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3/26/2022 12:17 pm  #1

AltLB Season - 2022

Welcome to the first season of the AltLB! 

24 ballclubs are vying for the right to be crowned the first ever Alt World Series Champion. This morning I sent invitations to all 24 AltLB owners on Fantrax. Please head over to your email to accept the invitation and set up your team. 

Here are some of the important highlights about the league: 

1. The AltLB regular season will be 21 weeks long this year. 
2. The playoffs will be 3 weeks long and include 8 teams (4 from each league)
3. The Alt World Series will feature the pennant winners of both the American and National Leagues. 
4. Regular season matchups will be Head to Head Most Categories. Meaning that both teams will go head to head in 10 statistical categories (5 batting / 5 pitching). For example if your team has more home runs than your opponent you'll receive 1 point. There are ten points up for grabs. The team with the most points that week wins. This way we will have realistic baseball scores every week, but mostly this scoring system keeps more teams relevant each week. 5. Rosters will be composed of 28 players. The starting lineups (each day) will feature 8 position players + 1 DH + 5 Starting Pitchers + 4 RP. 
6. Teams will have 5 IL positions
7. There are 3 rosters adds available per week. 

The AltLB Draft:
1. The Draft will be held next SATURDAY, APRIL 2 @ 7 PM ET
2. Snake Draft Style
3. Draft Order TBD - will be random

AltLB Opening Day

1. Opening Day will be on April 7. 
2. Rosters can be set daily

If you have any questions please feel free to send me a DM. 



3/26/2022 5:15 pm  #2

Re: AltLB Season - 2022

Rob Manfred can jump in a lake but I'm happy to finally get this league going!
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3/28/2022 12:13 pm  #3

Re: AltLB Season - 2022

Random fact of the day that no one cared about.   Almost all of our red teams ended up in the American League (the American League in MLB to me seems to be more associated with the color red, though not always) and almost all of our blue teams ended up in the National League (which in MLB is usually more associated with the color blue).

By this I mean, when you see pictures of the American and National League logos together, you often see this...

So yeah, kinda funny how that worked out!

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3/28/2022 3:26 pm  #4

Re: AltLB Season - 2022

So when I clicked on the link it automatically used the Bagel Bros account instead of my own... oh well. 

Can someone DM me the doc on Discord, with all the logos so I can upload Mexico City's?

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4/04/2022 12:04 am  #5

Re: AltLB Season - 2022

Oh, it's time. Knockout comes to AltLB. The rules are simple: over the course of 21 weeks, your goal is to pick a team that loses every week. Last person who successfully does so wins the Knockout.

Normally, I will post these on Monday as well as a recap of who moved on and who was eliminated, with picks due by 7pm Central Time on Tuesday. This does mean that Monday's games will happen, so you can attempt to use that to your advantage. As with AltFL and AltHL, you can PM me your pick on the AHS board. As a change, I will accept DMs through Discord for AltLB as well.

- This will be open to everyone, whether you are in the AltLB or not
- You will be picking one team that will LOSE each week. This will prevent you from just picking a team that got hosed with autodraft and a bunch of injured players or someone who isn't setting lineups for some reason.
- You can pick each team 1 time all season. So if, for example, you pick the Bison for Game 1, you cannot pick them again.
- Get one wrong, you're out. Get it right, pick again the next week! Because there's a strong possibility of a tie, a tie is not a loss, so will be counted as an incorrect pick.
- I will share a spreadsheet you can track. I will upload everyone's pick for the week on Tuesday night so you can follow throughout the rest of the week. Guess what, it's the same spreadsheet as AltFL and AltHL, just on a different tab.
- Again, you must message me through the AHS Boards or DM through Discord for your pick to count.

All that done, here's your week one matchups! Remember, you are picking a team that will LOSE their matchup.

4/04/2022 1:26 pm  #6

Re: AltLB Season - 2022

While I'm thinking of it, the due date for week 1 will be 11:59pm Central time on Wednesday, seeing as the first games are on Thursday.

4/06/2022 3:54 pm  #7

Re: AltLB Season - 2022

Please don't forget about QCS's post for the AltLB Event Game Logos. I linked it for your convenience!

But also, you have about 8 hours to get in your Knockout Picks.

4/06/2022 9:51 pm  #8

Re: AltLB Season - 2022

Hey, the Bison have announced their official Opening Day Roster!

4/06/2022 11:52 pm  #9

Re: AltLB Season - 2022

Opening Day is tomorrow, here’s who the Talons have got to go against the Bats on the road.

#OpeningDay #TearEmUp

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4/07/2022 1:34 am  #10

Re: AltLB Season - 2022

graphic design is my passion
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