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5/30/2023 4:34 pm  #1

The AltHL Season 2023

Welcome to another season of the AltHL. We have a ways before we drop the puck for the fourth season but we are trying to get ahead of the game in terms of organization. This week we are looking to hear from everyone interested in participating.

- Are you an owner interested in returning? Fill out the form.
- Are you an owner who needs to take a step back this season? Fill out the form. 
- Are you someone interested in becoming an owner? Fill out the form. 

Here's the form! 

Please fill out the form by Saturday, June 3. 

If you know of anyone interested in the league please have them fill out the form or contact me directly. 


8/06/2023 12:17 pm  #2

Re: The AltHL Season 2023


We will be following up with more information. We have a busy next few months as we get our fall leagues underway. I wanted to flag some important dates for our league. Please put these dates on your calendar: 




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9/16/2023 12:56 pm  #3

Re: The AltHL Season 2023

Hey guys! I'm posting another When2meet, this time for the AltHL draft. Please get this filled out ASAP so we can lock down a date and time for the draft.


9/19/2023 4:55 pm  #4

Re: The AltHL Season 2023

Welcome back to the fourth season of the AltHL! For the third straight year one of our Canadian franchises took home the Alt Cup (the polar opposite of the NHL). This year we have an exciting season ahead. To get things started we wanted to share a few important items. 

The Draft 

If you haven't already please respond to QCS' When2Meet poll that they posted a couple days ago. We will be closing that poll tomorrow to determine when the draft will take place. 


Huge shoutout to Dan O'Mac for compiling our keepers. Check out your team's cap situation here AltHL Keepers. Please send Dan your keepers no later than Sunday night. At that time we will input the keepers into Fantrax. Please take a look at your rosters (we will notify you when they are updated) to make sure that the roster accurately reflects your keepers. 


Earlier this summer we performed a roll call for teams. Please check out the SEASON 4 tab of the database. The teams that are highlighted have indicated that they are returning this season. 

If you are interested in returning please let me know ASAP! 

If you are interested in taking over one an AltHL club please reach out to me ASAP as well. If you know of someone who would be interested please put them in touch with me. People interested in joining the AltHL will be able to choose from any unclaimed or currently defunct franchises. We will then give those owners the option of a vacated team's roster to take over. 

The deadline to join the league will be FRIDAY NIGHT. At that point we will be finalizing the Season 4 alignment and schedule. 

As always if you have any questions please reach out! 

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9/21/2023 7:51 am  #5

Re: The AltHL Season 2023

As Gritty said, please send your keepers to me by Sunday. I'm not sure why the document is not available to be seen, so I uploaded a copy to my Drive as well, and you can view that HERE. Please let me know if you have any questions regarding the keeper list and/or values.

Secondly, please email those keepers to me at That's not a link, just underlined for emphasis. I will start uploading them on Monday morning, so please make sure you have them in. This will allow for the most time to review them and make sure your team looks accurate.

As Gritty said, if you're not currently in the league, but would like to be in the league, please let Gritty, QCS, or myself know by Friday Night so we can get you in. 

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