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3/17/2022 2:54 pm  #491

Re: AltLB Design Thread

Alright, I've collected our submissions and I've got the poll to share. We're doing ranked choice voting, which means you rank our choices and the one that gets the most points wins. This is important, so pay attention: you rank starting from 1, where 1 is your favorite option. The options with the lowest total score will be the one that we select. After we choose the name and host, we'll design logos for the events, then uniforms.

With that said, vote here!


3/17/2022 3:15 pm  #492

Re: AltLB Design Thread

I really liked the creativity on these, and I don't think there's a bad option. Having to take the time to rank all the options was definitely a challenge, and with how strong some of these options are, it could be very close with the scoring.

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3/19/2022 11:14 pm  #493

Re: AltLB Design Thread

Alright, it's been three days since I posted the poll so I'm going to call it here. We have some winners to announce!

For the Fields of the Future game (named submitted by ItDoesntMatter), we go to Nevada's Sedan Crater! A very close vote leads to a battle in the desert hosted by the Las Vegas Atoms. Second place was Oakland's virtual bid, followed by LA's Double-Double Arena bid.

And for the Sandlot Series game (name submitted by QCS), we have a tie! The Boston Masons' bid of Arnie Allen Diamond and the Carolina Griffins' bid of Kitty Hawk tied for the winner. Arizona's Tonto National Forest bid was one point behind, with Minnesota's Redwood Falls bid close behind as well. With a tie, comes a tiebreaker. You have 24 hours to place your vote here!


3/20/2022 11:14 pm  #494

Re: AltLB Design Thread

Quick update: just to make sure we get all the votes counted I'm adding another 24 hours to the clock. This time tomorrow we'll have our winner!


3/21/2022 11:26 pm  #495

Re: AltLB Design Thread

And the Sandlot Series will be....

Looking forward to hosting! Kitty Hawk will be home to our first-ever Sandlot Series. It was a close vote, with Carolina's bid winning 9-7.

Now, we get started with logos! I'm giving you all three weeks to turn in these logos to The only requirement is that it includes the full name of the game. As a reminder, our games are:

Fields of the Future: Sedan Crater, hosted by the Las Vegas Atoms
Sandlot Series: Kitty Hawk, hosted by the Carolina Griffins

Message me if you have any questions or need extra time. We're not really under any rush to complete this. Happy designing!


3/26/2022 10:45 am  #496

Re: AltLB Design Thread

So I know it's gotta be coming up soon, but when will the AltLB Draft be?

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3/26/2022 3:24 pm  #497

Re: AltLB Design Thread

For Immediate Release:

Oconomowoc, Wisconsin

n00bthtpwnz, new owner of the Montreal Saints, has released the following statement:

"Following over 40 years at the Olympic Stadium, the Montreal Saints are proud to announce that we are moving into the brand new Park Bell in downtown Montreal. This new 30,000 seat stadium has all the latest technology and commodities, including a scoreboard that stretches the whole length of the outfield above the crowd, as well as LED signage all along the perimeter walls of the field.

In addition, we are proud to introduce our inaugural Manager and Minor League affiliates. Managing the Saints will be Ben Sheets, while our AAA, AA and A affiliates will be in Quebec City, Trois-Rivieres and Oconomowoc, Wisconsin respectively. Team names will be announced soon."

(Side note: I'm not artistically talented at all, so I probably wouldn't be able to create identities for the Minor League teams, but if anybody has some free time and are willing to help, it would be greatly appreciated! If not, that is totally fine.)

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4/04/2022 11:00 pm  #498

Re: AltLB Design Thread

This ad was seen in the Star Trib.
For Lease:

525 feet of prime real estate along first or third base line. Lease length is one half-inning. -$31 per half-inning. Will pay in cash, maybe.

Twenty men responded. These twenty will be the first and third base coaches for the Gemini.
Kerry Wood, Ken Griffey, Jr., Sandy Koufax, Joe Maddon, Nomar Garciaparra
Mariano Rivera, David Ross, Dave Dombrowski, Ben Zobrist, Dusty Baker
Theo Epstein, Carl Yastrzemski, Fred Lynn, Dustin Pedroia, Sammy Sosa
Randy Johnson, David Ortiz, Fergie Jenkins, Chaim Bloom, Pedro Martinez


4/04/2022 11:06 pm  #499

Re: AltLB Design Thread

In case you missed it, QCS has (finally) correctly Guessed Who the Las Vegas Atoms have Added to their Payroll!

GM: Theo Epstein
Manager: David Ross
Hitting Coach: Nomar Garciaparra
Pitching Coach: Fergie Jenkins

You may safely ignore any press leases that have been seen in the Star Trib in the interim. Thanks for playing, everyone!

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4/05/2022 11:15 am  #500

Re: AltLB Design Thread

Question, is anyone else having no luck trying to put more than one player on IR at a time?Β  Β Is that suppose to be the case?


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