm  #20

Re: AltHL Refre5h

Hi Everyone! 

I am currently compiling submissions for GROUP 1. I will be sending submissions to the owners this week. 

I have officially added the GROUP 2 design briefs to the document. Submissions for GROUP 2 will be due on March 17. 

We have two teams: TORONTO and MINNESOTA who have not submitted briefs. If you would like to design a new look for either of those teams please feel free to do so.  

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