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Re: Eastern Canada Hockey Organization

1948 Sound Cup Playoffs

Charlottetown Monarchs vs Halifax Highlanders

The tension was high as Halifax's Renald St-Pierre scored the first goal of Game 1 with just six minutes left in the first period. But Charlottetown wouldn't let them get away with it, as Kevin Delahunt equalized midway through the second. The game was neck and neck until Antony Sinclair gave Halifax the lead again later in the second. However, Charlottetown wasn't about to give up, and they tied it back up shorthanded, thanks to Ken Chang about a minute later. It was anyone's game until Charlottetown took a penalty with only 7 minutes left in the 3rd period. Halifax seized the opportunity and capitalized about a minute later, making it 3-2, thanks to Michael MacKenzie. The crowd in Charlottetown went silent as Halifax held on to the lead and won 3-2, taking the opening lead in the series. 

Halifax's Charlie Ellis scored the first goal of Game 2 just 4 minutes into the second period, sending the home crowd into a frenzy. The tension continued to build until Jermaine Thompson masterfully deflected the puck past Peter Chiasson, doubling the Highlanders' lead midway through the third. Jamie MacKenzie then sealed the deal with a powerplay goal with only 4 minutes on the clock. Despite a goal from Charlottetown's Danny Evans, Halifax held on to their lead and crushed their opponents in a stunning sweep, avenging last year's defeat.  (HFX wins 2-0)

Montreal Beavers vs Ottawa Knights

The tension was high as the Knights faced off against the Beavers in their first game of the series. The game started with both teams receiving multiple penalties within the first 4 minutes. But, it was on a powerplay that Ottawa's Raymond Brooks made a great move, scoring the game's first goal, assisted by Charles Gosselin, who had just gotten out of the penalty box himself. Just a few minutes later, Joe Djogo, the hero who got Ottawa to this game, scored an incredible goal, bringing the score to 2-0 for the Knights. But the Beavers weren't going to go down without a fight. Center Michael Fraser blasted a slapshot past Pierre Tanguay to bring the score to 2-1 in the second period. Things started to heat up as the Beavers took advantage of a costly penalty by Ottawa, and Michael Anderson tied the game at two on a powerplay. The Beavers took the lead late in the second period with a goal from Aaron Edwards on another powerplay, followed by Hubert Hunt making it 4-2. The Knights were down but not out. Charles Gosselin brought the score to 4-3  with just 6 minutes left in the third period. And then, with less than a minute left on the clock, Gosselin made an unbelievable move to tie the game at four and send it into overtime. Both teams fought hard in overtime until Steve Turgeon of Ottawa took a penalty for slashing about midway through the period. And just like that, Montreal's Michael Anderson seized the opportunity, scoring the winning goal less than 30 seconds later, securing the opening lead in the series for the Beavers.

Ottawa's Raymond Brooks struck first in Game 2, but the Beavers fought back with a power play goal from Jacob Cox. However, Ottawa wasn't about to let them take the lead and quickly responded with a power-play goal from Gilles Osse. The Knights then extended their lead to 3-1 with a goal from Dwight Topolinski, but the Beavers refused to go down without a fight and got another power-play goal from Michael Anderson. The tension was palpable as the clock ticked down, and with just 6 minutes left in the third, the Knights scored two quick goals from Brooks and Osse. But the Beavers weren't done yet, and Aaron Edwards scored to bring them within 2 with minutes left on the clock. Alas, it wasn't enough, and Ottawa sealed the deal with an empty net goal from Henry Lee, tying the series and setting the stage for an ultimate game in Montreal.

Game 3 in Montreal was a nail-biter as the two teams battled it out for a chance at the Sound Cup Final against Halifax. The game started with a bang as Raymond Brooks from Ottawa scored the first goal for the third time in a row, unleashing a wicked wrist shot with only 7 minutes left in the first period. The Beavers weren't going down without a fight, and Steve Lawton blasted a slapshot past the Ottawa goalie to tie the game at one just a few minutes later. In the second period, things started to heat up, with Chris King giving the Beavers the lead with an incredible goal. Not to be outdone, Michael Fraser from Montreal scored another goal, bringing the score to 3-1. But the Knights weren't giving up, and Steve Turgeon scored a rebound goal in the third period to bring them within one. However, Beavers rookie John Peters had other plans, and he scored an impressive powerplay goal to give his team a two-goal lead once again. The Knights weren't going down without a fight, and Stuart Wilson scored a last-minute goal to bring the score to 4-3. But it wasn't enough, and the Montreal Beavers held on for the win, securing their spot in the Sound Cup Final. (MTB wins 2-1)

1948 Sound Cup Final Preview
This should be an exciting Sound Cup Final as the Montreal Beavers and the Halifax Highlanders face off for the right to hoist their first Sound Cup in team history. The Beavers had a hard-fought battle against the Ottawa Knights to earn their spot, while Halifax demolished the Charlottetown Monarchs in a stunning sweep. With both teams hungry for victory, this final is sure to be a thrilling showdown on the ice, but in the end, I think that the Highlanders will finally hoist the Sound Cup.   


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Re: Eastern Canada Hockey Organization

1948 Sound Cup Finals

Game 1: MTB 2 @ HFX 5 The Highlanders would set the tone early by scoring a goal barely 25 seconds into the game coming from the stick of Gavin Scott. Early in the second, Halifax’s Renald St-Pierre took a slapshot that was stopped by the Beavers goalie but rebounded right onto the stick of his teammate Bryce Stewart who would put it past the Beavers goalie to make it 2-0. The Beavers wouldn't let the Highlanders run all over them, so 2 minutes later, center Sean Lauzon sent the puck past Alex Davis to make it 2-1. Later in the second period, the Highlanders would gain their 2-goal lead back when Gavin Scott scored his 2nd of the game. Early in the third, Montreal would take a costly penalty, and Halifax would capitalize with Robert Mayne making the Beavers pay and putting the Highlanders up 4-1. The Highlanders’lead would grow again later in the third thanks to another powerplay goal, this time by Josh Thiessen. The Beavers would score their own powerplay goal thanks to Jacob Cox a few minutes later, but it wasn't enough as Halifax took Game 1 5-2 and the opening lead in the series.

Game 2: MTB 0 @ HFX 5 In Game 2, Halifax took the opening lead with a goal by Chris MacKenzie in the first period, with less than half of the period played. The Highlanders' lead was doubled just before the end of the first period, thanks to a goal by Antony Sinclair. In the early second period, Halifax extended their lead to 3-0 with a goal by Robert Mayne, who pounced on a rebound from Martin Lindsay. The Highlanders scored again late in the third period, with Renald St-Pierre finding the back of the net. Then, less than two minutes later, Josh Thiessen scored on the powerplay to make it 5-0 for Halifax. The score remained unchanged until the end of the game, with Alex Davis securing a 24-save shutout for Halifax, which put them in a solid position to clinch the Sound Cup in the next game.

Game 3: HFX 1 @ MTB 3 With just eight minutes left in the second period, Beavers winger Hubert Hunt fired in the first powerplay goal, sending the crowd into a frenzy, but the Beavers weren't done yet. Steve Lawton added another goal with less than a minute left in the frame, leaving Halifax reeling. The Beavers knew they had sealed the deal when Michael Fraser made it 3-0 in the third period. Halifax wasn't about to give up, and Charlie Ellis roared back with a goal of his own, narrowing the score to 3-1 with only four minutes left to play. Despite their best efforts, Halifax couldn't beat Beavers goalie Glen Lloyd again, and the Beavers emerged victorious with a thrilling 3-1 win. 

Game 4: HFX 3 @ MTB 1 At the start of Game 4, Jermaine Thompson of Halifax made a crucial deflection on Gavin Scott's shot, sending the puck past Beavers goalie Glen Lloyd and giving the Highlanders an early lead. Throughout the rest of the game, both teams battled fiercely, but it wasn't until almost midway through the 3rd period that Michael MacKenzie would send the puck past the Beavers goalie, doubling Halifax's lead. In the end, Josh Thiessen sealed the Highlanders' Sound Cup-clinching victory with an empty netter scored with about a minute left in the game. Despite a goal from Beavers rookie John Peters, the Highlanders emerged victorious and hoisted the Sound Cup high.

Sound Cup Champions: Halifax Highlanders (1)

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Re: Eastern Canada Hockey Organization

Sweet! Congrats Highlanders on winning the Sound Cup!


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Re: Eastern Canada Hockey Organization

Always great to see a good looking team win a championship, and Halifax definitely does look good.

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Re: Eastern Canada Hockey Organization

1948 ECHO Awards

Halifax goaltender Alex Davis was an outstanding player during the playoffs, earning him the Playoffs MVP award with an impressive 1.60 GAA and .946 SV%. Davis also earned his second consecutive Goalie of the Year award during the regular season with a 2.55 GAA and .923 SV%. 

Saint John center Robert Davis was named the Most Valuable Player for his remarkable performance on the rink, scoring 22 goals, 40 assists, and 62 points.

Defenseman Kenneth Wright from Saint John was recognized as the Defensive Player of the Year for his exceptional performance. He had 44 takeaways and 139 hits.

Center Jacques Tremblay from Charlottetown was awarded the title of Defensive Forward of the Year for his exceptional performance on the ice, with 39 takeaways and 97 hits recorded.

And last but certainly not least, Montreal Beavers winger John Peters made a considerable impact in his rookie season, earning him the well-deserved Rookie of the Year award with 12 goals, 18 assists, and 30 points. 

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Re: Eastern Canada Hockey Organization

Congrats to the Highlanders! Glad they finally broke through. Adding Davis was definitely a great move.

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Re: Eastern Canada Hockey Organization

1948 ECHO Offseason

Design Changes
Charlottetown Monarchs

The Monarchs have made a revision to their away jersey by incorporating the logo from their home jersey but with a twist. The red and gold colours on the logo have been flipped to create a fresh look.

C&C is appreciated, as always.

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Re: Eastern Canada Hockey Organization

1948 ECHO Coaching Changes

Moncton's lack of success led to a change in leadership as owner Archibald Cunningham dismissed coach Jeremiah Russell after three consecutive seasons of missing the postseason. Seeking a fresh start, Cunningham brought on Robert Collins to take over coaching duties. However, Cunningham made it clear that if the team didn't secure a playoff spot by 1950, he would take matters into his own hands and assume control of the team’s coaching duties.

In Saint John, owner Cassius Griffiths was deeply disappointed with the Admirals' downfall from division winners to last place in the league. As a result, he decided to terminate George Beckett's employment. Griffiths appointed Michael Donovan as the new head coach to bring the Admirals back to their winning ways.

There was also a change in the coaching staff of the Montréal Métros, as Pierre Toussaint resigned following the team's disappointing loss on the final day of the regular season. He handed in his resignation to owner Phillipe St-Arnaud, who accepted it with understanding. Following Toussaint's resignation, St-Arnaud hired François Leblanc to take over the coaching duties.

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Re: Eastern Canada Hockey Organization

1948 ECHO Rookie Recruitment

The Beavers got themselves a goaltender in William Parker, a center in Harold Turner and a winger in Edward MacAllister.

The Métros brought in Nicolas Deschênes’ potential successor in goalie Louis Giroux, then added a rookie center in Edouard Lefebvre and a defenceman in René Leclerc.

Ottawa shored up their defence by bringing in defenceman Arthur MacDonald.They also brought in winger Émile Deschamps and goaltender David Moreau.

Quebec promoted centers Gabriel Caron and Luc Rousseau along with defenceman Ezra MacLeod.

Charlottetown brought in center William MacDougall, winger Lachlan MacNeil and defenceman Dominic Wilson.

Halifax brought in defencemen Émile Leblanc and Stanley Blackwood, along with center Harold Sullivan.

Moncton brought in promising defencemen Glen Wallace and Hugh MacKenzie alongside center Matthew Davies.

Saint John started their rebuild by bringing in wingers Ephraim Gauthier and Alexander Ross, along with defenseman Arthur Tremblay.

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Re: Eastern Canada Hockey Organization

1948 ECHO Re-sign Phase

The Beavers signed goaltender Dave LaRoche to a new 4-year deal and defenseman Mike Donovan to a 2-year deal. 

The Métros have extended the contracts of winger Tristan Loubier for five years at $442k per year, defenseman Robert Leblanc for four years at $305k per year, and center Thierry Rousseau for four years at $93k per year. They have also re-signed goaltender Nicolas Deschênes to a new 4-year deal and winger Daniel Caron to a 3-year deal.

Ottawa also gave out a lot of extensions, including a 587k per year deal until 1953 to center Doug Fournier, a 275k per year deal until 1952 to center Charles Gosselin, and a new 4-year deal to winger Lloyd Plante. They’ve also re-signed winger Kenneth Dure to a 3-year deal worth 81k annually, winger Raymond Brooks to a new 3-year deal, and finally, center George Gillingham to a 2-year extension.

Quebec re-signed goaltender Tyson Gravel to a three-year contract.
In Charlottetown, the Monarchs signed center Paul Plante to a new four-year deal after acquiring him through free agency earlier in the season.

Halifax wasted no time securing the services of two wingers, Antony Sinclair and Martin Lindsay. Sinclair signed a new 5-year deal worth 390k per year, while Lindsay committed to a 3-year contract.

Moncton has re-signed three wingers to multi-year deals: Daniel Hebert for four years at 86k annually and Roy Craig and Jean-Francois Gervais for matching 3-year deals.

Saint John signed goaltender Andy Fox to a brand new 5-year contract worth $947,000 annually and winger Patrick Winters to a 5-year contract worth $343,000 annually. They also re-signed winger Nathan Stevenson and defenseman Glenn Brissett to matching 3-year deals.

Top 5 Free Agents

1. D Kenneth Wright, STJ
2. D Gordon Shaw, HFX
3. D Alain Leblanc, OTT
4. W Steve Lawton, MTB
5. W Aaron Edwards, MTB

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