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7/31/2020 3:11 pm  #531

Re: History of the National Football Association- 1966 Expansion Council

Here's the exciting second round!

1965-66 Semifinals - Los Angeles Tigers at Philadelphia Hornets

Much like LA’s previous game, the Tigers jumped to a very fast start. Before too long QB Kieth Lincoln found WR Val Goodman for the 7-0 lead. Much to their hope as well, Philadelphia decided to match their pace. Pretty well at that too. QB Oscar Washington would manage to lead his team to a score, tying things at 7 when RB Tom Fowler dove into the endzone. This scoring frenzy would continue, LA would hit a field goal towards the end of the quarter and Philadelphia would acquire a short lead with a second TD before LA would take it back with one of their own. The scoring would finally stop when LA would stop the Hornets on the last drive of the half. The two teams would go into half, LA leading 17-14. 

The scoring would slow down after the break. Both teams would exchange punts to start out the half. Philadelphia would then turn it over on their second drive of the half. On third and deep Washington hopelessly looked to a man in double coverage that would be picked off. Their defense would step up however, limiting the damage to only a field goal. This would set them up perfectly because as the third turned to the fourth they started off on a potential game winning drive. Taking up half of the quarter, Washington and Fowler inched the team down the field and capped off the drive with WR Florence Short receiving a pass in the end zone.There was still enough time left for an LA comeback attempt however. Now down 21-20 the Tigers started their way down the field. With over a minute they breached the red zone and field goal range. Many Hornets fans started leaving the stadium but this was for no reason because the Hornets defense held strong. With about half a minute left the Tigers lined up for a field goal. With the weight of the season on the line, everything came down to the ball cutting through the air. Hornets fans let out a huge cheer when the ball would miss the uprights by a foot or more to the left. The Tigers had kicked their chances to make it to a third straight Bowl away and the Hornets would be returning to their first in nearly a decade. The final score was 21-20.

1965-66 Semifinals - Boston Gaels at Minneapolis Blue Ox
On the other side of the bracket we had Minneapolis hosting Boston. The reigning champs started off on offense but wouldn’t get far. In fact neither team made much progress in the first quarter. Both teams defenses shined as each of their first offensive possessions were short winded and resulted in punts. Boston would get the ball back but would only get a field goal as the quarter came to a close. The second quarter was a bit more exciting. The Blue Ox, led by QB Eugene Addams would retaliate with the first TD of the game. QB Donald McCloud would also lead his team down and take back the lead with a TD for Boston. Finally, Minneapolis would attempt to put together a quick drive but would come up short. A long field goal attempt would be a hair and a half short. The game went into halftime, Boston leading 10-7. 

The two teams would continue battle in the second half as Minneapolis would keep up the pressure by immediately coming out and putting up a field goal to tie the game up. Boston would end up punting on their next drive but so would the Ox. Boston would get started on their next drive before RB Stevie Parks would have a rare fumble that Minneapolis would pick up and carry into the endzone. But as the third turned into the fourth, the Gaels shifted into another gear. They would make up for their turnover with a quick TD. They would then pick off Addams that would set them up for another TD. Before long Minneapolis had watched yet another postseason game slip away from them. Their comeback attempts would come up short and the reigning champs would be headed back to the Champions Bowl. The final score was 24-17.

Here's the bracket:

C&C Appreciated!


7/31/2020 3:14 pm  #532

Re: History of the National Football Association- 1966 Expansion Council

Minneapolis loses again!!!!!


7/31/2020 3:28 pm  #533

Re: History of the National Football Association- 1966 Expansion Council

Would you look at that the Blue Ox blow it again! They should change their name to the Blew Ox

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7/31/2020 3:34 pm  #534

Re: History of the National Football Association- 1966 Expansion Council

Go go Gaels!

7/31/2020 4:28 pm  #535

Re: History of the National Football Association- 1966 Expansion Council

*sigh* Dang.
Tough loss again, this is getting very old.
Welp best of luck to the Hornets and Gaels, gonna be going for the youngster Hornets in this one.

7/31/2020 4:29 pm  #536

Re: History of the National Football Association- 1966 Expansion Council

Philly is winning over boston, but I might be biased. My mom used to live in Philly. It's always sunny there.


7/31/2020 5:27 pm  #537

Re: History of the National Football Association- 1966 Expansion Council

Let's gooooo!! We got a rematch of Champions Bowl II, let's see history repeat!

7/31/2020 6:24 pm  #538

Re: History of the National Football Association- 1966 Expansion Council

Go Gaels! Let's do it again!

8/01/2020 3:27 pm  #539

Re: History of the National Football Association- 1966 Expansion Council

Life as an Ox fan


8/02/2020 12:54 pm  #540

Re: History of the National Football Association- 1966 Expansion Council

It all comes down to this! Here's the Champions Bowl!

1965-66 Champions Bowl - Boston Gaels vs Philadelphia Hornets
In what was a rematch of the second ever Champions Bowl, we saw an up and coming Hornets squad square off against the reigning champs, the Gaels. Coming into the matchup the Hornets seemed like the favorites, but the Gaels quickly shut any doubters up. Boston would start the game off on offense and wouldn’t look back. They would jump to an early 3-0 lead thanks to some handy work from QB Donald McCloud. Then on defense they would step up and pick off QB Oscar Washington, returning that to make their lead 10-0. Philadelphia would successfully avenge their mistakes on their next drive though, putting a TD of their own on their board. Their defense would still get trampled however as Boston would score again a bit over halfway through the second quarter. Philadelphia would try and score before half, but would have to settle for a long field goal attempt which would be wide and short. 

The second half was a bit closer, with Philadelphia coming out of the half on a tear, putting up a big time touchdown on a miraculous 50 yard TD reception. They would then finally get a stop on defense, forcing Boston to punt. Boston though, now on the clipse of losing the lead, also got a stop of their own. Philadelphia had made their way down to the 15 before coming across a 4th down. In a perplexing move, Philly lined up to go for it before S Nick Hatfield would intercept Washington in the endzone for his second INT of the game. Many instantly criticized the team for bad play calling. The attempt to go for it wasn’t an ill fated one, but only down a field goal with a quarter left to play, it was an unnecessary risk. This mistake would prove to be monumental in the Hornets shortcomings though, as Boston would score a touchdown on the next drive, taking a lot of the fourth quarter to do so, leaving Philly only a bit of time to attempt a comeback. One that was now that bit bigger thanks to the turnover on their last drive. It wasn’t meant to be however as the Hornets would fail another 4th down attempt, coming up a yard short and turning the ball back over to Boston. A couple short runs and kneel downs later and the clock hit zero. Boston had one their second straight Champions Bowl by a score of 24-14. This was the franchises third Bowl win in total. After the game the NFA awarded RB Stevie Parks the Champions Bowl MVP. He would take it home for the second straight year.

Here's the field, it was the first to have both colored end zones and text in the end zones.

And finally, here's the last look at the bracket:

C&C Appreciated! Congrats to Gaels fans!

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