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10/16/2020 10:56 pm  #621

Re: AltFL Discussion Thread

There’s really no point in continuing with this, Dallas Bandits QB Nathan Peterman has won the Madden AltFL 21 cover vote with near universal support. As such, he will be the likeness on the game’s cover and promotional material. Unfortunately, he risks the “Madden Curse” and, even worse, will not be a candidate next year. Sorry guys.
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10/16/2020 11:04 pm  #622

Re: AltFL Discussion Thread

Gritty wrote:

The Brawlers are back home for the third straight week at the Wawa Coliseum.  With a front loaded home schedule the Brawlers are going to have to be on the road quite a bit down the stretch.  But for now they are going with the traditional Brawlin' Blue uniforms as they welcome the Scarecrows to town. n

Love that classic look!


3/15/2021 1:40 pm  #623

Re: AltFL Discussion Thread

Probably will make a quick graphic for it, but I should say it just to get it out there. Thank you Drew Brees for your time in KC. You were a terrifying Scarecrow during your stay.

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