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9/14/2020 5:39 pm  #1

AHS Fall Housekeeping: User Purge/New Registration/New Rules

Hey y'all,

I'm currently evacuated from Oregon due to all the crazy wildfires and heavy smoke. Central OR had an air quality index of over 900 which is just insane. I'm praying for anyone here in the Northwest. Stay safe!


- Deleted more than 100 users that were suspicious or spammy.
- (If your non-spammy account was deleted by mistake, please re-register and will we approve you)

- In an effort to reduce spam, all new registrants must be approved by moderators.

- We've added registration questions and an agreement to abide by the posted rules.

- If you're a new registrant, please answer the questions to prove you're a real person who wants to join our community.


- All user suspensions will be automatically reviewed after 3 months by the moderator team.

- Signatures must have fewer than (6) images and are subject to editing/removal by moderators if a signature is deemed to have too many images/take up too much space. Huge signatures are difficult to scroll through on mobile devices and we want to make sure we all have a good experience. Please monitor your signature usage and consider streamlining if you have too many.

- Community Projects are moderator approved only. This does not include topics between a few set number of users who are writing/designing a fictional series and communicating privately. This also does not include using the workshop forums to get input/critique on ideas. However, projects that will be community sourced or designed must be moderator approved and a clear plan of action and leadership provided. If in doubt, please message a mod.

- No duplicate accounts. Dupes will be removed and disciplined on a per-case basis.

Finally, we still have issues with thread titles. It's seemingly random per user/thread. If you are unable to edit your project thread, let a mod know and we will rename your topic to your simple project name to move forward. We will not facilitate multiple edits.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, feel free to reply. We're here to help. Our mod team works hard and I'm super grateful for them. We appreciate everyone who strives to keep this community strong and engaging.

On behalf of Balu, Dr Pepper, Noe, and S30,


AHS Admin. Creator of the THLPUCHWHA: Redux and Retroliga.

9/14/2020 8:33 pm  #2

Re: AHS Fall Housekeeping: User Purge/New Registration/New Rules

Further explanation: The community project rule does not apply to expansion councils from series creators. If you run a series, the community project rule does not apply to you. We only want to make sure that community sourced projects (such as the AHS College Project) have structure and leadership. Thanks!

AHS Admin. Creator of the THLPUCHWHA: Redux and Retroliga.
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