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7/05/2020 9:48 pm  #1761

Re: Minnesota Amateur Hockey League

While the North and South burn, the biggest upset in the Twin Cities this year was an eight over a nine.

7/05/2020 10:00 pm  #1762

Re: Minnesota Amateur Hockey League

Good try, Aces!  You showed 'em all why you're gonna be a force in the years'll get to the Series next year.

Congrats to the Brookies, Tonka and WSP on their first Super Series trips...enjoy every bit of the Met Center experience!

(Sorry for my lack of comments thus far...with no Wisconsin teams in the playoffs, I've kinda lain low)
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7/06/2020 5:47 pm  #1763

Re: Minnesota Amateur Hockey League

1978 Kellogg Cup Playoffs; Second Round - South

Northfield Outlaws vs St. Peter Governors
Two teams coming off upsets, Northfield was given home ice despite all the odds to welcome St. Peter. It was a close game through one with Northfield up 1-0 after 20 minutes. Things took a drastic turn in the second though as the Outlaws went on a scoring spree, scoring three goals before the Governors could finally respond. Northfield got that goal right back with a cannon from the point to put them up 5-1 after 2. The Outlaws buried one more for good measure in the third to put this one away, sending Northfield to their first ever Super Series with a 6-1 win over St. Peter.

Owatonna Owls vs Red Wing Chiefs
The most highly anticipated section final in the south was this game by far. A very good Owatonna team vs VHL Champion Red Wing. The game definitely lived up to the hype as the Owls and Chiefs went back and forth in a fast paced, high action game. We found ourselves tied 2-2 at the end of regulation to send us to overtime at a sold out Four Seasons Centre. A few minutes went by before Owatonna was called for tripping to give Red Wing a man advantage. The Chiefs won the draw and set up in the zone, working the puck along the boards. A Chief winger made a pass off the boards to his teammate in the corner and took off for the front of the net. The teammate gave a one touch pass back into the slot for the attacking winger who one timed a shot past the Owl goalie to send Red Wing to their first Super Series with a 3-2 overtime win.

Luverne Flying Dutchmen vs Burnsville Bucks
Burnsville is coming off their biggest win in franchise history, knocking out the Sioux Falls Packers. The Bucks seemed to have an extra jump in their step from the get go as they won races to loose pucks and overall were the better team in the first, leading 2-1 as a result. Luverne would tie it up and actually take a 3-2 lead in the second, but the Bucks tied it up on the powerplay at the end of the second to tie the game at 3. It was back an forth in the third with both teams getting some looks at goal, but it was the hot hand who ultimately came out on top as Burnsville tipped a shot past the Flying Dutchmen goalie to put the Bucks back in front. That would be the final score of the game as Burnsville held on to knock out Luverne 4-3 to make their first ever Super Series appearance despite coming in as the 15 seed in the south.

Apple Valley Cardinals vs Austin Mavericks
It was a sold out house at the Apple Valley Sports Arena as over 1,300 packed in to watch the Cardinals take on the Mavericks. Unfortunately for those fans on hand, the team did not get the message to show up. Austin had their way in nearly every aspect of the game, controlling the pace of the game and preventing Apple Valley from getting any rhythm going. When all was said and done the Mavericks came out on top, shutting out the Cardinals 3-0 on the road, outshooting them 37-18 in the process. Austin is heading back to the Super Series where they'll look to take home Kellogg Cup number 2.

Let me know what you think, comments are appreciated!

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7/06/2020 6:02 pm  #1764

Re: Minnesota Amateur Hockey League

1978 Kellogg Cup Super Series Preview - Playdowns

Red Wing Chiefs vs Northfield Outlaws
We have a pair of VHL teams in the 8-9 game as the Champs from Red Wing take on the Outlaws. Will red hot Red Wing keep it going in Bloomington? Or will the Outlaws steal a victory and advance?

Virginia Royals vs Burnsville Bucks
Champions of the Iron Range, Virginia, take on this years Cinderella Seed from Burnsville. The Bucks have taken down the top two teams from the Southwest, but many are wondering if they will be able to handle the drastic jump to IRHL champions. Is it hunting season for the Royals? Or will the Bucks keep defying the odds?

Coleraine Trout vs Duluth Voyageurs
Two northern teams taking on one another for the second time, the Voyageurs came out on top in their first round meeting 2 years ago, but Coleraine is looking much stronger than they were a couple seasons ago. Will the Trout keep their dream season alive? Or will Duluth paint the town blue?

Minnetonka Muskies vs Austin Mavericks
Tonka finally broke through and has made the Super Series, but all eyes will be on how the big stage effects them. Austin has been putting together another solid playoff run flying under the radar a bit. They return to the Super Series for the second year in a row and are in the same seed as they were a year ago when they reached the Semi Finals. Will the Muskies make it 4 twin city teams in the Great Eight? Or will the Mavericks sprinkle some more of their playoff magic and move on?

Let me hear your thoughts and predictions, comments are appreciated!

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7/06/2020 6:53 pm  #1765

Re: Minnesota Amateur Hockey League

I hope Burnsville pulls the Cinderella run off, the ideal matchup would be them against Austin. But a more realistic pick I'd like to see is Grand Forks vs Edina


7/06/2020 7:57 pm  #1766

Re: Minnesota Amateur Hockey League

I know one of these years Edina is gonna win it all, (might be this year honestly), but I am feeling a Virginia Royals run this time.  I see them over the Jets in the final!

7/06/2020 8:45 pm  #1767

Re: Minnesota Amateur Hockey League

It is making me physically ill to type this, but I think the Cake Eaters are going to win. I don't see another team good enough to have a chance. Edina over Coleraine in the Final.

7/06/2020 11:49 pm  #1768

Re: Minnesota Amateur Hockey League

I'm ready for total chaos with a Bucks-Voyageurs final.


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7/06/2020 11:53 pm  #1769

Re: Minnesota Amateur Hockey League

I'm rooting for the Jets and Waves here...and I think either one of them will end up beating the Eaters in the Final (in overtime)
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7/07/2020 8:09 am  #1770

Re: Minnesota Amateur Hockey League

Your Super Series champion will be....

COLERAINE. The suburban curse continues.


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