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8/28/2020 2:04 pm  #61

Re: Robin Island Hockey - The KLH (1971 Kurosawa Cup Finals)

That was brief the Peacocks are starting to sound like the Buffalo Bills of the KLH

8/29/2020 10:46 am  #62

Re: Robin Island Hockey - The KLH (1971 Kurosawa Cup Finals)

Sevsdast wrote:

I'm a Peacock fan for the moment, sad they can't win in two straight years.

Welcome aboard! The Peacocks have some rough luck as it stands, but they're a good team.

Rugrat wrote:

That was brief the Peacocks are starting to sound like the Buffalo Bills of the KLH

Yeah, they're already heading towards that fate. But like I said, they've a good team and should still be able to compete.

1970 Offseason:

Coaching Carousel:

After two straight Kurosawa Cup Finals losses, Georgeville dismissed Head Coach Andrew Taylor. He was immediately replaced with Jordan Mann. Additionally, Sol fired Alex Kearney and hired Jeremy Curran to help right the ship in the Sun City.

Player Movement:

Brian Nielsen reached a deal with Georgeville to stay for 4 more years. The 32-year-old is an essential part of the Peacocks lineup and him staying should keep them competitive for a while.

No notable trades occurred.


1 - SOL - G Valery Khapov
2 - AOI - C Bill Atchison
3 - HOK - EW Sean Pugh
4 - NEW - LD Christian Chambers
5 - GEO - RD Aleksi Parviainen
6 - VER - LW Johnathan Benson

Bill Atchison is regarded as the prospect with the highest potential, though Khapov and Pugh should also be great contributors to their team if developed right.

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8/29/2020 10:56 am  #63

Re: Robin Island Hockey - The KLH (1971 Kurosawa Cup Finals)

Any expansion in the future?

8/29/2020 11:02 am  #64

Re: Robin Island Hockey - The KLH (1971 Kurosawa Cup Finals)

Rugrat wrote:

Any expansion in the future?

There will be, but for now it'll stay at six teams. My best guess is that expansion will occur in the late '70s, the KLH has to wait 15 years to get into RIBF markets and there aren't that many large markets available for hockey expansion at the moment. 

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9/04/2020 7:49 pm  #65

Re: Robin Island Hockey - The KLH (1971 Kurosawa Cup Finals)

Hey, everyone! Sorry about the break, getting the College Project up took up my time. But I'm back with the 1970-71 season!

Newton rocketed (heh) to the top of the standings, behind incredible defensive play from Henry Perkins and Owen Towns. Goalie Jud Lyons also played well this season, finishing with the highest save percent in the league. Sean Butler was the under-appreciated star of the season, one of the top assisting players out there.

Behind them were the Unions, reclaiming their place in the Kurosawa Cup Finals with gusto. Bill Sanderson, Jozef Morvey, and Luka Dimc combined for a line that would make any opposing defenseman tremble. Dimc led the league in goals with 23 this season and finished 2nd in points with 55. Morvay and Sanderson also had plenty of points this season and goalie Les Kilgore had a rebound year after injury hit him hard last season.

Following Aoishi was Georgeville, missing out on the playoffs for the first time. That's not to say they were bad, as always Leonid Yezhov killed it out there and goalie Ales Grbavcic stepped up to try and push the Peacocks all the way. Unfortunately, the Unions just beat them out, and a last-day regular season loss to Vertlac was the deciding game. 

The Bullets continued their slow decline, winning one less game than last season, with Carlos Ortega just disappearing this season. They couldn't seem to push their advantage and finished with a losing record despite a positive goal differential. 

Once again Sol wasn't in contention but this year did show significant improvement. Bret Tiptoft continues to be excellent and he was joined this year by Terry Knowles (from Aoishi) and Jeremy Dube to form a formidable front line. In fact, the Flames had spots 2-5 on goal scorers this season, and Tiptoft and Dube were in contention for the points award this year. With Sol's core entering their peak, this could be a very scary team if their defense improves.

Finally, Vertlac found themselves in last after winning the Kurosawa Cup. Gim Gu declined and the 'Jacks' offense just wasn't where it needed to be. This is the worst record in KLH history, but if Aoishi is anything to go by Vertlac might bounce back next year.

All-League Teams:

So it'll be the Unions returning to the finals to face the Explorers! Aoishi retained most of their championship-winning crew from '69, but Newton is a tough team with championship glory in their eyes. Will Newton reach the great unknown or will Aoishi take a second crown to join their first? Find out soon!

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9/04/2020 7:56 pm  #66

Re: Robin Island Hockey - The KLH (1971 Kurosawa Cup Finals)

Definitely an interesting finals here! Rooting for Newton in this one! Should be a classic

9/06/2020 9:52 am  #67

Re: Robin Island Hockey - The KLH (1971 Kurosawa Cup Finals)

1971 Kurosawa Cup Finals

With Aoishi returning to the finals, it was expected to be close. However, the Explorers came out on top in a 7-game series.

Game 1: NEW 3, AOI 2 (OT) - The first game was close, with the Unions having a lead into the 3rd before Henry Perkins tied it up. In OT, the game was tense and both teams had chances, but it was Adam Thomson who sent it past Les Kilgore to win it for Newton. NEW 1-0

Game 2: AOI 2, NEW 1 - The Unions stole a game in Newton and tied the series up heading back to Aoishi. TIE 1-1

Game 3: NEW 2, AOI 1 - It was the Explorers' turn to take an away game as Andrew Stockhill launched the game-winning goal in the third. NEW 2-1

Game 4: AOI 2, NEW (OT) - This game came down to the wire, but Bill Sanderson came through for the Unions and scored 5 minutes in to OT. TIE 2-2

Game 5: NEW 2, AOI 0 - The Explorers shut out the Unions, putting two in the net in the 2nd to win the all-important game 5. NEW 3-2

Game 6: AOI 3, NEW 2 - The Unions were up 3-0 in the 3rd before a fierce comeback by the Explorers, driving to the net and scoring 2 before the game was over. Aoishi successfully forced a Game 7, while Newton is looking to win the series at home. TIE 3-3

Game 7: NEW 6, AOI 1 - In a tradition carried over from the RIBF, the deciding game was a blowout. It looked even in the 1st was Aoishi kept up, but the Explorers put another on, then another in the 2nd, then 3 insurance goals in the third to destroy Aoishi. Adam Thomson scored twice and Jim Milton had an assist hat trick in addition to a goal to win the series for Newton. NEW 4-3



Peacocks defenseman Leonid Yezhov took home his second MVP and his third straight Defenseman of the Year, while Rookie of the Year was won by Hokkyo's Sean Pugh. Newton took home two awards, as Jud Lyons won Goalie of the Year and Adam Thomson won Playoff MVP. This makes 6 total awards for Yezhov, who is making a serious case to be named the best player in the KLH so far. However, that ring eludes him for now. He's 28 and has plenty of chances, but Georgeville needs to build around him.

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9/06/2020 10:44 am  #68

Re: Robin Island Hockey - The KLH (1971 Kurosawa Cup Finals)

Congrats to Newton you earned this one

9/07/2020 10:18 pm  #69

Re: Robin Island Hockey - The KLH (1971 Kurosawa Cup Finals)

The best you can hope for is a Game 7, where anything goes. Not our best moment but glad for the chance.
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9/25/2020 5:08 pm  #70

Re: Robin Island Hockey - The KLH (1971 Kurosawa Cup Finals)

Very sorry about the delay, but I'm back! I've got the 1971 offseason right here.

1971 Entry Draft:

1 - VER - RD Vaughn Pitcock
2 - SOL - G Syarhey Khuzeyew
3 - HOK - LD Willie Carnahan
4 - GEO - LD/RD Tyler Webster
5 - AOI - C Jeff Ytterburg
6 - NEW - LW Brian Hubbard

Exciting times for Vertlac as Pitcock is regarded as one of the best prospects in recent years. Sol and Hokkyo also made great picks, all three players should be key contributors to their team in the coming years.

Player Movement:

A couple notable retirements happened:

Hokkyo goalie Per Fransen called it a career at age 37. He was named first-team goalie in 1969 and was a key part of the early Bullets teams.

Explorers LW Andrew Wright also called it quits. Going out on a championship victory, he was a veteran presence in the locker room for the younger guys.

A major trade happened in the offseason: Hokkyo sent Carlos Ortega, their star C, to Sol in exchange for the young LW Matthew Bidner. This is the first move made by Hokkyo's new GM, who is pressured to get a competitive team on the ice as soon as possible.

Additionally, the playoff MVP Adam Thomson was shipped off to Vertlac for Brent Geiger and the rights to Asian Abedenov, the Kazakhstani prospect.

Coaching Carousel:

Georgeville fired their coach Jordan Mann and replaced him with Joe Riley. Mann led the team to two Kurosawa Cup Finals appearances before a disappointing miss last season.

The Bullets have axed coach Dallas Clancy. To help right the ship, the team brought in Mike Bonden.

The Vertlac Lumberjacks parted ways with Matt Humphreys. He was disappointing for the team, who replaced him with Troy Kroker.

Finally, Sol head coach Jesse Nelson has retired. The Flames have not yet named a replacement.

And that's the offseason! I'm hoping to get back into the swing of things soon, so stay tuned!

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