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6/09/2021 8:09 pm  #111

Re: Yorkland Hockey League

2002 Eastern Conference Final
Kelly City Lakers vs. South Beach Seminoles
- The Seminoles start and finish the series strong, heading to their third straight finals and stopping the Lakers from advancing to their first ever final. The Seminoles are the only team to repeat and now they are looking for the threepeat. 

2002 Western Conference Final
Anchor City Sharks vs. Dawn Mills Devil Rays
- Dawn Mills survives the ultimate scare, going up 3-0 and having to win Game 7 on the road in Anchor City. The Rays set up a rematch from the 2000 finals against the Seminoles and are looking for their second Pacino Cup in 5 years.

 Up next…2002 Pacino Cup FinalsDawn Mills Devil Rays vs. South Beach Seminoles

**I've finally got free time again and looking to get this going again. The write ups will remain less detailed moving forward as the graphics will hopefully do most the talking. Apologies for the ... 6 month wait between posts. **


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6/09/2021 8:59 pm  #112

Re: Yorkland Hockey League

welcome back

6/10/2021 12:36 pm  #113

Re: Yorkland Hockey League

2002 Pacino Cup Finals
Dawn Mills Devil Rays vs. South Beach Seminoles
- The Seminoles complete the threepeat in absolute dominant fashion, crushing the Rays in 5 and proving to be the best team in league history. South Beach ties Bentley with the most Pacino Cups in history while Dawn Mills moves to 1-3 in finals.

Up Next…
Off-Season news and league update.
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6/10/2021 6:18 pm  #114

Re: Yorkland Hockey League

Good to see you back, 3Pt! Congrats to the Noles.
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6/15/2021 7:33 pm  #115

Re: Yorkland Hockey League

2003 Off-Season: The State of the YHL

The league owners held a press conference to announce that the Yorkland government has officially decided not to fund the league moving forward, beginning with the 2004 season. The owners have made it clear that they will not be folding the league and that the success of the league will be determined by the fans continuing to support the league.

With the announcement that the owners are not fully controlling the league, it marks the death of the short lived YJDHL. All of the teams who joined the league are free to join any other amateur league they should choose. While there has been talk of the YHL funding the league again in the future, that is not something in the cards at the moment.

The 2004 season will see the league switch uniform manufacturers as they no longer need to use government facilities. The hope is that the re-designs and new jerseys will lead to new revenue for the league which will be key.

In response to future expansion, the owners made it clear that it will be determined by the support the league receives moving forward. If the league is strong, there is always potential for expansion but that is again something not in the cards at the moment.

The league will be adding outdoor games in 2004 as another revenue stream and will try it out with 1 to begin, Bentley hosting Brooklynn, to deem the future of those games too.

While the league is in a tough spot, the owners are confident that the league will flourish and the fans will get the best game that the league has ever produced.

Up next:
2003 Regular Season.
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Yesterday 6:49 pm  #116

Re: Yorkland Hockey League

2003 Regular Season

The season opened for the third year in a row in South Beach, as the Seminoles raised their third straight banner:

Despite the success, it was the Kelly City Lakers who ran the Little Divison, putting up 156 points to win the division and the Prime Minister’s Trophy. The Seminoles finished second, qualifying for the playoffs again and looking for their 4th straight Pacino Cup.

In the Wood Division, Cayuga lead the way with 134 points, just finishing ahead of the Bayleigh Peach Kings by a single point. Central Valley and Walker City both had awful years again and are both looking to hit the reset button, trying to get themselves into the playoffs.

In the Keen Division, Dawn Mills ran away with first place putting up 130 points, finishing 15 points ahead of 2nd place Fort Theory. Crystal Beach and Montane finished 3rd and 4th and both had extremely disappointing years.

In the Nevin Division, the Anchor City Sharks will have home ice in the playoffs, winning the division over the Bentley Stars who make the playoffs for the 12th straight season. The Stars haven’t missed the playoffs since 1991, but they also haven’t been to the finals since they won it last in 1996.

The opening round of the playoffs will be:
Dawn Mills Devil Rays vs. Bentley Stars
Anchor City Sharks vs. Brooklynn Blackhawks

Kelly City Lakers vs. South Beach Seminoles
Cayuga Saints vs. Bayleigh Peach Kings.

Up next:
Opening round of the 2003 Pacino Cup Playoffs.
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