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7/10/2021 11:53 am  #101

Re: AltHL Design 2021


Today, the Detroit Angels have announced their AAltHL affiliate, and it's rather unique. Instead of playing in a larger area, or a suburb of Detroit, the Angels have announced that their AAltHL affiliate will play on the historic Mackinac Island. For those who do not know, Mackinac Island is located between the two peninsulas of Michigan, and it makes most of its money off of tourism, so this will be a perfect place for a new hockey team. Without further ado, here is our new affiliate.

Thanks to Dan O'Mac for designing the Snappers logo, and the AAAltHL Affiliate's logo as well.

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7/10/2021 1:06 pm  #102

Re: AltHL Design 2021

Looking good! I'm a big fan of that logo and the wave pattern striping.


7/12/2021 9:15 pm  #103

Re: AltHL Design 2021

Out of curiosity, when will we find out which rebrand identities won?

7/15/2021 7:09 pm  #104

Re: AltHL Design 2021

Dan O'Mac wrote:

Out of curiosity, when will we find out which rebrand identities won?

Great question! The owners have picked their winning uniforms. I will finish rendering them this weekend and make the post. 

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7/15/2021 7:26 pm  #105

Re: AltHL Design 2021

Gritty wrote:

Dan O'Mac wrote:

Out of curiosity, when will we find out which rebrand identities won?

Great question! The owners have picked their winning uniforms. I will finish rendering them this weekend and make the post. 

I know which one I chose but I'm super excited to see what else we've got!


8/04/2021 9:45 pm  #106

Re: AltHL Design 2021

While we wait for both the AltLB to truly begin and the AltHL redesigns to be unveiled, Queen City Sports is proud to announce, officially, the minor league affiliates of the Denver Bighorns.

In the AAAltHL, we go local with the Kansas City Crowns. Kansas City is a wonderful sports market and we're proud to rep both Missouri and Kansas at the professional level.

Unique shades of purple and gold exemplify the royal nature of the team while "KC" takes center stage.

In the AAltHL, QCS shifts back to North Carolina by relocating the Omaha Nighthawks to the state's capital. The Raleigh Capitals are born!

Inspired by the state flag, the "Caps", as they're commonly known, use blue and gold to represent the state they call home.


10/06/2021 6:29 am  #107

Re: AltHL Design 2021


After dealing with trademark issues, Ottawa Guardians owner Osgiliath Guard finally announced Ithilien Gardens, a massive 21,203 seat arena.

"The Gardens are a testimony to hockey, both across the league and across the city. While the name is a tie-in to Dol Amroth Company, the building itself is a hockey shrine," he said.

And indeed, the arena is impressive and does convey the history of the game. Built in a Greco-Roman style, the arena features large arched windows that overlook Parliament Hill and the surrounding city-scape. Around the building are states of various players from throughout the league's history all represented in their association uniforms. The entire AltHL Pantheon is represented in some form along with notable players such as the Vanvouver Glaciers' Eric Lindros.

The main entrance is clearly the Garden's greatest feature. A 35-foot gate with blank faced figures wearing Ottawa Guardians uniforms in heroic poses adorn the doors and 5 large skaters are above the gate.

"These statues with the blank faces will be our inaugural roster. We want to be able to always remember them and to honour them properly," Osgiliath Gaurd said in answer to questions.

Inside, the arena is state of the art. Directly inside the door is a large statue dedicated to the soldiers who gave their lives for Canada. The team store is located to the right and is the largest team store in the league. Other attractions are a booth where guests can test their shot against a live goalie on game-day, medieval hockey rinks, and an entire air hockey center that hosts tournaments year-round.

Food options include your classic hockey fare like McDonald's, Beaver Tails, and popcorn. However, the main attraction is the medieval kitchen. It sells rotisserie chicken, beef and other meats, as well as different pastries from the Middle Ages. Warm beer or ale is also available here. All dishes are prepared in traditional medieval methods and turn out quite amazing.

The walls of the causeway are painted to depict various hockey scenes painted in a late-medieval style. Famous scenes like Gretzky's runaway celebrstion or Patrick Roys' Statue of Liberty Save are featured prominently. However, the majority of the scenes are not yet finished as they are waiting to put the likenesses of the Ottawa Guardians roster on the figures.

The AltHL entry draft is set for this Saturday at 8:00pm. Tune into Sportsnet 1,2,3  and 360 to catch the action.

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10/09/2021 6:37 pm  #108

Re: AltHL Design 2021

It's draft day! Good luck to everyone, especially our six new owners. Can't wait for the season to begin!
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10/16/2021 11:53 am  #109

Re: AltHL Design 2021

The Detroit Angels have officially announced their AAAltHL affiliate.

Once again, huge thanks to Dan O'Mac for designing the logo.


2/25/2022 7:28 pm  #110

Re: AltHL Design 2021

(cw: a dead fish)


25 𐐙𐐯𐐺𐑉𐐭𐐯𐑉𐐨 2022, but later than the one in the other thread

THE ENTIRE STATE OF MONTANA - Having just heard the news of the tragic passing of their beloved mascot Michael S. Murderfish, the Montana Cutthroats have unveiled a new logo, as well as a new memorial patch which they will wear for the remainder of the 2021-22 season:

Additionally, Steelman better watch his bloody kneecaps. We have acquired Mike's knife and are out for revenge!

This has been an official statement from the Edmonton Wildcats organization.


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