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10/28/2020 3:55 pm  #171

Re: All-American Association Football League

Football World Championship 1912
 The AAAFL champion Baltimore Bannerets traveled to Brussels, Belgium, to take part in the Football World Championship.  After an upset of German champion Holstein Kiel in the opening game, the Bannerets only needed a draw against Swedish champion AIK.  The boys from Baltimore gave up two early first half goals, but fought back to tie the game with goals in 72’ by Nathaniel Bailey and in the 83’ by AAAFL Golden Booter John Stevenson.

In the semifinals, the Bannerets were paired with French champion Saint-Raphael, who only advanced from the deadlocked Group B after drawing lots against Dutch champion Sparta.  There was no doubt in the semi-final as the French had no answer for the speed and strength of Stevenson.  The Golden Booter recorded a hat trick of headball goals to secure the 3:1 victory.

 The final pitted the Bannerets against the English champion, Blackburn Rovers, who had eked out a 4:3 victory over the Spanish champion Barcelona in the other final.  It was a brutal game, and the English side strove to put Stevenson out of commission.  Blackburn racked up five yellow cards in the first half – all from fouls committed on Stevenson.  Still, Stevenson could not be stopped as he netted two goals in the first half.  After a 2:2 halftime score, Baltimore pulled ahead as the English focus on Stevenson twice allowed Bailey to find gaps in the Blackburn defense.  

The Rovers did not give up and drew even once again at 4.  However, more fouls committed on Stevenson led to the ejection of both Blackburn defenders.  The undermanned English could not Baltimore from slotting in the gamewinner at 80’, this time Stevenson playing a brilliant throughball to Jonathan Howe.  With the victory, the Baltimore Bannerets became the first American team since their archrivals Baltimore Chimney Swifts did it in 1906.​


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Re: All-American Association Football League

Congrats to the Bannerets on taking the crown for the world championship!


10/31/2020 6:37 pm  #173

Re: All-American Association Football League

1911-1912 Sectional Divisions

In the Atlantic Sectional divisions, the champions that won their promotion qualifiers to the Eastern Regional were Queens (New York) and Worcester (Massachusetts).

In the Midwest Sectional Divisions, it was the St. Cloud (MN) and Saginaw (MI) that earned a place in the Mid-American Regional.
All the newly promoted Regional teams will debut their nicknames and kits at President Irwin’s season opening speech for the 1912-1913 campaign.
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10/31/2020 8:23 pm  #174

Re: All-American Association Football League

Congrats to St. Cloud!


11/01/2020 8:57 am  #175

Re: All-American Association Football League

Congrats to Saginaw, always happy to see more Michigan cities represented!  Can't wait to see what they look like!

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11/25/2020 10:23 am  #176

Re: All-American Association Football League

1912-1913 Preaseason

President Arthur Irwin began his Preseason Announcements with the revelation that there would be a Southern Regional Division in the 1913-1914.  “We had hoped to have everything in place for this year, but we’re going to need a little more time.  There is a lot of interest in the south for the game, and many cities are clamoring to be a part of our organization.  We’ll have around a dozen for the innnaugual season, and I imagine we will fill out the entire 20 slots in short order.”
When asked about when the Southern and the Western Regional Divisions would be able to advance all the way to the Ultimate Division, Irwin answered “Well, the logistics are problematic, but with transportation getting faster every day, I think we can solve the issue.  In the short term, we’ll get the Southern and Western teams into the American Football Association Cup next year, and I think we’ll retool the Columbia Challenge Cup to get more involvement from those teams.”
Irwin then went into the rebranding for the upcoming season.  “We have a number of clubs who have changed their branding this year.  Some are because of new ownership, some are because of a desire to establish their own identity, distinct from the amateur clubs that they sprang from.  In both situations, we have continuity.  That’s one of the hallmarks of the AAAFL.  Clubs don’t move.  They move up and down in the league structure, but they don’t change their location.  They are invested in their cities and I hope that will always remain true.”
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11/25/2020 10:27 am  #177

Re: All-American Association Football League

President Irwin unveiled the look of the newly promoted Eastern Regional Division team, Worcester Hearts.  The team is owned and operated by the famous valentine-maker, the George C. Whitney Company.
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11/25/2020 10:30 am  #178

Re: All-American Association Football League

The hearts look great. Only thing i would change is those barber pole jerseys that remind of those Montreal Canadiens throwbacks they wore once that nobody really liked.


11/30/2020 1:27 pm  #179

Re: All-American Association Football League

The other team to be promoted to the Eastern Regional Division is the Queens Gambits.  The club is owned by the local New York Sugar Refinery company, who have built a stadium for the club called Sugar Field.
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11/30/2020 1:32 pm  #180

Re: All-American Association Football League

The Saginaw Cogs are one of the newly promoted teams to the Mid-American Regional Division.  Owned by the Argo Electric Vehicle Company (who boasts that electric vehicles are the way of the future), the Cogs will play at Aces Park.

Also joining the Mid-American Regional Division are the St. Cloud Jotuns.  Owned by the Sons of Sweden, a local fraternal insurance organization, the Jotuns will play at the newly-constructed Jotunheim Park.
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