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5/04/2021 6:42 pm  #331

Re: The AltHL Season 2020

Anchorage Anchors: Sounds cool and fits with them being on the coast
Edmonton Railers: History of railroads in the city
Saskatchewan Whitetails: Provincial animal of Saskatchewan
Milwaukee Barbarians: Germanic heritage
Detroit Wheelers: Classic Motown theme with a unique name
Ottawa Grey Jays: Grey Jays are also called Canadian Jays so it makes sense for a team from the capital, plus a unique color scheme

5/04/2021 6:46 pm  #332

Re: The AltHL Season 2020

Darknes wrote:

DireBear wrote:

Alaska Seals: Seals are plentiful along the Alaskan coastline, and the sealing industry was huge with the Alaskans and Native Americans
Detroit Ambassadors: Named after the Ambassador Bridge that connects Detroit to Canada
Edmonton Huskies: Represents the tough and rugged spirit of the North, and is something not related to oil
Milwaukee Stags: State animal is the white-tailed deer
Ottawa Nationals: Well it's the capital and I'm unoriginal
Saskatchewan Reapers: The province is full of wheat, and the reaper could be the reaper used to harvest the wheat or the Grim Reaper, whichever you want

The Carolina Reapers would like to have a word

The one team I forgot about when doing that, well it's fixed now
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5/04/2021 6:50 pm  #333

Re: The AltHL Season 2020

Alaska Totems: Obvious.
Detroit Groove: Named for Detroit’s rich R&B heritage, primarily in Motown.
Edmonton Dinos: Represents a rich history of dinosaurs in Alberta.
Milwaukee Butters: Named for the famous local diary industry.
Second Ottawa Geese
Saskatoon Dancers: Celebrates local First Nations heritage.
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5/04/2021 7:01 pm  #334

Re: The AltHL Season 2020

Ottawa Federals (Federal government)
Anchorage Icemen (Very icy up in Alaska)
Milwaukee Lakers (On the shores of Lake Michigan)
Saskatoon Royals (Saskatoon was apparently called the Queen of the North)
Detroit Motors (idk man, motor city)
Edmonton Legends (Again, many hockey legends played in Edmonton)


5/04/2021 7:10 pm  #335

Re: The AltHL Season 2020

Edmonton Klondikes- Edmonton is known as Canada's Festival City, and the largest festival is K-Days, formerly Klondike Days
Anchorage Mushers- Alaska is known for dog sled racing, most famously the Iditarod.
Detroit Sound- Detroit is known for having influences in many different styles of music, such as hip hop, jazz, rock, punk, as well helping form Motown and techno
​Ottawa Collegiates- Ottawa is known as the most educated city in Canada, with numerous top colleges and universities in the area
Saskatoon Willows- Saskatoon's old name used to mean "The place where willows are cut" because the area were known for willows that were used for arrows.
Milwaukee Gamma- Milwaukee was recently recognized as a global city by the Globalization and World Cities Research Network.
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5/04/2021 7:11 pm  #336

Re: The AltHL Season 2020

Just updated my Detroit name, and these names that I have will probably stick with until the end.
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5/04/2021 7:15 pm  #337

Re: The AltHL Season 2020

Alaska Auroras
Milwaukee Bavarians
Saskatoon Bucks
Detroit Mechanics
Edmonton Elks
Ottawa Lumberjacks


5/04/2021 7:22 pm  #338

Re: The AltHL Season 2020

Anchorage Whales - whales and whaling were big themes from Alaskan fishermen, and I think Whales stands on its own apart from Whalers to be a unique identity idea.
Detroit Moguls - in reference to the big auto industry and factory magnates headquarted in Detroit
Edmonton Eagles - alliteration mostly, also eagles are cool 
Milwaukee Growlers - in reference to the brewing culture in Milwaukee
Ottawa Swans - elegant birds seems to fit well with a capitol city
Saskatoon Settlers - big prairie was settled
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5/04/2021 7:29 pm  #339

Re: The AltHL Season 2020

Anchorage Genies: Named in honor of Genie Chance, a reporter and later politician who spent nearly 24 consecutive hours reporting on the 1964 Alaska earthquake. This is probably way too deep of a cut, but I think it would be a really cool brand.

Detroit Ambassadors: Re-upping this from the AltBA; named after the Ambassador Bridge.

Edmonton Trappers: There used to be a lotta fur trading up in that neck of the woods.

Milwaukee 48ers: Named after the German immigrants in Milwaukee, many of whom participated in the 1848 revolutions. Also gives us a Niners/Sixers type name.

Ottawa Barons: Named after the lumber barons prevalent in the second half of the 19th century. It also sounds very parliamentarian. (If this is nixed because of Cleveland, lmk and I'll change it.)

Saskatchewan Prairie Dogs: Saskatoon is nicknamed "Paris of the Prairies," and what's more prairie than a good old prairie dog?


5/04/2021 7:31 pm  #340

Re: The AltHL Season 2020

Anchorage: Alaska Snappers- The Pacific Red Snapper can be found in waters near Anchorage
Saskatoon: Saskatchewan Jive- Saskatchewan is home to a famous jazz music festival.
Edmonton Miners- Haha almost oil I'm creative
Detroit Nighthawks- Kinda showing the darker side of the city
Milwaukee Bobcats- Wildlife fits I guess
Ottawa- I give up. I'm sure Osgiliath has a better idea than me

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