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5/27/2023 12:59 pm  #11

Re: Eastern Canada Hockey Organization


City: Quebec City, Quebec
Owner: Jonah "Red" Roberts
Head Coach: Isaac Roth
Home Ice: Citadel Arena

The Reds derive their name from their aggressive playing style, frequently leading to players getting blood on their jerseys. The team is under the ownership of Jonah Roberts, who also earned his moniker from his aggressive approach to the game. The team's jerseys draw inspiration from those of the Detroit Red Wings and showcase barber pole striping on the sleeves.

Up Next: Saint John

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5/27/2023 1:17 pm  #12

Re: Eastern Canada Hockey Organization

So far these are all solid looks. 

CHA: I think the look overall works. I think what could be even more maybe old school could be actually having the full name of Charlottetown in the logo. Could be like an arc over the crown or below or somehow inside. I think it would be something that might give it that historic feel, but otherwise, the colours are good and sharp.

HFX: I think this is my favourite so far, I like the balance with the brown equipment and the sharp logo.

MON: Another Solid look, the shades of green and gold gives it that military feel. 

MTB: I think the colours are solid here, although this team feels a lot more modern than most just with the dark colours. I also will say, the silver bottoms certainly don't come across as representing a beaver tail. I may suggest making them more shaped like a tail or finding a different way to incorporate it. Just a suggestion.

MTM: the mets look solid, I think the blue and red clash a little here, especially with the stripes on the home jersey. However, it's a solid look. 

OTT: I like the knights, However, I think my biggest complaint would be the gold feels too dull/dark. I think with such dark burgundy and black in the colour scheme you need a brighter more athletic gold to balance it.

QUE: The Reds are overall, I think, the most fun here with a very classic look that feels right in the time period. I think the only technical improvement could be just spreading the "REDS" mark more horizontally as the logo is too vertical.


5/28/2023 3:31 pm  #13

Re: Eastern Canada Hockey Organization

And last but not least: 


City: Saint John, New Brunswick
Owner: Cassius Griffiths
Head Coach: George Beckett
Home Ice: Harbour Arena

The Admirals were named after their owner, Cassius Griffiths, a former admiral. Their simple logo features a gold badge with a navy border and the team's abbreviation, STJ, inscribed in navy at the center. The navy colour symbolizes the sea, while the rank insignias of the Canadian Navy inspired the gold.

Season preview will be next. Comments and criticisms are appreciated.

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5/28/2023 6:04 pm  #14

Re: Eastern Canada Hockey Organization

Happy to see the ECHO making its debut! Excited to see this series progress! Really good intro and write up. I haven't read anyone else's critiques so I'll just give my full thoughts on the designs.

Charlottetown: The colors work, the wide striping works for me. I kinda wish the away jersey just had a red crown instead of gold with an outline but overall a solid identity.

Halifax: I think this is one of the best looking ones. Just a classic uniform set and the logo works for the era. With it being named Wallace Coliseum I clearly will be rooting for this team.

Moncton: I like this color scheme. The home set is really nice. Similar to CHA, I wish the away set was a simple flip of the home instead of gold with the outlines but maybe it works for the era. Overall it works.

Beavers: I like this color scheme a lot. Very sharp. I thought the M was a magnet, so I don't think it works for the brand. I think you need a more curly vintage serif M as the sans look feels too modern and doesn't fit, imo.

Metros: Similar to above, I think this brand would look better with the sans serif. A sleeker sans serif would bring together the metropolitan motif. The color scheme works but the collar/yoke striping is bit messy. I'd simplify that on both sets.

Ottawa: I think the shield logo works but the color scheme is super dark. I would consider a brighter hue of that maroon and a much brighter gold to contrast against the black. (I'm not sure it really needs black at all, imo) I think a simpler color scheme would be more era appropriate.

Quebec: I like this simple two colors with the wild striping. The angled word mark needs to be spaced out more horizontally. This feels very in line with the era.

Saint John: Fantastic color scheme. Is the logo supposed to be not a true circle? I like it, just curious. The sleeve striping might be too wide but overall the brand works for me and is a good look.

Hopefully some of these critiques and suggestions are helpful! It's a really good start and I'm looking forward to more.

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5/30/2023 5:24 pm  #15

Re: Eastern Canada Hockey Organization

Preseason Design Changes

The Beavers logo was not well received by the press and potential fans who felt it resembled a magnet too closely. In response, the Beavers replaced the M-Magnet with a navy M in a serif font. They plan to use the new logo on their jerseys instead of the old one.

The Métros changed their logo after discovering that their rival team, the Beavers, was also changing theirs to a serif M. The Métros decided to keep their logo as an M but remove the serifs and make the edges sharper. They also simplified the collar on their jerseys and removed the shoulder yoke from both sets while incorporating the new logo.

The season preview should follow shortly. Thanks to everybody who submitted some criticisms.

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5/30/2023 6:02 pm  #16

Re: Eastern Canada Hockey Organization

Before ECHO's first season, Bernard King, a highly respected journalist from the Montreal Gazette, created a  list of each team's strengths and weaknesses in every position, ranking the teams in all categories. Based on his analysis, he concluded the following:

1. Moncton
2. Charlottetown
3. Montréal Métros
4. Ottawa
5. Halifax
6. Montreal Beavers
7. Saint John
8. Quebec

1. Saint John
2. Halifax
3. Montréal Métros
4. Ottawa
5. Quebec
6. Montreal Beavers
7. Moncton
8. Charlottetown

1. Quebec
2. Montréal Métros
3. Moncton
4. Montreal Beavers
5. Ottawa
6. Charlottetown
7. Saint John
8. Halifax

1. Montréal Métros
2. Moncton
3. Quebec
4. Ottawa
5. Charlottetown
6. Montreal Beavers
7. Saint John
8. Halifax 

King also listed who he thought the league's ten best players were:
 1. Joe Djogo, W, OTT
2. Kevin McMillan, D, OTT
3. Faith Hebert, C, MON
4. Jermaine Thompson, C, CHA
5. Alex Davis, G, QUE
6. Kenneth Wright, D, STJ
7. Nicolas Deschênes, G, MTM
8. Roy Davies, W, QUE
9. Robert Davis, C, MTB
10. Bob Dezouvre, D, STJ 

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6/01/2023 8:44 pm  #17

Re: Eastern Canada Hockey Organization

1945/46 Regular Season 

The Montreal Metros emerged as clear victors of the St. Lawrence division with an exceptional 77 points. Marc-Antoine Lacroix topped the league with an impressive 36 goals, while Gäetan Patenaude also shone with 31 goals, and Thierry Rousseau added 49 assists. The Ottawa Knights clinched the spot with Joe Djogo leading with 32 goals and having the goal differential tiebreaker (-4 to the Beavers' -23). The Beavers fell short of securing the second playoff spot due to their poor goal differential and no single player scoring over 20 goals this season. The Quebec Reds finished last but remained close to the Beavers and Knights with 3 points behind, thanks to Robert White's 27 goals and Paul Plante's 54 points. However, their goalies did not perform well, leading to their downfall.

Despite their initial rank as the worst teams in the Maritimes division, the Saint John Admirals and Halifax Highlanders secured playoff spots with 60 and 53 points, respectively. Kenneth Wright and Bob Dezouvre's teamwork on defence and David Howard's 67-point contribution helped Admirals shine. Finding themselves in a second-place battle with Moncton down the stretch, the Highlanders swapped goalies, replacing struggling starter Ronald Miller with his backup Jamie Scott. Scott would get wins in 12 of the 17 games he started and helped Halifax clinch that second playoff spot. Moncton found themselves out of the playoff picture on the other side of that battle, with the four ties they accumulated returning to bite them in the end. Charlottetown rounds out the division; the Monarchs were sunk by lousy goaltending and defensive struggles.

Before the season started, the eight owners agreed on a playoff format that would see the first round as a best of 3 series and the Sound Cup Finals as a best of 5 series. 

LMK what you guys think about the season and the graphics. I will post the 1st round and Sound Cup Finals separately.

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6/03/2023 4:33 pm  #18

Re: Eastern Canada Hockey Organization

1946 Sound Cup Playoffs  

Montréal Métros vs Ottawa Knights

The Knights started Game 1 strong with an early goal by Gilles Osse in the first period. However, in the third period, the Métros would get four consecutive goals scored by Louis Wagner, Andre Bergeron, Étienne Tremblay, and Marc-Antoine Lacroix. Although Ottawa scored again with a rebound shot by Joe Djogo, it was too late to close the gap, and the Métros won the game 4-2. The Métros would take an early lead in the first period of game 2 with goals from Jérôme Brunet and Stéphane Archambault. However, Ottawa would respond in the second period with Joe Djogo scoring two goals to tie the game up. Late in the second, the Métros would regain their lead following a goal from Marc-Antoine Lacroix. Tristan Loubier would add two goals of his own in the 3rd period to give the Métros a 5-2 victory and send the Knights home. [MTM wins 2-0]

Saint John Admirals vs Halifax Highlanders

The Highlanders would dominate game 1 with a solid offensive performance. Michael MacKenzie's wrist shot and Bryce Stewart's slapshot gave them a two-goal lead in the first period. Darren Robertson and Michael Fraser added to the lead in the second period with two more goals. The third period saw two more goals from Michael Fraser and Ewan Ferguson, resulting in a convincing 6-0 victory over Saint John, with Jamie Scott making 26 saves in the shutout. Halifax and Saint John had a back-and-forth game in Game 2, with each team scoring five goals in regulation time. Ewan Ferguson gave Halifax the first goal, but David Howard tied for Saint John. In the second period, Marvin Harvey gave the lead to Saint John, but Halifax came back with goals from Gordon Shaw and Michael MacKenzie. In the third period, David Howard would tie the game at three and then Jayden Ross would give Halifax the lead again. Three minutes later, Garry Paterson would give Halifax a 2-goal lead, but Saint John hadn’t said their last words, with John Audet getting one back and then Nathan Stevenson sending the game to OT with a last-minute goal. About three and a half minutes into overtime, Halifax’s Bryce Stewart would find the back of the net on a rebound to stun the Admirals and send the Highlanders to the Sound Cup Finals. [HFX wins 2-0]

1946 Sound Cup Finals Preview
Montréal Métros vs Halifax Highlanders

Two teams with contrasting journeys are competing to become the first team to lift the Sound Cup. The Métros have been dominant throughout the year, while Halifax, who wasn't even expected to reach the playoffs, stunned everybody by making it to the Finals. Will Halifax's impressive run continue, or will the Métros maintain their dominance and secure their first Sound Cup victory?

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6/03/2023 8:04 pm  #19

Re: Eastern Canada Hockey Organization

Let's go Halifax, and take home the cup!


6/03/2023 11:46 pm  #20

Re: Eastern Canada Hockey Organization

The people of Halifax have a bone to pick with one Mr. Bernard King! Let's go Highlanders!

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