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12/20/2020 3:48 pm  #161

Re: Solar League Baseball: A Future History

Congrats to the Giants! Hopefully PUA can do some damage in the coming years.
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12/23/2020 2:16 pm  #162

Re: Solar League Baseball: A Future History

2582 Season

AL Inner
The Mars Warriors turned to the postseason with 88 wins behind the bat of shortstop Alonzo Ramirez, who led the league in batting average with .367. The Venus Sparrows flew into second place with a winning record of 84 wins. The Mercury Mets and the Luna Apollo tied for third place with 82-80. The Earth Astronauts can’t get anything going as they picked up their 9th straight losing season.
AL Middle
The Jupiter Kings picked up their third straight postseason berth and their 2nd divisional title in three years with 94 victories behind the bat of second baseman Jaden Johnson, who drove in 161 runs to lead the league. The Harmony 1’s continue their “dynasty” by picking up their 6th straight postseason berth, and 11th in 12 years. They’re a force to be reckon with. The Nolan Engineers had a solid season but couldn’t make the postseason. The Callisto Cubs and Io Vulcans continue to finish at the bottom of the division.
AL Outer
For the first time since the 2571 season, the Titania Spirits has won a divisional title. Their ace, Matt Schrank, struck out 268 batters to lead the league. The Titan Kraken barely made it into the postseason with 86 wins as the no. 5 seed, which gave them their first postseason appearance in franchise history. The Neptune Mariners finished third with 82 wins. The Polaris North Stars stumbled all the way to 4th place. The Ceres Belters didn’t have a nice time this season as they finished with 69 wins.
CL Inner
The Venus Reign retook the Cosmo League Inner Divisional Title with 94 wins, which earned them their 3rd in their last 4 years. Reign rivals Kennedy Rockets stayed right on their tails as they finished 2nd, also for the 3rd time in the last 4 years. The Horus Pharaohs continued their mediocrity with another 3rd place finish. The Valles Marineris Canyons rolled into 4th, and the PUA Emperors finished with league-worst 105 loses on the season.
CL Middle
It was a SLUGFEST in this division, as the top two teams, the Ganymede Giants and Pamoja Guardians had two different races at the same time – the divisional title and the single-season home run record. The Giants ended up taking the division with 106 wins, good for the league best. But the Guardians’ Chi-hoon Bryant slugged 75 home runs, which set the Solar League record for most homers in a single season. Meanwhile, all three other teams came in with a losing record.
CL Outer
In their third season, the Oort Comets have won their third straight divisional title in a relatively weak division. The Ceres Gatekeepers and the Pluto Demons raced for second place with the ‘keepers finishing ahead of the Demons by 1 game. The Saturn Halos and Atlantis Atlanteans finished 4-5 in the division respectively.

RoughRiders9's Note - Trying a little something new to help me to get through the season a little quicker in a more efficient way. Hope you don't mind the screenshots from OOTP! 

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12/23/2020 2:38 pm  #163

Re: Solar League Baseball: A Future History

2582 Postseason

* * * *


Titan Kraken @ Harmony 1’s – The Titan Kraken pulled off a major upset, as they defeated the heavily favored Harmony 1’s in an INSTANT CLASSIC series. After the 1’s won on a walk-off victory in Game 1, the Kraken unleashed their inner beast and won two straight road games, each by one run. In Game 3, the 1’s were ready to clinch the series but the Kraken rallied for two runs in the top of the ninth inning to put them on top, 6-5. The Kraken held on in the bottom of the 9th inning to advance to the Astro League Divisional Series against rival Titania.

Kennedy Rockets @ Pamoja Rockets – In Game 1, the Kennedy Rockets handled the Pamoja Guardians easily with an 8-3 victory. But in Game 2, the two teams battled all the way to the 11th inning, where the Guardians won on a walk-off home run from Alex Perez to make it a 7-6 ballgame. The next night, the Guardians also put up 7 runs to defeat the Rockets, 7-6, to advance to the next round.

* * * *


Titan Kraken @ Titania Spirits – The Titan Kraken hoped that the momentum from upsetting the Harmony 1’s would carry them past the Titania Spirits, but the Spirits thought otherwise. The Spirits swept the Kraken out of the sea to advance to the ALCS in three games.
Mars Warriors @ Jupiter Kings –  Even with a Game 1 loss on Jupiter to the Kings, the Mars Warriors managed to win their next three straight games to move past the Kings to the ALCS.

Pamoja Guardians @ Ganymede Giants – AL Middle rivals Ganymede Giants and Pamoja Guardians faced off against each other in the CLDS with the 106-win Giants predictably coming out on top. The Giants won the series, 3 games to 1.
Oort Comets @ Venus Reign – The Oort Comets finally won their first postseason series. I suppose the third time’s a charm! The Comets streaked past the Venus Reign in four games, including a walk-off win in Game 3.

* * * *

Mars Warriors @ Titania Spirits – The Mars Warriors got out to a great start by winning the first two games on the road on Titania. After moving the series to Mars, the Spirits responded with a victory in Game 3 to make it a 2-1 series. But the Warriors took advantage of their home-field advantage and upset the Spirts in 5 games to advance to the Galactic Series.
Oort Comets @ Ganymede Giants – The Comets are going streaking! The Oort Comets have pulled out a major upset as they dominated the 106-win Ganymede Giants in just 5 games. The Comets took Game 1, but the Giants tied the series at 1-1. Then it was all Comets from there, as they won three straight home games on the USS Oort, parked at the Ganymede Terminal (largest orbiting space station above Ganymede) to clinch the series. In just their third season in franchise history, the Comets are heading to the Galactic Series.

* * * *

Galactic Series Preview – Even though the Comets has three more wins than the Warriors, Mars is still the favored team in the series given their historical standing in the league and the Comets’ inexperienced roster. Will the Comets win their first ever title in their third season, or will the Warriors take home their 8th Galactic Series win?

Game 1: MARS 4 @ OORT 3 – If the Oort Comets were expecting the pressure of the playoffs to get to Honorato Morales, they underestimated the old man.
The Mars Warriors got a strong start from the 37-year-old left-hander. Morales threw 5 innings allowing 2 runs as Mars won the contest 4-3 at Comets Ballpark to take the lead in their best-of-7 series with the Comets. The Warriors now lead 1-0.
Mars used the timely hitting of Charlie Fishburn to seize the win. The pinch hitter stroked a run-scoring single in the top of the ninth inning to put the Warriors on top, 4-3. It was his only hit in 1 at-bat, but it was a game-changer.
"It's a mindset," said Morales. "Just trying to do your job, trying to be consistent."

Game 2: MARS 7 @ OORT 0 – Mars Warriors manager Jon Roybal knew it was a gamble to give the start to a rookie. It was a good gamble to take.
Pitching in front of a hostile crowd on the USS Oort docked at the Martian Shipyards in the orbit of Mars, 22-year-old left-hander Rodger Urena silenced the host Oort Comets. The Warriors shut out the Comets by a final score of 7-0, to give the Warriors a 2-0 advantage in the best-of-7 Galactic Series.
Urena earned the win, going 7 strong innings for Mars. The native of Neiva, Colombia, Earth, allowed just 1 hit, while striking out 9. Oort hitters did next to nothing against the left-hander.
"There's never a lack of effort in our clubhouse. We're willing to do the little things to get the win," Urena told the Mars Citizen.
Game 3: OORT 2 @ MARS 1 – Already down in the Galactic Series, the Oort Comets put on their best show, beating the Mars Warriors by a final score of 2-1 today in Ares City, Mars. Kahumanu Siteti was special. He threw 7 innings of 4-hit ball. Oort now trails Mars 2-1 in the best-of-7 affair.
In his 92-pitch effort, Siteti allowed 1 run on 4 hits over 7 innings. He walked 1 and struck out 7.
"Kahumanu was throwing strikes, locating well," said Oort manager Ho-cheol Jung.

Game 4: OORT 7 @ MARS 2 – The Oort Comets defeated the Mars Warriors, 7-2 in Game 4 of the Galactic Series today. Making an impact was shortstop Alfredo Perez, who went 2 for 3 with a home run, a double, and a walk, while scoring 3 times. The win moves Oort into a 2-2 tie with Mars in the series.
Oort used the bat of Ryuji Matsui to get the win. The center fielder hammered a 3-run home run in the top of the second inning to put the Comets ahead, 3-0. It was his lone hit in 4 at-bats, but it did its damage.
"It's true for every sport, I think, but the playoffs are so short that you've just got to get in and get hot," Oort manager Ho-cheol Jung told reporters after the win. "We took care of the first part and now we're just working on the second."

Game 5: OORT 2 @ MARS 3 – The Mars Warriors faced a challenging opponent in Oort Comets right-hander Hampus Knudsson, but did just enough to squeak out a 3-2 win in Game 5 of the Galactic Series today. Mars now leads 3-2 in the best-of-7 series. The Warriors won despite the Comets getting an excellent start from starter Knudsson, who allowed 3 runs and scattered 4 hits over 7 innings.
Alonzo Ramirez, who led the AL in wins above replacement with 9.7 this season, chipped in for Mars with a solo home run in the bottom of the sixth. For the game, the shortstop had 2 hits in 4 at-bats with 1 home run, 1 single, 1 run scored, and 1 RBI.
"We're happy," Ramirez told reporters after the win. "When you're in the playoffs, you've got to treat every game like it could be your last."

Game 6: MARS 7 @ OORT 4 – It's party time on Mars! The confetti is flying and Martians are smiling.
The Mars Warriors have reached the mountaintop, capturing the 2582 Galactic Series today. They defeated the Oort Comets 7-4 at Comets Ballpark to officially wrap up the series 4-2.
Asked how it feels to be champion, shortstop Alonzo Ramirez was to the point.
"It feels great, like a million bucks. I'm so happy right now, not just for me but for all the guys," he said. "We put a lot of work into this and deserve to be champions."
Ramirez also picked up the series MVP by leading the team with 12 hits and batting .444 in the series.
The Galactic Series win was the Warriors’ 8th in franchise history, good for 3rd of all time in league history.
The team is planning a victory parade and fan appreciation day later in the week. Mars finished the regular season 88-74 and claimed first place in the Astro League Inner Division.

Past Galactic Series Results
2500 – Ceres B. over Luna
2501 – Mercury over Earth
2502 – Mercury over Ceres B.
2503 – Earth over Mercury
2504 – Earth over Mercury
2505 – Mercury over Earth
2506 – Mercury over Venus
2507 – Luna over Earth
2508 – Venus over Luna
2509 – Earth over Luna
2510 – Ceres B. over Luna
2511 – Luna over Earth
2512 – Jupiter over Ceres B.
2513 – Mendez over Earth
2514 – Mendez over Ceres B.
2515 – Mendez over Earth
2516 – Luna over Mendez
2517 – Venus S. over. Jupiter
2518 – Mars over Saturn
2519 – Luna over Ganymede
2520 – Mars over Venus R.
2521 – Mendez over Mars
2522 – Mars over Kennedy
2523 – Kennedy over Mars
2524 – PUA over Mercury
2525 – Ganymede over Mercury
2526 – Luna over Venus R.
2527 – Kennedy over Ceres B.
2528 – Luna over Venus R.
2529 – Ganymede over Luna
2530 – Ganymede over Earth
2531 – Luna over Ganymede
2532 – Saturn over Ceres B.
2533 – Valles Marineris over Callisto
2534 – Callisto over Saturn
2535 – Mercury over Ganymede
2536 – Venus S. over Europa
2537 – Mendez over Luna
2538 – Callisto over Pamoja
2539 – Kennedy over Callisto
2540 – Ceres B. over Kennedy
2541 – Luna over Pamoja
2542 – Europa over Ceres B.
2543 – Valles Marineris over Venus S.
2544 – Pamoja over Venus S.
2545 – Mendez over Earth
2546 – Luna over Europa
2547 – Luna over Europa
2548 – Mars over Ceres G.
2549 – Mars over Mendez
2550 – Mars over Ganymede
2551 – Mendez over Mars
2552 – Mendez over Mercury
2553 – Mendez over Earth
2554 – Kennedy over Jupiter
2555 – Mars over Mendez
2556 – Jupiter over Neptune
2557 – Venus S. over Ganymede
2558 – Venus S. over Europa
2559 – Ceres G. over Venus S.
2560 – Mendez over Ceres B.
2561 – Earth over Valles Marineris
2562 – Io over Ceres G.
2563 – Valles Marineris over Io
2564 – Io over Ceres G.
2565 – Pamoja over Venus S.
2566 – Ganymede over Io
2567 – Jupiter over Horus
2568 – Earth over Ganymede
2569 – Neptune over Luna
2570 – Earth over Pluto
2571 – Europa over Titania
2572 – Neptune over Mars
2573 – Pluto over Ceres B.
2574 – Mendez over Ceres B.
2575 – Pluto over Venus S.
2576 – Pluto over Luna
2577 – Harmony over Kennedy
2578 – Harmony over Venus R.
2579 – Venus R. over Harmony
2580 - Venus R. over Harmony
2581 - Ganymede over Luna
2582 - Mars over Oort

As always, C+C's appreicated! Thank you! 

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12/24/2020 2:14 pm  #164

Re: Solar League Baseball: A Future History

Wow, congrats to the Warriors! It's tough to see the Emperors so far down the standings, hopefully they can make it to the top.
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12/24/2020 2:28 pm  #165

Re: Solar League Baseball: A Future History

QCS wrote:

Wow, congrats to the Warriors! It's tough to see the Emperors so far down the standings, hopefully they can make it to the top.

My Atlanteans aren't much better. Hopefully we both can get some needed prospects in here to turn the franchises around.
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12/24/2020 7:23 pm  #166

Re: Solar League Baseball: A Future History

Sad the Reign couldn't make another run, but I'm happy for my old team for getting another title


2/18/2021 3:41 pm  #167

Re: Solar League Baseball: A Future History


Hi guys? Anybody out there? I'm in space. Hope people can hear me scream? No? 

Alright then. 

Kidding! Just checking in and see how it's going around these boards. Sorry I haven't posted in forever. Life, as always, got in the way. 

But I will tell you that I have been working on an "expansion" team for the last few days and once I'm done with that, hopefully I'll get something posted in this thread! If anybody wants to give me feedback on the expansion team, just send me a PM and I'll share what I have so far! 

Thanks! Hope all is well with you guys. 

Much love, 

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Re: Solar League Baseball: A Future History

Good to hear from you man! 

Me. I want to give feedback.

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