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2/24/2023 12:19 pm  #21

Re: Retroliga: The Saga

Steelman wrote:

ItDoesntMatter wrote:

pros: that raindeer is very epic. love the idea and the execution is impeccable. definitely my favorite logo so far

cons: don't really care about the colors, mainly the bluish-gray which clashes horribly with the yellow in the secondary logo. I think you could do to lighten it up a bit (or just make it cream. I know you wanna make it cream.)

great work with this series overall! it's been a lot of fun to follow and read through all the wacky lore you've cooked up. keep it up!

Thanks a ton! Appreciate the feedback. I think you're right, the cloudy gray and yellow do clash so I adjusted the secondary logo to just be primarily blue and yellow which I think works much better.

yeah that's much better. looking forward to whatever comes next!


3/03/2023 6:51 am  #22

Re: Retroliga: The Saga (Aerodynamic Edition Edition)

A new script from VHS called populated a new director named Sonny N. Share who was tasked with creating a new franchise that would be partly owned by Jeff Beezus. Sonny disliked Beezus but would never say that to his face. Sonny used to be in music but decided it was too hard being a celebrity so he decided to become a two-faced politician instead so everyone could hate him. That went really well, so well, in fact, that Sonny had to flee the country because his district was ready to toss him in the slammer because they didn't like his politics anymore. Sonny found a small island somewhere in international jurisdiction and started a blog instead. He got really good at the whole blogging thing until commenters started hating him too and so then he fled to one of the undiscovered Japanese islands where he practices meditation and martial arts and opened a dojo. Now people who hate him can come visit his dojo and engage him in duels. Sonny is still hoping Beezus will show up so he can show him everything he's learned. Sonny accidentally acquired Sony after dueling the owner in his dojo for pink slips and won so now he's got a massive tech company and more money than he knows what to do with. His second dojo is now filled with thousands of Playstations which he hates. He mostly hates hockey because he doesn't understand it so he demanded that VHS send him some people to make the team for him. VHS obliged and executed script (As French Edition) which discovered two interesting persons known only by their surnames.

Narayanaswamy was tall and Klingensmith was short. Nara had a mohawk dyed magenta which made them even taller, and Kling had a ponytail and a beard which made them look even shorter. Nara looked kind of like the middle sibling between Simone Biles and Hakeem Olajuwan and Kling looked kind of like the lovechild of Santa Claus and Oprah Winfrey. Both were non-binary. Since they were tasked with creating a franchise for Sonny and Beezus and had zero oversight, they decided to get creative and named it Sonycron and made a Pirate Panda the team mascot. They designed a panda in a pirate hat and chose black and bright cream and a sunset gradient as the color scheme. The pirate hat features the gradient. A pirate hat over top the initials SC makes for the secondary logo, one in full color, one in single color.

The uniforms feature a blocked cascading gradient striping pattern with contrasting upper sleeves and collar. Both sets are paired with black pants and a simple cream stripe. The sets feature jersey numbers in a rounded sans-serif with gradient strokes. The NOB is curved and the TV numbers are single contrasting color.

Syms of Sonycron are known to have multiple personalities and be very supportive and cheerful during one period and shaking down the walls in anger the next period. These choices seem to have little to do with the actual play on the ice, so when good play is synced up with supportive behavior it's called “Symcronicity” or when bad play is synced up with anger it's known as “Pandamonium” and it's all quite magical. Everything else is confusing.

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