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8/14/2022 4:14 pm  #11

Re: AltBA Season 2022

Giants will try to make the playoffs legitimately. I’m back.
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8/14/2022 4:43 pm  #12

Re: AltBA Season 2022



8/14/2022 4:59 pm  #13

Re: AltBA Season 2022

Today, Basketball Stickman arrives at his press conference, carried on his throne, by his muscular, sweaty, bare chested Gator Boyz, (Whose names I've totally forgotten by now), the Crockettes, (who are totally not a Rockettes rip off at all, no way) and his personal assistant, Nancy the Leprechaun.   

"Today, we are all pleased to announce that, for another year, the New Orleans Revelers are here....... TO PARTY-GRAS!!!!" 

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8/14/2022 9:21 pm  #14

Re: AltBA Season 2022

Hammer? I bar-

Pittsburgh is ready to return.

8/15/2022 8:46 am  #15

Re: AltBA Season 2022

In it to get it!
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9/27/2022 6:11 pm  #16

Re: AltBA Season 2022

Thank you everyone for checking in to our second season of the AltBA. The AltBA was a big experiment during our first season. For the first time ever we decided to split the league into two separate leagues to make sure we didn't dilute the talent pool too much. But after a year of being apart the overwhelming consensus was that we wanted to be back together (how sweet!) 

With that said, there are a number of complications in regard to our keepers and rosters from last season. Merging the two leagues will be a challenge with multiple teams having claims to the same players. I believe the best (and simplest) solution to our problem will be to start with blank rosters and the draft order is determined by order of finish from last season. The best teams have higher picks. This is not a perfect solution and it hurts the better teams. From then on we will proceed like a normal keeper league. If we go with this option we will have no need for keepers this year. 

I am open to suggestions however. I want to avoid a huge public debate. So please email me a solution that you think we can use to proceed. Then we will vote on all of the possible solutions. 

Right now, the Draft is schedule for Saturday, October 15. The season begins the following week.
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9/27/2022 6:40 pm  #17

Re: AltBA Season 2022

Would have considered coming back if we knew what we were doing before roll call was due..... I really don't understand why commitment was necessary prior to that being resolved. I would have happily taken the first overall pick if I knew I would receive it. Oh well, goodnight Atlanta.

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