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11/26/2021 7:24 pm  #231

Re: West Coast Elite Hockey League

The 1959/60 WCEHL Finals


     On the surface, the conclusion of the 1959/60 season looks like a story of underdogs who defined all odds to place themselves at the doorstep of success, yet that is just a façade. Instead, this year’s Magnum will be won by survivors of the most traumatic year in WCEHL history. On one side there is the San Diego Canners who are participating in their first Magnum series, hoping to reach the top of the mountain. On the other side stands our Goliath from California, who only measures in a couple inches taller than their competitor. Will the Canners be able to make it all the way up stream, or will the Grizzlies capitalize on their bounce back year? Find out next on CBS.



     San Diego seemed to be in trouble when they entered “The Den” for game 1, and they weren’t the only ones who thought so. Fans, miners, minors, and excavation equipment all came together to create a roar that struck fear into the visiting team. Things became dire quickly for San Diego, as the Grizzlies netted two goals in the first ten minutes.

     After calming down and containing the potential disaster, San Diego was able to parry in bulk. The first would come from Ryan Bennett 32 seconds into the second, then depth would provide two more goals for the Canners. 
By the third, San Diego had taken complete control of the game, making it seem like they were going to be able to coast to the final buzzer, but fate was not on their side. California’s desperation to get into the offensive zone resulted in a momentum shift when a dump from the neutral zone took a bizarre bounce from the corner straight to the front of the net where a Grizzly cradled the puck and let it fly to tie the game. The winner would be scored 5 minutes later by California’s Arthur Savage, and insurance was added when California converted on San Diego’s last-ditch effort of pulling the goalie.



     Excitement seemed to die down in game two as both teams decided to limit scoring production. The first period went quick, only stopping for a San Diego penalty that ended up not being costly. Despite San Diego’s sizable advantage in shots, it was Art Savage and the Laissez-Faire line who scored first for the Grizzlies in the second period. Savage then decided it would be so nice for him to provide twice, scoring his second of the game before the period ended.

     The Canners would bring the heat for the third, but California goalie, Flint Powell, would end up limiting San Diego to 1 goal on 33 shots, ultimately bringing the California Grizzlies within one win of The Magnum.



     By the time the puck hit the ice in game 3, the Cannery had already been cracked wide open. Fans were tearing down the doors to witness San Diego’s first finals appearance at home, and the Canners were not going to let them down. Jerry Townsend was the first to strike for the hometown team, sending fans into a flurry no more than 5 minutes into the first, but things settled down when Arthur Ashley tied the game minutes later. Ashley would try to spoil the night, again, in the second period when he single-handedly walked through all five Canners before ripping a shot past the San Diego goalie.
     All seemed to be lost for the quiet San Diego crowd during the intermission before the third. Many fans going as far as accepting the sight of The Magnum in their stadium as a consolation prize. This negatively would not be accepted by long time WCEHL star, Jerry Townsend, who did not want to waste the opportunity to win his first ever championship. Townsend’s presence would be felt immediately in the final frame when he sent a cross ice pass from the left corner of California’s defensive zone to young Rent Sutter on the opposite faceoff dot, providing Sutter the perfect opportunity to whiz the puck past Flint Powell to tie the game. The cherry on top came with 4 minutes remaining when the familiar face of the game, Jerry Townsend, set up Raleigh Yeats for the first WCEHL Finals game winner in Canners franchise history.



     Mike Scanlon was the early story of game four, feeding off the team’s previous win to score two Canners goals in the first period. California would muster up enough to respond once before San Diego’s cavalry came to support Scanlon, blowing the doors off the barn with three unanswered goals. By the final horn, it was clear to the Grizzlies that they were not welcome in San Diego, being forced to retreat back north with their tails tucked between their legs.



     For the third year straight, the WCEHL Finals would go the distance, putting both teams in a do-or-die situation. While the Canners were coming into the game with all the momentum, they proved to be no match against the roar of The Den in the first.

     Former San Diego Canners captain, Hal Tapping would be the one to reward the Grizzlies fans with the only first period goal, two minutes into the game. California sweetheart would keep the good times rolling with another tally for the Grizzlies in the second period, sending the Bay Area to the final frame with a two-goal advantage.

     Townsend would, once again, lead his Tin Men towards a pushback when he scored by shooting a bone chilling slapshot that popped out of Flint Powell’s glove and trickled into the California goal. Although San Diego continued to march, their efforts would result in no reward. The nail would pierce the coffin when a California defensive zone clear found Tylenol Kitchen, who had just finished serving a minor penalty. Kitchen’s final point of his phenomenal rookie campaign would end up being his easiest. He skated down the ice alone to score on an empty net, ensuring that he and his teammates would hoist The Magnum. With this championship, the California Grizzlies lift themselves into the upper tier of WCEHL franchises, joining the Salt Lake City Bees and Arizona Tribe as a two-time WCEHL champion in only three years.


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11/26/2021 7:31 pm  #232

Re: West Coast Elite Hockey League

Congratulations to the Grizzles!


11/26/2021 8:09 pm  #233

Re: West Coast Elite Hockey League

seems like our boy ty was both a pain and a killer in this series. congrats to the grizz on a big win! loving the new graphics btw!


11/27/2021 12:41 am  #234

Re: West Coast Elite Hockey League

Hoist The Magnum? Nah, you smash The Magnum!

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4/24/2022 12:52 pm  #235

Re: West Coast Elite Hockey League

WCEHL 1960 Owner’s Table
     Well, here we are. Haven’t heard from Friday since last time we all formally met.
Cooper Dust
     And they laughed at ole Coop for suggesting murder.
Irwin Stevenson
     They still are laughing, Dust.
     No matter the reason, Long Beach wants us out. Friday never paid back the gate revenue that he promised and decided he wanted the money of taxpayers, too. The poor city was promised a state-of-the-art stadium and ended up with a dainty little shed that NHL teams wouldn’t even touch.
Tin Canton
     Oof, that bad, huh? Bless those little boys with big dreams.
     Remember we aren’t that far ahead of them at this point. 
Irwin Stevenson
     I was just using the loss of a franchise as leverage to move my team last year, but this Long Beach situation seems awfully troubling, gentlemen. I have not felt this level of uneasiness since being in the trenches, defending the rightful land of Emus back in the down under.
Cooper Dust
Tin Canton
     Similar to the feeling you had after your second divorce.
Cooper Dust
     Oh, lord have mercy! This is a dire situation… I miss Dusti so much.
Tin Canton
     We know buddy, it’s okay.
Irwin Stevenson
     Your second wife’s name was Dusti Dus—

     So was his first and third, let’s get back on topic.
(As Zamboni finishes his sentence, two men enter the conference room. One a very fit, towering man that gave off enough machismo to fill a room, while the other looked to be a frail man with skin tight to his bones and a very ominous impression that evened out the machismo.)
Buzz Buissen
     Two more teams?
Jed Diggins
     Bet Zamboni is gonna let them move right in my backyard, too. No more claim jumpers, ya hear!?
     Silence!... This tall, handsome champ is Chevy Cruz. The most famous luchador of our neighbors to the south.
Chevy Cruz
The Frail Man
Jed Diggins
     Don’t be rude there, partner. You’ll have your time to introduce.
The Frail Man
     That’s my job, you back country, moonshine blinded idi—
     And this charming looker who knows how to get off on the right foot is his translator, Mr. Slater. Chevy has agreed to take Long Beach to the new, emerging hockey market of Tijuana.
Chevy Cruz (In a very enthusiastic tone)
Mr. Slater
     He’s excited.
Cooper Dust
     This echo won’t get old.

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4/25/2022 8:12 am  #236

Re: West Coast Elite Hockey League

Tijuana baby!

Charlotte Racers (2016 AltHL Champions) St. Louis Explorers (2000 & 2011 AltBowl Champions) Minnesota Giants (2000, 2004, 2006 & 2014 AltBA Champions)
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4/25/2022 5:59 pm  #237

Re: West Coast Elite Hockey League

Viva la México! Welcome back Elitists. The Frail Man is here.

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7/21/2023 2:16 am  #238

Re: West Coast Elite Hockey League

Three Years

[It is silent. Dark and cold, yet comforting.]
[A voice is heard that feels distant but familiar.]
Hey, it’s me, you know, “The Wizard”. More formally, Mr. Cheese. No wait, I’ve earned my graduate since we last made contact. It is Wiz Cheese to you, now. I prefer Wiz behind my last name but I don’t want to go stepping on the toes of the most successful candy in our universe. Honestly, I’m not the best at what I do and I never meant to meet you but since the sporadic portals stopped appearing, I’ve been lost between chaos and normality. Things have gotten weird here. Like, really weird. You were somewhat banished when The Lucidity found out I kind of let you off the leash. I have a tendency of doing that with the ones I hold closest. Let's be honest, it was that strange bean boy who appeared in Vegas that did me in. Then I got wizard audited for “too many Italian spells”, whatever that means. My wizard wife also left me and took the Diks.

[A long pause is sat on for the wrong amount of time]

I think you call them “kids”. Your universe is so unique. All I really have left is Holy Spirit, my god, who is a good good boy. What do you mean "where’s Spot"? It surely hasn’t been that long. Oh, it has? Well - he kind of just ascended one day --- that or he ran away. Potato, clamato. Am I right? - No? Well, I truly wish you didn't bring that up. Oh, where's my manners? How have you been?

I can’t keep it to myself anymore. Honestly, I’ve never been able to hear you outside of sporadic, nonsensical blurbs. I’ve just been nodding and smiling this whole time.
Anyways, the inter dimensional beings have become a force in the league. Wait, where did I leave you in our story? The 60s? Ok, that’s important. That’s when I peaked so we can’t skip that. Oh, I’ve missed you and your pure concept of reality, my cute little friend. If I’ve ran my calculations correctly….. Waddy’s back. 
(Cheese Wiz learned the term “Waddy” from a new app popular for short videos with no meaningful content…… the word actually means nothing. I don’t love it either, but we’re at least at a point where he has stopped saying “Wussy” on a daily basis. I must admit, that Bardi C really popped off on that track. Farewell traveler.)
[There’s a blip that bends perception. First through the eyes, then the body.]

[Everything fades. It is dark again.]

[The only discomfort that can be felt is the faint sound of a wizard singing “THAT’S A WET ASS WUSSY”. The only comfort that can be felt is knowing the West Coast has never been more Elite.]

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7/21/2023 2:55 am  #239

Re: West Coast Elite Hockey League

I, for one, welcome our new WAPlord.

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7/21/2023 7:29 am  #240

Re: West Coast Elite Hockey League

Yes let’s gooooo! Insanity is back!

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