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Re: National Dashball League

Alright, we're officially back! I've actually had this ready to go for a couple days, but I wanted to wait until the other two big returns of the weekend were in the rearview. Anyway, like I said, this was kind of a busy offseason, and there's a lot of info, so I've introduced spoiler tags as a way to let you guys decide if you want to go really deep into it or just a normal amount of deep. I'm sure there are a fair amount of you who are just skimming this part anyway, which is fine! There's just now more information for the people who are interested in more information. Anyway, thanks for reading, no matter how much, and without further ado, the 2030-2031 offseason:


September 18, 2030
Wondering which teams will be most affected by the cap crunch? Well, wonder no more, because we’re here to break it down for you. We’ve ranked the five teams we think will be most affected, starting with the Chicago Frost:

5. Chicago

Chicago was actually one of the only contenders that wasn’t right up against the cap last year, but they’re still in a tough spot, although that isn’t 100% the fault of the tighter cap. The real problem the Frost are running into is that twelve - twelve! - of their players are free agents this offseason, including B/K Thorsten Winkler, W/K Nico Boyer, and most importantly, B/ZB Tony Bennett. It would be difficult to resign all three of those guys (not to mention several others) in a normal year, but with $10 million less to spend? That might be impossible.

4. Orlando

The Orbits really didn’t plan well for this, having shelled out $26 million per year to just two players in the last two years. That said, they’re not really in a horrible spot. How well they handle the salary cap might depend on B/ZB Mark Shupe, who was costing Orlando nearly $10 million per year until he hit free agency this offseason. If the Orbs can convince Shupe to take a pay cut, or maybe even if they just let him walk and find a cheaper replacement, they’ll be in much better shape financially.

3. Texas

The Redbacks’ problem largely boils down to mid-30-year-olds with big contracts. W/C Elide Amigazzi, B/K Semarias Garcia, and F/ZB Sean Perez are all contributing over $10 million towards the cap, meaning nearly a third of Texas’ money is being spent on just three guys. The Perez contract, which is starting to look particularly egregious given that he still has five years left on it, might be the odd one out here, although there’s some speculation that B/K Gustav Szwedo might be taking Garcia’s job. Either way, it seems likely that one or more longtime Redbacks will be playing somewhere else next year.

2. Nashville

The $15 million per year they’re paying W/K Will Orleans isn’t doing them many favors, but the Fugitives have been prone to overpaying a lot of players recently. Trading Orleans may be the more obvious option, but rumors are flying that F/C Michel Blanchard is getting frustrated, and with 2031 being his final year under contract, Nashville may end up trying to trade him instead so they don’t lose him to free agency next year. Whichever way they do it, it’s hard to envision the Fugues getting under the cap without blowing things up in a big way.

1. Philadelphia

Philly had the highest cap last season, which already puts them in a bad spot, but their biggest problem is with their F/K corps. They’re already paying Chris Gray and Ray Thomas almost $25 million combined, and with Cai Lai coming off an impressive year filling in for Thomas, he’s in a position to demand a pretty sizable contract this offseason. Let’s just say it’d be very impressive if the Row managed to keep all three of them around, and if they do, it will probably be at the expense of B/ZB Kenton Snowberger, who receives the third-biggest paychecks on the team, or W/ZB Zebedeo Perilla, who’s fourth-most expensive and only has one year left on his contract. To put it simply, there’s really no good option for the defending champs.

October 4, 2030
There was a lot of speculation about Boston and the first overall pick, especially with Trevor Gillingham having taken the GM reins from Alexander Port. With all of the top options clashing with the Commodores’ established scheme, many expected them to trade down and try to pick up some young players. Ultimately, though, Gillingham doesn’t seem to be playing by the same rules, ultimately taking the best player on the board, #1 overall prospect B/C Aaron Lanning. There was ultimately one trade during the first round, as LA let Minnesota step in front of them to take F/ZB Manny Willis. The Tooths got the guy they wanted - B/K Cody Flores - anyway, and picked up a second-rounder. To see the whole rundown of round one, check out the list below:

1. BOS - B/C Aaron Lanning (Drexel)
2. MTL - B/C Richard Ghelli (Arizona State)
3. MIN (from LA) - F/ZB Manny Willis (Georgia Tech)
4. LA (from MIN) - B/K Cody Flores (UNLV)
5. SEA - W/ZB Del Fennessy (South Florida)
6. CAL - W/ZB Wyatt Fogel (Duke)
7. DC - B/ZB Nick Chapman (Cal State Bakersfield)
8. MIA - W/ZB Jaccob Sanders (Loyola (IL))
9. LA (from NSH) - B/ZB Neal Lovitt (Kansas State)
10. ATL - W/C Matt Sanchez (Maryland)
11. TOR - W/ZB Shalom Williamson (Navy)
12. ORL - B/ZB Rajon Alexander (Jacksonville)
13. NY - W/ZB Kristen Paez (UIC)
14. CHI - W/ZB Abe Elvira (Houston)
15. CAL (from TEX) - B/ZB Brandon Dammeyer (Georgia Tech)
16. PHI - B/ZB Sam van Winkle (Saint Mary’s (CA))

October 17, 2030
The Miami Palms are quickly becoming one of the major players this offseason. They made the first big splash of free agency, signing W/ZB Kyle Barb away from Texas, and followed that up by bringing back W/ZB Bruce Pointe, who had played for the Palms in 2019 and from 2021-2026. Now, they’ve reportedly re-signed B/K J.D. Gilley to a five-year deal. Given that most people expected the Palms to rebuild, this is all a bit puzzling, especially with the lower cap, but it seems that GM Jeff McCauley believes that this group - along with new head coach Patrick Sanders, Jr. - can stay competitive in the changing landscape of the league.

October 21, 2030
After weeks and months of waiting, the first major trade has finally been made, and it involves F/K Ray Thomas. The 38-year-old was a big hit towards Philadelphia’s cap, costing them over $13 million per year, but the Toronto Hogs have agreed to take on his mammoth contract, sending Pompei Garcia to the Row in return. The Row will also be receiving Sea Lions F/K Ivory Coombs, who will slide into the backup role as F/K Cai Lai moves up into a starting role. In return, California will pick up Toronto’s first-round pick next year. Overall, this seems like a deal where all three teams are happy - Philly clears up a whole lot of cap space for a decent return, Toronto gets what should be three years of a legendary player, and California acquires draft capital in return for a player they didn’t have much need for anyway.

November 12, 2030
Well, Connor Baughman’s at it again. This time, the Row GM collaborated with the Records to produce a huge deal, with five players and two picks changing hands. Atlanta gets a pretty big haul, with W/ZB Isaaq Davis, B/C Anthony Wallace, and B/C Evan Simon heading south. Simon in particular is a big deal, as many saw the 23-year-old and the 11 years left on his contract as immovable in Philadelphia. As for the Row, they get B/C Ben Elkins and B/ZB David Miller in return, plus two picks, a second-rounder in 2031 and a first-rounder in 2032. It’s not a bad return, but this trade seems like one that the Records won. It does accomplish a lot for Philly in terms of cap space, though.

November 23, 2030
Former Fugitives F/C Michel Blanchard took to Instagram today to be the first to announce his trade. In a move motivated by both money and beef, Nashville sent the 4-time MVP to Seattle in exchange for B/ZB Nick Phipps-Joseph. If preempting the trade announcement wasn’t enough to highlight the feud between Blanchard and the Fugues front office, the fact that he left them out of his post entirely should speak volumes. The Sawyers moved up in the draft as well, picking up a first-round pick in 2032 in exchange for their second-rounder.

January 26, 2031
With Chicago B/ZB Maurice Caumont confirming his intention to play one more year, let’s take one more look back at the retirements we saw in the NDL this offseason:

Erik Bryant, HC, COL/PHI

For a while, Erik Bryant was best known for being the only coach of the Colorado Pinnacles and leading them to an 0-50 season. “I didn’t think I would be allowed anywhere near a First Trophy,” Bryant would later joke. “I thought I’d go back to Bloomington, coach there for a few more years, and then call it a career.” He did coach for two more years at IU, but in 2026, the Philadelphia Row called. Five years later, he’s collected two championships, and improved his overall coaching record from 4-96 to 319-135. His reasoning for calling it now? His last year with the Pinnacles was a zero-win season; his last year with the Row was a zero-loss season. Talk about full circle.


Edwards probably holds the record for most times traded mid-season with six, including twice in 2020, leading to a three-day, two-game stint with the Redbacks (which might also be a record). The first midseason trade sent him from a backup role with the Sea Lions into a starting role with the Sawyers, where he played well enough to garner interest from several teams next season. He played a couple of unassuming seasons in Toronto and Chicago before landing back in Seattle, where he finally found some stability, never a truly great player, but always a solid one. He finished his career with partial seasons in Nashville and DC, but he’ll definitely be best known as a Sawyer (and maybe as a statistical anomaly).

Joe Kestner, Jr., B/C, CAL/LA/PHI/CHI/TEX/SEA/NY

Kestner played the first four years of his career as the Sea Lions’ second B/C behind Thomas Notz. While he never achieved the same notoriety in San José that Notz did, he was traded to LA in 2021 and helped to lead that team for two years before signing with Philadelphia and leading the Row to their first championship and Kestner’s third. He stuck around for a couple more years, bouncing around between four other teams in the twilight of his career. Ultimately, it seems that that instability (and the general wear and tear of being 40) helped make the decision to retire a lot easier.

Gregg Larkin, B/K, CHI/TOR/NY

Gregg Larkin started his career as a backup for the Chicago Frost, but only for about a month. The Frost shipped W/K Tony Barnes to Philly, gave Larkin the starting role, and he blossomed in it, eventually helping lead the Frost to their first championship in 2019. The following offseason, Chicago shipped him to the Hogs, where Larkin went back-to-back. That said, he will probably be best remembered in New York, where he spent the back half of his career, and while injuries held him back a bit in his first few years, he returned as a solid, consistent player, at least until this last year, where it was clear that the 38-year-old just wasn’t at the same caliber as he used to be. Still, the fact that Larkin started games from 2017 to 2029 is no small feat.

Ed Maxwell, W/ZB, PHI/CHI

Maxwell being listed as having played for Philadelphia and Chicago doesn’t really seem fair. Ed was actually involved in that same Tony Barnes trade, and played for the Frost from that day until the day he retired earlier this offseason. Maxwell, along with F/C Michel Blanchard and W/K Nico Boyer, were part of a Chicago “Big 3” that lasted from 2018 up until 2023, after which Blanchard was traded, and Maxwell was probably Chicago’s best player until a quad injury ended his 2026 season. He was never really the same player after that, although he did continue to start for the Frost through the 2029 season, but sat on the bench throughout 2030 and made the decision to hang them up there. With Maxwell off the court, it’s hard to imagine a world where a blue #34 isn’t hanging in the rafters pretty soon.

LaVarius McCargo, B/K, PHI/ATL

McCargo was consistently one of the Row’s best players for years, leading them to their first NDLCS appearance in 2018 and, upon being joined by Ray Thomas in 2023, two more Finals trips, the first of which ended with a First Trophy. After a few more years in Philly, McCargo was traded to Atlanta in a surprising shake-up for both teams. His career as a Record was nothing to write home about; while he had a good 2028, it was clear that he was at the tail end of his career. Nonetheless, McCargo will certainly be remembered in Philadelphia, if not only for his name, then for the name he made for himself.

Will Mitchell, B/ZB, SEA/CAL/BOS

The Sawyers took a couple of years to really get going, but Mitchell was there through and through, and when they finally made their first playoff appearance in 2021, he was their best player throughout the whole season, even from the B/ZB position. After three West Division championships and one NDLCS appearance, Mitchell was sent to California as part of the Clyde Kamai trade, where he immediately went back to the NDLCS. While Mitchell was 0-8 in Finals games, it didn’t stop him from making an impact on the game. He finished out his career in Boston after being taken in the expansion draft, and while he was only expected to play one more year, he played three, and was one of the few bright spots for the ‘Dores until a calf injury ended his 2030 and ultimately his career.

Peter Schmid, F/ZB, TOR/CHI/PHX/MIA

The first few years of the Toronto Hogs were pretty ugly, but Schmid stood out as one of the few good players on the team. Unfortunately, a trade from the Hogs to the Frost in 2020 (the same one Gregg Larkin was involved in) left him missing both teams’ titles by a year. He would only stay in Chicago for one year before being traded to the Palms, with whom he would play the remainder of his career. Schmid had his breakout season in 2023, helping to fill the shoes of Ray Thomas, and continued to be a solid, if a bit inconsistent, starter before losing the starting job last year. While he may not quite measure up statistically to the rest of the guys on this list, he did a lot to establish dashball in Toronto and Miami, and he’ll definitely be remembered well in those two cities.​


4/06/2021 11:53 am  #512

Re: National Dashball League

A big offseason for sure! Good on Philly for clearing up that cap crunch, including that 11-year deal for Simon. Excited to see what's next!
Check out the RIBF here and the KLH here!

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Re: National Dashball League

Busy offseason, excited for what’s in store next
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Re: National Dashball League

Very detailed offseason, love it! I'd def like to see some kind of updated guide on who's who for which teams now with so much player movement.

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Re: National Dashball League

Steelman wrote:

Very detailed offseason, love it! I'd def like to see some kind of updated guide on who's who for which teams now with so much player movement.

Yeah, for sure! I wasn't about to make a full roster recap again given that that was just last season, but here's every player I featured in that who switched teams this offseason:

For the ones I didn't mention in the post:

Bowman was one of six players involved in a trade between Boston and Seattle;
Dal was traded back to LA in a move to help keep the Hogs under the cap after the Thomas trade;
Pitts was another cap hit that Atlanta shipped out to DC along with a few others;
Richards was one of a few big free agent signings by a scary-looking Orbits team.

Hopefully this helps! If it does, I can put one of these together for every offseason.

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Re: National Dashball League

Moving on! If you have an extraordinarily keen eye, you might've been able to see this one coming. If not, I don't blame you, because the Atlanta Records are making a tweak to their uniforms.

Old uniforms:

The changes on every uniform but the third are minimal. The sticker alt sees no changes at all, and the primary and secondary see only tweaks. Namely, the NOBs are now arched instead of straight, the shorts trim now goes all the way around the hem, and they become the first NDL team to feature a contrasting waistband (I wonder if anything happened recently that would have made me more familiar with basketball uniform design?). The red version, meanwhile, has been scrapped and replaced with a gradient, which seems to be popular in Atlanta. Given the success of the sticker alt, the team has added quite a bit of shininess to this uniform as well.

It's not a huge change (don't worry, there'll be one soon), but I'd love to know what you think nonetheless!

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Re: National Dashball League

I know this has absolutely nothing to do with the series, and I encourage brutally humiliating me by calling me a silly boy if you’ve already answered this. Is the detailing on ATL stitched or sublimated? If it is stitched, the overlapping logo and numbers are a masterpiece and I feel awful for the manufacturer.

I also really like the number font and gold finish on the alts. The number being two different colors from front to back on the 4th option does feel off, though.

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Re: National Dashball League

I have not answered it, nor have I really thought about it. My thinking is that most things would probably be screen printed, but more complicated and detailed things like the Records' chains or the Orbits' rings would be sublimated. For these jerseys specifically, that would allow the manufacturers to apply the numbers first and then line up the ATL on top of them.

As for the sticker alt, I feel you, but I think that this combo a) gives the best color balance and b) helps the front number stand out better from the fairly busy front of the jersey. Here are some other options if you want to brutally humiliate me and tell me I'm wrong.

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