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Re: American Collegiate Athletic Confederation - 1980 Season

1980 Week 2 Game of the Week!

This week was the only week this season without any slated ranked matchups, but it did feature one significant upset.
The Louisville State Colonels are a team with no real expectations coming into the season. Coming off a losing season where the team went 2-10, where they fired both the coach and offensive coordinator, and overall disappointed their fanbase, you couldn't of expected much. Their new coach that they hired was the interim that coached the team's last game of the season last year, who kept the Colonels in a close match with their rivals, Kentucky Commonwealth, for most of the first 3 quarters before derailing in the fourth. Hopes were high he might be able to turn it around, but nothing was really expected coming into their first game this season. Their opponent was also coming off a disappointing season last year, but for other reasons. The Houston State Mustangs were one of the more promising teams out of the Texarkana Conference last year. They were loaded with upperclass talent and a quarterback that was coming off of an injury ridden sophomore season. However, the hype was quickly vanquished, as the team went on to lose their first 3 games. But as soon as the media turned their eyes away from the Mustangs, they quickly started living up to the potential. By the end of the season they were riding a 5 game winning streak and were back in the top 20. They barely made a bowl game where they faced and beat a mean New Orleans State team riding out the last season of their all-american quarterback. This resulted in a split fanbase as many were disappointed that the team had only started playing so well in the second half of the season, but others said it waivered promise for this season. It was all up to this game to decide the fate of these two programs.
As we get into the first quarter it seemed as though this would be a back and forth fight. Houston State came out swinging and put up a decisive touchdown within the quarters first 5 minutes. But to everyone's surprise, Louisville State was able to match it. In what seemed like a synchronized dance the teams exchanged blows. First Houston gets stopped on a 3 and out, but then so do the Colonels. They turn around and stop Houston once again, but then aren't able to do anything on offense either. It wasn't until the Mustangs missed a field goal late in the quarter that the symmetry would be broken up. Somehow Louisville would go into the first break leading the 9th ranked Mustangs by a field goal; 10-7. 
If you were hoping for this dance to continue, then I would look away, because despite everything, the Colonels were able to keep up the pressure from the end of the first quarter, and double their score in just 2 possessions, taking up a large lead on the favorites. Houston State fans' hope suddenly dropped, and so did the Mustangs motivation. Houston State would manage some form of damage control, stopping the Colonels from scoring again for the rest of the quarter, but the offense, that looked so capable on the teams first drive, had sputtered to a stop. QB Rudy Vega was fumbling snaps and throwing near interceptions seemingly every play, which he would later blame on a tweak pointer finger on his throwing hand. While Louisville State was now leading 20-7 going into the half, the energy still seemed to be in the Mustangs favor, despite everything. Coming out of the half, it seems as though they had gotten their nerves together. The defense continued to wall up the Colonel offense, keeping them without scoring for most of the 3rd quarter, while the Mustang offense tried to get back into the game. They would secure a field goal on their first possession of this second half and follow it up with another long drive into field goal range. However, as we got close to the 4th, Louisville would start to smell blood in the water. On the late drive by Houston State, as the teams lined up in field goal position, the Colonel defense completely stole back the momentum by blocking the field goal attempt. Now while the whole crowd stayed in shock, the Colonels would add to their lead by putting up a field goal of their own as the quarter came to a close. But this would be all she wrote for Houston State, as they would get picked off following the return to action that quickly turned into a Louisville State touchdown. While the PAT would be far right, the pressure had been applied. Down 29-10, there was little for the Mustangs to do. They would sneak in a field goal before giving the ball back to Louisville, who would then promptly run the clock out for the win. The same 2 win team from last season had just come out and upset 9th ranked Houston State at their home, in one of the most exciting games so far this season. 

Not to take away from the game but here is the full identity reveal for the Louisville State Colonels.


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Re: American Collegiate Athletic Confederation - 1980 Season

Here is hoping Arkansas State can make the shown games.


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Re: American Collegiate Athletic Confederation - 1980 Season

Week 2 Recap

Before getting into week 3, here are some of the notable scores from around the nation!

Hamilton: 21 - at - (2) Northern: 31
Massachusetts Tech: 6 - at - (3) Pennsylvania: 14
Georgia A&M: 7 - at - (4) Oklahoma A&M: 29
(5) LAIC: 20 - at - Alabama Tech: 17
Arizona: 9 - at - (8) Utah: 55
University of Orlando: 0 - at - (10) South Florida: 52
Chicago State: 10 - at - (11) Wisconsin State: 17
Nebraska State: 0 - at - (12) Louisiana: 42
St. Cloud: 0 - at - College of Carolina: 73

There isn't too much movement in the rankings this week. Pullman and Wisconsin both move the most out of anyone, but it's only 3 spots. Most of this week were cupcake matches so there are no real surprises, outside of Louisville State who just barely misses the rankings this week after their big upset win. We do see College of Carolina hop into the top 20, at number 20, after two convincing shutout wins against smaller opponents, this week defeating the lowly St. Cloud Bulldogs. This is CoC's first appearance in the rankings since 1976. Next week they line up to take on the red hot LAIC in order to determine if this year's team is truly it.

This week's biggest faller was most clearly Houston State. In similar fashion to last season, the Mustangs were upset in their first game of the season after being hyped up all offseason. They fall 9 spots from number 9 overall, to number 18 overall. St. Paul also officially falls out of the top 20 this week. Outside of that, no other team in the top 20 lost, which is probably the only time that will happen this season. 


This week we have a knew team joining us in the top 20 in the nation! For the first time since 1976; the College of Carolina Rams are ranked at #20.

Carolina is located in Columbia, South Carolina, having been founded in 1880, and plays in the American Appalachian Conference.

Thanks to all for viewing. Onto next week!

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Re: American Collegiate Athletic Confederation - 1980 Season

Big fan of CoC. Love the purple and gold color scheme.


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