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5/25/2019 5:48 pm  #21

Re: Minnesota Amateur Hockey League

Prior to the 1920/21 season only one team adjusted their current look.

The St. Paul Victorias simplified their logo to just the winged V, dropping the St. Paul text below. Along with simplifying their logo they changed their uniform.

5/25/2019 5:49 pm  #22

Re: Minnesota Amateur Hockey League

After the 1921/22 regular season the defending champs remained at the top of the Iron Range, followed closely by Ely and Virginia. The Flames and Greyhounds improved from last year leaving the Miners at the bottom of the league. Down in the Cities the South St. Paul Mavericks finally surpassed their big brothers and won the league with one more win than the Millers.
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5/25/2019 5:51 pm  #23

Re: Minnesota Amateur Hockey League

The playoffs came along and the only real surprise was Cloquet. The Broncos came out of nowhere and upset the defending champs 2 games to 1 then doing it yet again to the Black Bears on their way to the Kellogg Cup finals. They will match off against another team who also hasn't played in the championship, the Mavericks from South St. Paul.
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5/25/2019 5:52 pm  #24

Re: Minnesota Amateur Hockey League

Game 1: The first game of the series was a very defensive battle with neither team wanting to give the other an inch. After 3 periods it was still scoreless so the game went to overtime. After one overtime period there was still no score. It wasn't until the second OT that there would be a goal that finally ended the game with a win for the home team.
Game 2: Riding on the momentum they had after a double overtime win the game before, they came out fast and won the game 3-1.
Game 3: A desperate Broncos team took advantage of home ice and lit up the Maverick goaltender, scoring 7 times in a 7-3 win.
Game 4: The Mavericks scored 2 quick goals and it proved too much for the Broncos to overcome. The South St. Paul Mavericks are the 1922 Kellogg Cup Champions, the first in franchise history.

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5/25/2019 6:04 pm  #25

Re: Minnesota Amateur Hockey League

I loved this thread on CCSLC. Glad to have it back!


5/25/2019 6:15 pm  #26

Re: Minnesota Amateur Hockey League

Thanks for the comments so far. I plan on posting what has already been done a couple years every time I get the chance until I'm up to date. I hope to be up to date and ready to start the series back up in a month.
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5/25/2019 6:39 pm  #27

Re: Minnesota Amateur Hockey League

Yes! It’s back!


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Re: Minnesota Amateur Hockey League

I missed this! Love to see it back!

May or may not be a Celtics fan after July 1st

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Re: Minnesota Amateur Hockey League

Glad to have you back in business, S30!
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Re: Minnesota Amateur Hockey League

The prosecution is ready to reconvene! Amazing to see this back here!
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