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2/26/2022 6:15 pm  #361

Re: AltLB Design Thread

Undisclosed Location, Earth
Febraury 26,th 2022

NoE walks up to the podium at an undisclosed location. Somehow, despite never announcing that there would even be an unveiling conference, dozens of reporters have managed to find this location and are here to find out what AltLB team will be joining the ranks of the Utah Raptors, Philadelphia Founders, and New York Sentinels as under his control.

“I don’t like giving speeches, so I’m just gonna leave now, then have our AMAZING graphic design team unveil a graphic announcing our pick”. He points to an old creaky projector that’s probably emitting dangerous levels of radiation. It’s barely holding on. Then, without warning, NoE and his executives sprint as fast as they can off of the stage and leave the building, still sprinting. Everything goes dark, then suddenly, with classical music and air horns blasting in the background, the graphic is projected onto the wall.

Gasps were heard throughout the room. After the realization sunk in for a few seconds, there was the noise of what sounded like muffled tears coming from a majority of the room. Whether they were tears of joy, sadness, disgust, or ionizing radiation, we will ever know. Still sprinting unreasonably fast down the street, NoE and his executives celebrate after hearing the unveiling was “successful”. Even after being told that all the reporters had left, he and his team were still running, presumably towards the city of Detroit.

2/26/2022 6:44 pm  #362

Re: AltLB Design Thread

For Immediate Release:

AltSPN journalist Chip N. Daylin (a vegan fitness guru as famous for his beard and awful man-bun as he was for his general ditziness) arrived to the press conference nervous.   He had drawn the (un)lucky duty to interview the infamous Baseball Owner Stickman.  Going from the other Stickmen, it was a guarantee that he would be.... eccentric to say the least.   It was said that he had tried (and failed miserably) at getting into Hollywood and was now a bitter man. 

The Stickman soon appeared to the podium and spoke with his trademark Eastern European accent. "I did not hit her!  It's not true!  It's bulls***!  I did not hit her!  I did not!   Oh, hi Mark!" as he threw his water bottle down limply. 

"Like..... what?   And my name's Chip, not Mark"

"You are tearing me apart, Lisa!"

"No, I'm, like, Chip N. Daylin.  I'm hear to see which AltLB team you are choosing to own!"

" Oh that.   I had many good options to choose from.   The Cincinnati Centaurs because like them, I am Mythical.   The Havana Cubanos because I don't think anything bad ever happens in Socialist/Communist governments...."

"Like, even I could think that, like, Russia would prove you wrong....."

"NO!  SHUT UP!  I WON'T SIGN YOUR AUTOGRAPH!  I AM TOO FAMOUS FOR YOUR SAUSAGE, TINY BOY!..." Stickman suddenly yelled at a bewildered female passerby who was not involved with the press conference. Stickman then continued...

"I even thought to pick the Memphis Kings, because I am the king of acting.   However, after 7 seconds of hard thought and reason, I have decided to select the New York Blackbirds.   Only the city of New York is big enough for me.  Also, I had a dream that a New York Yankees baseball team would always win the World Series.   Don't know anything about them and I was told the team was called the Blackbirds and that I couldn't rename them.   Of course, I slapped that fat cow in the face for daring to speak to me..."

"That's like, really rude! And I thought she said you didn't hit her!"

"No, you foolish bun-man wearing hippie!   She was literally a talking cow that is fat"

"Oh..... well, anyway, you're confirming that you're picking the New York Blackbirds, then?"

"Yes.  Now I must go to see my invisible friends to tell them the bad news.  I got the results of the test back.  I definitely have breast cancer"

".........You're..... like, just quoting "The Room", aren't you?"

"Yep"  said Stickman as he left the press conference, leaving the journalists wondering if this Stickman just might be the weirdest and most offensive one yet.

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2/26/2022 6:56 pm  #363

Re: AltLB Design Thread

“Sevs, you’re on the clock.” “I know ja-broni! Have you ever heard about thinking?!”
39 minutes later…
“Everyone, welcome to this press conference. I am here to state tha-no wait, DANCE to the team I am selecting, and hit it boys!”
Sevs rips his suit and jeans off for a 60’s look.
“Welcome to Memphis, baby!”
Owner of the Indiana Cardinals (2005 AltBA Champions) the owner of the Memphis Kings, and new owner of the Milwaukee Mallards! #HoosierBirds #KingUp #QuackQuack

2/26/2022 7:10 pm  #364

Re: AltLB Design Thread

That's it! The AltLB is complete. That was our quickest draft ever. 

So now we are in the process of making
Team Manager
Legacy Ballpark
Modern Ballpark
AAA Team
AA Team
A Team
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2/26/2022 7:25 pm  #365

Re: AltLB Design Thread

The Carolina Griffins are proud to announce our Minor League affiliates. We are focused on keeping our players close to home, thus the selection of the following cities:

Triple-A: Charlotte
Double-A: Norfolk
Single-A: Asheville

Full brand reveals will happen soon, as will stadium announcements and the announcement of our manager.

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2/26/2022 7:31 pm  #366

Re: AltLB Design Thread

The Chicago Pros would proudly like to announce WSU catcher Eric Wedge as the manager of the team. Our stadium since 1922 and up to today will be “The Unfriendly Confines” of Speakeasy Park, in reference to the speakeasy Cal Apone had set up under the park during Prohibition. With a dead center of 402, it’s one of the deepest parks in the show, tracing back to its old roots, and the brick exterior, the classic hand operated scoreboard behind the right field bleachers, it’s a classic park holding 38,509 spectators. A unique feature is the slanted wall going from 15 feet down to 10 feet in a gradual slope between left and left center field. And of course, the food. Local breweries bring all the brews you desire, Chicago-style hot dogs are a staple park food, and of course, the Speakeasy Feast, featuring a Chicago dog, Italian beef sandwich, and a half of a Chicago Deep Dish pizza.

R: 330
RC: 377
C: 402
LC: 371
L: 328

In Minor League affiliates, we will have:

AAA: St. Louis Quivers
AA: Rockford Hitmen
A: Bloomington Express

Brands TBD
Charlotte Racers (2016 AltHL Champions) St. Louis Explorers (2000 & 2011 AltBowl Champions) Minnesota Giants (2000, 2004, 2006 & 2014 AltBA Champions)
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2/26/2022 7:42 pm  #367

Re: AltLB Design Thread

The Los Angeles Condors are proud announce their minor league affiliates. The following cities and team names have been chosen:
AAA: Anaheim Orange Sox
AA: San Diego Surfers
A: Tijuana Águilas (Eagles)

The home stadium of the Condors has been the same ever since they arrived in LA back in 1962. That stadium is Condor Stadium, which seats 56,000 people.

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2/26/2022 7:50 pm  #368

Re: AltLB Design Thread

After the (typical) weird Stickman press conference, the small details about the franchise came out.

Team Manager: Joe Torre
Legacy Ballpark: Polo Grounds
Modern Ballpark: Corporate Bank Park 
AAA City: Buffalo Wings (Of course.  Side note, buffalo wings are my favorite food!)
AA City: Utica Clowns (Has nothing to do with Utica.   Clowns just make a fun minor league baseball team name)
A City: Fishkill Fishermen (Few nicknames are quite so accurate as this.  Fishermen do indeed kill fish)

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2/26/2022 7:57 pm  #369

Re: AltLB Design Thread

FEBRUARY 28, 2022

It was a glorious day in downtown, as hundreds of loyal Talons fans gathered to play beer pong, eat lots of beef, and drink like irishmen at a tailgate and concert event in celebration of the opening of the new stadium of the Talons. Popular local rapper Drake was supposed to perform, but due to a booking error, a 40 year-old carpenter who was also a Drake look and sound-alike named Drunk showed up instead. His performance consisted of him stealing drinks from audience members and drunkenly yelling profanities while rap instrumentals played in the background before he was eventually forced offstage by security. Thank god the performances by The Weeknd and Avril Lavigne were the real deal.

Meanwhile, in a conference room at Fetcher World HQ nearby, journalists and investors sat waiting for an appearance by owner Rick Fetcher. Many doubted he would even show up, since he was currently in the hospital after being shot down by an anti-aircraft gun and falling into the lake on Saturday. Then suddenly, they heard violent screaming from down the hall. And it seemed to be getting louder. And closer. Finally, Fetcher burst into the room, wearing nothing but a hospital gown and bleeding from his arm.

“Oh my god, Rick, what are you doing?”

“Good news, the hospital decided to let me go early! Also, I have not injured my head in any way!”

“Are you sure? You look like you just ripped out an IV!”

“How would you even know that?”

“You have the end piece still stuck in your arm!”

Rick tore the piece out, and then patched up his wound with a Toronto Beavers brand band-aid. One of his biggest investors, stock manager Andrew McCheese, got up to speak.

“Rick Fetcher, we are worried about you. You have not been yourself since you returned from your business trip in Samoa! I mean, tying yourself to balloons and flying over Toronto unauthorized? Attempting to purchase hawk feet illegally? Escaping the hospital?”

“They let me leave early because I’m fine, McChest!”

“I highly doubt that. And I give you more money than anyone else in this room, I’m like you best best friend! How do you still not know my name?”

“Whatever, McChonk.”

“…Whatever you want to announce better be good, Rick.”

Rick stood in silence and stared at Andrew for several seconds, then called in two men.

“Reporters, I’d like to introduce you to the men who will be running your Toronto Talons! Over here is our general manager, actor Ryan Reynolds!”

Ryan Reynolds waved to the group. A reporter stood up.

“Mr, Reynolds, why did you accept Mr. Fetcher’s offer to be general manager of the Talons?”

“He offered me a lot of perks. Big salary, the chance to appear in a lot of commercials, and the destruction of all evidence that the green lantern movie existed.”

Rick chimed in.

“Yes, very nice. Would you like a cookie from the snack table?”

“…No thanks.”

“Are you sure? They’re free, guy.”

“…I’m going to hurt you if you ever make a joke like that again.”

“Sheesh, I was just asking.”

Another reporter asked a question.

“Okay, Detective Pikachu here is the General manager, but what about the other guy?”

The other guy was standing directly behind the investors, eating a pancake with his bare hands.

“Oh, so I was going to hire Section30 to be our manager, but he told me he didn’t want to, so thanks to the magic of robotics, I have got the next best thing! Introducing our new manager, Shell Andyson!”

This man was the spitting image of Section, but appeared to be of considerably lower intelligence, judging by the fact that he tried to take a swig of water, but he held the bottle too far from his face so it all went onto the floor.

“Mr. Andyson, what do you plan to do as manager?”


“Ha ha, isn’t he a hoot?”

Shell then awkwardly walked towards the snack table while a clapping sound was heard, tore off one of the legs, and took a bite out of it while saying “Crunch.” Everyone glared at him, then at Fetcher. McCheese broke the silence.

“You know, about a month ago I heard this report about an experimental, untested task management robot being stolen from a lab in Osaka. They provided photos and video of the robot, and I’m sure if you shaved off all of Shell’s hair and removed all that clothing, he would look identical to the stolen-”

He was interrupted by a doctor bursting in.

“There he is! He escaped the hospital and hijacked an unused ambulance! We haven’t done his MRI scan yet, he needs to go back now!”

“Shut up, Dr. Singh! You can’t make me go back for my MRI scan!”


Dr. Singh left the room.

“…So, any questions?”

“…I hate you, Fetcher.”

“Shut up, McChuck.”

Minor league and stadium announcements will follow shortly!

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2/26/2022 8:18 pm  #370

Re: AltLB Design Thread

Team names, team manager, and stadiums will come later because Magic is about to work box office at a theatre, but the Kansas City Colts minor league teams will be located in

AAA: Omaha, Nebraska
AA: Wichita, Kansas
A: Topeka, Kansas
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