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11/23/2021 7:41 pm  #281

Re: AltLB Design Thread

Sorry for the delay on this group. We had a number of people who were busy with life but wanted to get in a submission. We will make the Group E deadline a week from this Sunday. Enjoy!

11/30/2021 6:27 pm  #282

Re: AltLB Design Thread

It is time for our fourth group of winning logos. We will be moving on to Group E (1990s).

This group includes: 

Tampa Bay Turtles
Portland Stags
Mexico City Jaguars
Memphis Kings
San Diego Pandas

Those submissions should be in to me by Sunday. If you need any extra time just let me know.
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12/01/2021 4:15 am  #283

Re: AltLB Design Thread

Congrats to all the winners!
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12/01/2021 1:48 pm  #284

Re: AltLB Design Thread

Very glad my Arizona logo won, I'm quite proud of it. I think we have some good stuff here.

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