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7/23/2020 12:48 pm  #161

Re: All-American Association Football League
1911-1912 Penultimate DivisionWith the continuing policy to fill out the ultimate division, four club qualified for promotion once again this season.  The Detroit Longtails took the top spot, edging out the Baltimore Chimney Swifts.  It would mark a return for both those clubs (Baltimore being an inaugural member) along with the Boston Gaelics.  Akron Vulcanites punched their first ticket to the top division on the basis of better goal difference than the Louisville Lieutenant Colonels and Chicago West Side Kicks, two other inaugural clubs hoping to return to the upper echelons.  Both Boston and Baltimore’s exile from the top division had only been a year.

The Richmond Railers had the best season of the newly promoted squads, finishing in 7th but only 4 points from the top spot.  United Kansas Cities and Canton Rivers finished in the middle of the pack to extend their stay in the Penultimate.  Even with a horrendous -15 goal difference, Trenton Cannons managed to remain in the Penultimate by finishing in 15th place.

Inaugural AAAFL member and original champion Brooklyn Bridegrooms had another disappointing season, avoiding demotion by only 4 points.

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Re: All-American Association Football League

1911-1912 Eastern Regional Division

The Fall River Spindles made a strong case that they belong to be back in the upper levels by outpointing the rest of the field.  The Buffalo Bruisers were eight points behind in second place at season’s end to earn their first promotion to the Penultimate Division.  The three new teams in the division claimed three bottom places.  Hartford and Albany will have to return tot their Sectional Divisions, while Erie will get to stay based upon one more point than the Scions.  Despite heavy spending by their owners Bethlehem Steel, the Steelworkers still had a poor season.  The owners say their long-term plan should bear fruit next season.  Two elite university-linked clubs – FC Cantabrigian and Green-White Hanover – had strong showings, finishing in 3rd and 4th respectively, and they hope to join their counterpart, Old Nassau 1869 in the upper levels soon.  Lokomotiv Reading played extremely well in the spring session, and figures to be in promotion contention next year.
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Re: All-American Association Football League
1911-1912 Mid-American Regional Division

The Indianapolis Speedsters showed their pride in their new identity and raced to the top of the Mid-American Regional Division for the third time.  The rest of the field was left in the dust, with the Chicago Southsiders punching a return ticket to the Penultimate Division in second place, 7 points behind.  Diel’s FC of St. Louis failed in their bid to return to the Penultimate, and owner Gus Diel has been in conversation with some local groups to sell the club. Pullman Motor is also looking at selling the club after a last place finish.  Newly promoted Bloomington Evergreen and Flint Spark Plugs fell in the tightly packed middle of the table.

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Re: All-American Association Football League

1911-1912 Western Regional Division

Alameda Nightstalkers won their first Western Regional Division title under their new name and their third overall.  The Barbary Pirates kept pace with them for most of the season, but the defending champion San Franciscans just couldn’t catch the perennial powerhouse out of Alameda.  Both would qualify for the Columbia Challenge Cup.  Berkeley Vespas were the big disappointment of the season.  Management promises to do undertake big changes for the upcoming season.
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8/09/2020 9:10 am  #165

Re: All-American Association Football League

1912 American Football Association Cup

The defending champion Baltimore Bannerets made a surprising exit in the second round to the Detroit United Albions. The Albions had suffered a disastrous season and demotion in the Penultimate, but when it came to Cup play, they seemed to do everything right.  Beginning with the Brooklyn Bridegrooms, who edged the Albions out for the right to stay in the Penultimate, the Albions then went on to upset the Bannerets and then the other Baltimore squad in the Chimney Swifts.  Then it was a victory in the quarterfinal match against the equally surprising Rock Island Freebooters out of Illinois.  Now they will have the face the historic Philadelphia Libbies in the semi-finals.

On the other side of the bracket, the New York Fomorians were the only Ultimate Division club to make it to the semi-finals, winning out in a close match against the rebranded United Kansas Cities.  The lower half of this side of the bracket provided another surprising story as the Mid-American Regional’s Louisville Racehorses won a first round derby match against the Lieutenant Colonels, and then they kept on running.  They took out newly promoted fellow Mid-American club Bloomington Evergreen and then eked out a massive upset of the powerhouse Milwaukee Brewmasters.  In the quarter-finals, they ran all over Philadephia Sports Club to secure a spot on the semi-finals.
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8/09/2020 10:03 am  #166

Re: All-American Association Football League

I like the new tournament look you've got there!  Definitely a good run for Detroit United Albions!  They'd make a nice underdog story if they win it all!  Also, I'm sure New York Fomorians enjoyed beating the New York Chieftains!

8/13/2020 8:11 pm  #167

Re: All-American Association Football League

AFA Cup Semi-Final

Burns Park in Detroit, home of both United Albions and the Longtails, was the host of the first AFA Cup semifinal.  The local fans were eager for another United Albions win after suffering through a poor regular season.

The game began with an unprecedented flurry of goals.  The score was 2-2 after only 10 minutes.  Bobby McIntosh led off the scoring for the home team off of the opening kickoff, weaving his way through the heart of the Libbies’ defense.  The lead was short-lived, as Philadelphia knotted things up in the 5th  minute, with a Valentin Ingram header off of a Deegan Hill corner kick.  Ellis Williams then gave the Libbies a momentary lead with a free kick to the upper left corner.  He didn’t have much time to celebrate, because Joseph Adams snuck behind the Libbies’ defenders on a lofted ball from Victor Glover and curved the ball around the sprawling Cannon Duffy, the Libbies goaltender.

Things settled down after that as both teams looked to shore up the defenses.  Tentative play marked the next 20 minutes, until a bad giveaway by Libbies defender Toby Kelly gifted McIntosh with a golden opportunity 10 yards from the goal.  McIntosh made no mistake and blasted it past Duffy, to the delight of the local crowd.  The rest of the game had virtually no action in front of the goals, but the Albion faithful were ecstatic that their lads were headed to the AFA Cup Final.
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8/16/2020 8:15 pm  #168

Re: All-American Association Football League
AFA Cup Semi-final #2 - New York Fomorians (U) vs. Louisville Racehorses (M-A)

The second semi-final of the AFA Cup took place at the Polo Grounds in New York, as the Fomorians hosted the Mid-American Division’s Louisville Racehorses.  From the opening whistle, it was apparent that the Racehorses were not it awe of the famous club.  Louisville came out to play and barely missed with a few opportunities from Carl Bridges and John Wise in the first few minutes.  The Fomorian defense held, and the New Yorkers then had the better of the play.  In the 31st minute, Cannon Owen took one of his patented long-range shots that flew past Racehorse ‘keeper Jovan Mahoney. That set off a fusillade of goals, with the Racehorses answering two minutes later on a full volley by Carl Bridges.  The deadlock was quickly broken when an errant cross from Fomorian halfback Chris McKenzie found the back of the net.  The Racehorses didn’t lose hope and brought the game level again when John Valent finished off a combination of passes amongst the Racehorse front line.  They hoped to regroup at halftime, but Thomas Antoni found a opening between the Racehorse defenders and tapped in the deciding goal.  The second half was an unentertaining affair as the Fomorians inverted their formation and played five in the back.  With Cannon Owen launching any loose ball far downfield, the Fomorian defense was impregnable and the match was secured.
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10/11/2020 12:26 pm  #169

Re: All-American Association Football League

Sorry for the layoff.

​American Football Association Final

The Polo Grounds in New York City were the scene of the 1912 edition of the American Football Association final.  The park was full at 34,000 fans - the largest crowd ever for an AFA Final.  The local Fomorians were confident after their semi-final victory over the Louisville Racehorses, and the vast majority of the full house were in their corner for this game.  The United Albions were feeling that destiny was on their side as they made their surprising run through the tournament, but winning against the formidable Fomorians was going to be a difficult feat.

New York opened the scoring with a well-driven shot from outside left Micah McPherson in the 12th minute.  The lead was increased when McPherson struck again, this time drilling a crossed ball from Josh Sweeney past Albion goalkeeper John Rose.  The crowd grew ever boisterous, but on the stroke of halftime, Detroit’s Victor Glover threaded his way through the Fomorian defense to pull one back.

Nerves showed on the part of the Fomorians and their fans as the second half began.  Tentative play led to hopeful long balls being played into the Albion penalty area.  On once such ball, Albion defender Charles Frye collided with Fomorian center forward Cannon Owen and a penalty kick was awarded.  Keegan Rivers buried the kick to increase the lead to two again.

Detroit was not finished, though.  Increasing their intensity and attacking with all players, a through ball in the 59th minute from Lucas Odom found Glover who notched his second goal.  Glover returned the favor four minutes later, and Odom tied the game at 3:3.  Hope was brimming on the part of Detroit, but it was not to last.  In the 72nd minute, with all of Detroit drawn to towards McPherson on the left, a long diagonal ball to the opposite side found Chris McKenzie with an open path to goal.  He deftly dribbled around the onrushing Rose to tap the ball into the net.  After that, the Fomorians dropped back to secure their lead, and the United Albions could not find any openings before the final whistle.  With the victory, the New York Fomorians added another entry to their banner.
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10/11/2020 12:29 pm  #170

Re: All-American Association Football League

Congrats to the Formarians for the title. Happy to see this back! But take your time if you have to it’s okay
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