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2/24/2020 6:24 pm  #1

The Logos and Uniforms Thread! East Jersey Poll Open!

AltHL fans and contributors!

We have selected our cities, we have given our teams names, and now it is time to give them identities.  Round 4 will be a design contest to produce the logos of each AltHL franchise.  Round 5 will be a design contest to produce the sweaters that our teams will wear. Continue reading for the goals, rules and guidelines for this part of our process.

The Goals of Round 4: 
1. To end up with 16 creative, powerful and unique identities.  This means unique logos and color schemes. With only 16 teams, this shouldn’t be too difficult.
2. To create logos that we can use for a number of fun and exciting applications.  
3. To get as many contributors as possible.

The Rules for Round 4:

1. Your work must be your own!  This should be self-explanatory but just in should avoid tracing and copying other logos and concepts.  Don’t use clipart. This is different than having source material. Make your submissions distinctively yours.  

2. You are allowed to use any font that you desire.  If you find a font of an existing team that is okay as well.  

3. Submit your entries to our new email

4. Do not submit your entries to the board! I am going to take all of the submissions and then present them in a uniform way.  This is to make comparing each concept easier. Different concepts will be at different levels of quality, therefore we don't want people to be discouraged from participating because they think their concept won't measure up.

5. Your submission must include a PRIMARY LOGO, WORDMARK and COLOR PALETTE.  If you would like to include a secondary logo please feel free to do so but it isn’t required.

6. If able please submit your work in vector format.  This means PDF or AI formats. You can also submit HIGH RES JPG and PNG formats.  This will make it easier for me to ensure each submission is displayed at a high quality.

Provide your first and last name in your email with the submission files so we can give you credit when the time comes.

The Deadlines for Round 4:

All Logos (Except Charlotte and Winnipeg) Due Wednesday March 11.

Who Can Participate?

The answer is everyone! If you are comfortable with photoshop and illustrator that is great.  But if you are not and you are more of a pencil and paper type of person that is okay as well.  I can try and help you render it on the computer for your submissions. To do that just submit your drawing to me during the first of the two weeks periods. If you don't want to make a submission but still have an idea just want to talk about our teams feel free to do so in this thread.

The AltHL Franchises

Take a look at the Naming Thread for explanations for each of the winning names.

Group A = Logos Due March 11
-Boston Rovers
-Montreal Chevaliers
-Calgary Wranglers
-Los Angeles Titans 

Group B = Logos Due March 11
-Philadelphia Founders
-Toronto Terriers
-San Francisco Dragons
-Minnesota Loons

Group C = Logos Due March 11 

Group D = Logos Due March 11
-Quebec City
-New York City

AltHL Owner Application:

In case you didn't see it in the other thread, we are asking people to fill out applications to be a future owner of one of our AltHL franchises.  We are using the application to simply get organized and gauge the interest from the community.  We have a ton of applications already and want to give everyone the opportunity to sign up.  I can safely say that all of our franchises will hit the ice in 2020.

As usual if you have any questions please DM me.  Don't forget to vote for Group C names in the other thread!

A submission example.  It does not have to have a fancy presentation.  Simple is best.  Ideally it would be a higher res image that this one.


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3/03/2020 8:21 pm  #2

Re: The Logos and Uniforms Thread! East Jersey Poll Open!

Does the email address include the "email-" in front of it?

AHS Admin. Creator of the THLPUCHWHA: Redux and Retroliga.

3/03/2020 9:14 pm  #3

Re: The Logos and Uniforms Thread! East Jersey Poll Open!

Steelman wrote:

Does the email address include the "email-" in front of it?

no it doesn't


3/05/2020 10:01 pm  #4

Re: The Logos and Uniforms Thread! East Jersey Poll Open!

Group C and D are open for logo submissions.  We are updating our timeline to keep things moving.  Logos will be due by WEDNESDAY, MARCH 11.  

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3/06/2020 8:47 pm  #5

Re: The Logos and Uniforms Thread! East Jersey Poll Open!

So just to be clear, Groups C and D are due the 11th, correct? Do you have a date for the 17th and 18th teams?


3/06/2020 9:19 pm  #6

Re: The Logos and Uniforms Thread! East Jersey Poll Open!

We'll make a new deadline for those two.  That's a good question.  

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3/07/2020 10:07 pm  #7

Re: The Logos and Uniforms Thread! East Jersey Poll Open!

I would update the naming list for the teams just so we can see them. Also, how will the logos be presented/voted on?


3/07/2020 10:36 pm  #8

Re: The Logos and Uniforms Thread! East Jersey Poll Open!

The number of logo submissions has really picked up over the past few days.  As requested I wanted to send out a list of all of the teams.  If the team name is bolded that means we have multiple submissions for that team.  If they are not that means they only have one logo thus far.  So if you are trying to target which team you design you can keep that in mind.  

The Eastern Conference
Boston Rovers
Montreal Chevaliers
Philadelphia Founders
New York Gargoyles
Halifax Kingfishers
Quebec Owls

The Central Conference
Chicago Ghosts
Toronto Terriers
Minnesota Loons
Winnipeg Arrows
Charlotte Racers
Denver Bighorns

The Western Conference
Calgary Wranglers
Vancouver Glaciers
San Francisco Dragons
Los Angeles Titans
Portland Sawblades
Seattle Seawolves

I am pulling all of the primary logos from the submissions, putting them on a colored background square (the primary color).  Then the squares will be put side by side.  There will be conference specific polls.  At the top of the poll will be the image with all of the logos organized by team.  Below will be a series of questions like Portland Sawblades: 
_____Option A
_____Option B
_____Option C

Should be pretty easy and straight forward.  So far this has isolated the logos in a way that puts them all on a level playing field.  

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3/11/2020 8:26 am  #9

Re: The Logos and Uniforms Thread! East Jersey Poll Open!

I’ve never been more pumped for a submission date! Two questions for you regarding jersey design considering we are getting close to that.

1. Can we have 1 template that must be used for submission? I think it fair to have an even playing field for all designers. I suggest one that is user friendly and looks clean. If we need suggestions I have a few on hand.

2. Before we get deep into the jersey design (which I assume will have plenty of participants) can we take a sec and have a interview like event with the designers of identities to better understand their vision and construct a more cohesive package? For example:

Q: What year did you have in mind when you made their logo?
A: I think the 90s, they are a very progressive modern team that take some risks in their jersey design.

Thanks! And as always PM me if you want to discuss further. Would love community thought on it too.


3/11/2020 9:35 am  #10

Re: The Logos and Uniforms Thread! East Jersey Poll Open!

I think that is a solid idea.  I agree on the common template.  I was looking for one last night.  Send over the ones that you think would be good.  I was having a difficult time.

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