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2/09/2021 10:32 am  #1

Fictional History w/o graphics

So I have been simulating my own sports leagues ever since I was about 7, with varying degrees of detail and depth. About 4-5 years ago, I had an idea of a Professional Sports Coalition where multiple professional leagues are governed by a larger governing body (that being the PSC) which starts out just as a way for the small sports leagues to not fold under the pressure of the Great Depression, but ever grows into a Coalition of several leagues which never would have survived or blossomed had it not been for the Coalition. So that sports like soccer and lacrosse would have a larger presence in America and the sports like baseball and American football would have a larger international presence.

Some of the lore and history of the PSC is still being decided, but this was more or less my starting point. Due to school getting in the way and several iterations of this project (I believe I have restarted this 5 times) I have only started simulating 2 of the ~5 planned leagues (as I want fans to control some aspects). This would also be a huge project that would naturally undergo many, many hiatus' and more than likely last years. But the biggest obstacle for me, and the reason why I never started this project earlier, is that I suck at graphic design and have tried it numerous times and it doesn't go well. Ive even thought of just drawing basic logos and uniforms but I'm still not sold on that idea.

But I want to start this project as soon as I can, because this is just such a huuuuuge project to undergo. So I was wondering what are peoples thoughts on a simulation without logos? Hopefully I can find some work arounds to at least have playoff graphics. Due to this I would try to have more in-depth recaps, awards, and other such stuff. If anyone else has any suggestions I'd love to hear them as well. 

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2/09/2021 10:59 am  #2

Re: Fictional History w/o graphics

I would follow this, I don’t care weather it has graphics or not.
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2/09/2021 3:28 pm  #3

Re: Fictional History w/o graphics

I personally don't mind series without graphics if the writing is engaging and the formatting is good. Finding a good balance between recaps, overviews, results, etc is the same challenge as with presenting it graphically; making it all flow and readable. So graphics or not, it's still all about presentation. 

Obviously logos for that many teams and leagues would be daunting no matter what so even just simple presentation graphics with team names and colors would be a step in the right direction and be more feasible to maintain.

It's a cool idea for sure!
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