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7/07/2021 12:27 pm  #71


At the conclusion of the Miami 400, the Boston Nightriders come away with their first win!

(As exciting as that looks, the Giants were down a lap.)

The Jackalopes are on top of the standings at the moment. As it stands, 15 cars have yet to run. We're a few races away from the next streamed event (Bowman Gray Dirt) so these updates will be how I keep you all posted.

7/07/2021 3:52 pm  #72


Sorry folks, I had forgotten to share the full results! Here they are:

Miami 400 Results
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7/07/2021 4:41 pm  #73


Look at O'Mac Racing, keeping the Emperors and 48ers cars in reserve and letting the Hammers do all the work.
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7/08/2021 1:06 am  #74


Collectively our team rounded up 143 points! 142 from a desperate/lifeless Scarecrow driving Portland’s car and a just as important 1 point from Matt Damon who retired mid race? Like from acting? Good we need him at the track.

7/08/2021 1:32 am  #75


I'll take a top-10 seventh place finish in that Grizzlies car.
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7/08/2021 12:50 pm  #76


I didn’t even realize that the Devils were in that race too! Love grabbing the bottom two spots! Is the sheet for the season up to date? Idk how scoring works but it looks like Portland is behind my other two cars even though they did much better.

7/08/2021 2:34 pm  #77


The driver points are up to date but the team/manufacturer points are not. I’ve been busy with family stuff yesterday and haven’t updated it. Should be fixed tonight!
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7/10/2021 3:31 pm  #78


And after our lone trip to Texas Motor Speedway, we've got a little bit of a shake-up! The Orlando Galactics pulled away with their first win of the season while the Jackalopes got their third Top 10 in a row to hold on to the points lead.

Here are the full results for the Texas 500!

The top three of the points are the Jackalopes, Spirits, and Terriers. These cars have run all three races and the Terriers have a 71-point lead over the 4th-place Owls. Over in the team side of things, Magellan Racing takes the lead, followed by KS Motorsports and 3 Point Racing. Enigma Racing and TargetToad Racing, both 1 car teams, have more point than several three car teams (including my own, lol). Finally, in the manufacturer race, Chevy has been killing it and is 831 points over their nearest rival, Ford. Dodge, after holding onto second, has slipped to fourth after a poor Texas race.

We're three unstreamed events away from the Bowman Gray Dirt Race! This 500-lap spectacular will be the most chaotic race of the season (I guarantee) so don't miss it! I don't know when exactly when it will be but as soon as I do I'll be sure to let you all know.
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7/10/2021 4:01 pm  #79


I will absolutely take a podium finish lol


7/10/2021 4:13 pm  #80


P a i n
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