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11/02/2023 5:39 pm  #341

Re: All-American Association Football League

American Football Association Cup 1917 - Eastern Region
Burlington Green Mountainmen pulled off a huge upset in the first round over Old Nassau 1869. Otherwise, things typically followed the seedings, with the other Top 4 seeds – Kearny Caledonians, defending champion Philadelphia Sports Club, and Baltimore Bannerets - all making it to the regional semifinals.  Brooklyn Bridegrooms took the final spot and upset Kearny to reach the final.  Philadelphia Sports Club edged Baltimore Bannerets to return to the regional final. The game is scheduled to take place at Eastern Park in Brooklyn.


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Re: All-American Association Football League

American Football Association Cup 1917 - Eastern Region Final
In the Eastern Region Final, things looked grim for the defending champions when the host Bridegrooms opened the scoring with a screaming free kick from Payton Calhoun.  Philadelphia responded a scant two minutes later with a misplaced corner kick by Howard Arnold.  Best put Sports in the lead with a long range individual run, only to see Brooklyn draw level with a headball from Jay Holder.  Sports retook the lead when Jacob Meadows wove his way through the Brooklyn defense and then played 1-2 off of Tom Norris.  Near the expiration of the first half, Melvin Cannon delivered one of his namesake long-range shots for the equalizer.  

Three minutes into the second half, Cooper Stein closed the scoring after collecting a long diagonal ball from Arnold than put him one-on-one with the ‘Grooms keeper Day.  Things were chippy for the rest of the half with no further good chances for either side.

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Re: All-American Association Football League

American Football Association Cup 1917 – Midwest Region

Upsets ruled the day in the Midwest Region of the AFA Cup.  Perennial powerhouse Milwaukee Brewmasters were dropped by St. Louis Crociati in the first round.  The Cleveland Longlegs might be getting promoted to the Ultimate Division, but they were knocked down by Madison Iceboats.  The Iceboats proceeded to take down Mound City before eventually falling to another big surprise, Muskegon Clearcutters.  The Clearcutters shocked the Indianapolis Speedsters, and they then followed with a victory of the Penultimate-demoted St. Paul Boreads.  Muskegon’s luck ran out when they faced Milwaukee Cream City in the Region Semi-Final.

On the other side of the bracket, the resurgent and newly-promoted Chicago West Side Kicks blazed their path to the Region Final.  The luck of the draw had most of the Buckeye State entrants grouped together.  The Mid-American Regional’s Toledo Glassmakers shocked the Ultimate Division’s Akron Vulcanites, then eked out a victory over the Penultimate’s Columbus Arches, before downing the Ultimate’s Cleveland Forest in the Region Semi-final.  The Cinderella run came to a halt in Chicago as the West Side Kicks triumphed 2-1.

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