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8/05/2021 9:58 am  #31

Re: AltLB Design Thread

Megildur wrote:

Is there a comprehensive list of existing Alt League team names somewhere?

Will be updated as AltLB progresses.

8/05/2021 11:57 am  #32

Re: AltLB Design Thread

So far, Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, New York & Philadelphia are the first five in the AltSports "four-for-four" club...nice to see Ohio finally join the AltSports party too.

Looking forward to seeing the eight other new cities joining the AltSports universe (and I really like the "international" hints too)...already well underway in the name brainstormin' front.

8/05/2021 6:01 pm  #33

Re: AltLB Design Thread

Excited about the excitement around our first 10 cities. Here we go with our second ten! The 70s and 80s. Powder blues anyone? 

We have a great Canadian rivalry in the works. The same with the state of Texas. Some new Alt Universe cities but still relatively chalk. That all ends tomorrow.
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8/05/2021 8:05 pm  #34

Re: AltLB Design Thread

CubsOrSoxs wrote:

Glad To See the North of Some Representation. can't wait to see the Battle of the Lone Star State take place. Also, How does the Owner draft work?

We'll have a lottery to determine the order and then owners will get to select the teams of their choice. Owners are given priority who participated more in the design process.
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8/05/2021 8:05 pm  #35

Re: AltLB Design Thread

Oh hello regional rivalries! Definitely some interesting choices there.
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8/05/2021 8:11 pm  #36

Re: AltLB Design Thread

Happy to see Minnesota get a team

8/05/2021 8:13 pm  #37

Re: AltLB Design Thread

Very interesting start so far!   Loving the city selection so far, very spread out and LOTS of good regional rivalries like Steel said.   The battle of Texas, the battle of California, the battle of Canada, of Pennsylvania, etc.   

Can't wait to see the last 10 cities, (I could just imagine the crazy places we'll go!)

8/05/2021 9:49 pm  #38

Re: AltLB Design Thread

Very Happy to see PHX get a team (and Seattle, since l live in Washington State now). Some nice rivalries that can come up, battle of Texas, battle of Canada, battle of the Bay Area etc. This is gonna be fun.

8/06/2021 8:55 am  #39

Re: AltLB Design Thread

Obviously happy to see Seattle on the list, but I'm just as excited for Cincinnati! Glad to see one of the oldest baseball markets make it's AltSports debut.

8/06/2021 9:11 am  #40

Re: AltLB Design Thread

You know Milwaukee is to me what the Twin Cities is to I've already got a good name in mind for nomination, and am SUPER-motivated to move up as high as I can in owner draft now.

2. Neat to see the Twin Cities and Seattle join the "4-for-4 club" and to see Oakland and Houston (finally) join the AltSports fam!  That means of the final ten markets announced later today, six will be new to AltSports...I an EAGERLY anticipating (hoping a couple of my "off-the-chalk" picks get in)

3. As I said before, my brain is stormin' on names...once the last announcement is made and the suggestions are open, I think I'll have some good ones to post.

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