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The United Leagues of Baseball - First LA Team!

TLDR, This was an old project that I'm revisiting, hope you enjoy.

Here's the old introduction for anyone wondering.

Hi y'all, its me BellaSpurs, under new name because I never liked my old one (and more reasons beyond that we're not gettin in to). I'm back with baseball!! I'm gonna post the original post from the original thread. I've also got a blog, here it is. So without further ado, heres the Fictional History of American Baseball!

Hey guys! Today I'm here with a big project! One that's been in my head for a while and that I've finally started executing. With big help from Balu, I've been able to start work on a fictional history of american baseball. We start in the year 1885, when the world's first professional baseball leagues were formed. One, the Northeast Baseball League, is located in the New England area. And the other; the United States Baseball League, is located along the Ohio River. The leagues are not connected in anyway. The barely even know of each others existence. There are 5 teams in each league.I will be creating logos and uniforms for each team, while Balu helps simulate and generate ideas. It's simulated using OOTP. Each season is currently 80 games, with the two best teams from each league playing each other in their leagues championship.

 The teams will be uploaded soon!C&C appreciated, hope you stay tuned!

Modern Day ULB Teams:

Northeastern League:
Boston Valentines
New York Magpies
Brooklyn Dutch Lions
New York Rovers

Northern League:
Detroit Chiefs
Milwaukee Millers
Chicago Packers

Southern League:
Louisville Stallions
Cincinnati Monarchs

Western League:
Los Angeles Grizzlies


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Re: The United Leagues of Baseball - First LA Team!

The prosecution is ready, your Honor. Let’s play ball!
Official Owner of the Charlotte Racers (2016 AltHL Champions) and the St. Louis Explorers (2000 AltBowl Champions)

"The prosecution is ready, Your Honor."

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Re: The United Leagues of Baseball - First LA Team!

Looking good


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Re: The United Leagues of Baseball - First LA Team!

Just doing some reuploading for now, should hopefully be caught up and ready to post the 1890 season in a week or two! (whenever I get out of finals and school)
So the first teams I'm going to show you are from the NEBL. Up first we have the Boston Sugarmen. Named after, well sugar. Specifically granulated sugar which was first created in Boston in 1860. Their colors are cream and navy. Their logo is a rounded script reading "Boston", that is also featured on their road uniforms.

The next team up are the Worcester Valentines. Valentines, was chosen as the team name because of the heart found on the flag. The city is also known as the Heart of the Commonwealth. Their logos feature a red heart and a W on either side of their jerseys. A big red stripe is also found on their caps.

The third team are the Providence Red Caps. The 'Caps are named after their, well, red caps. Something new to baseball. Most teams didn't color their caps, so it made it special to Providence. They wore cream at home and grey at home and had some of the simplest uniforms in the NEBL. Their logo is a P for Providence.

The penultimate team are the Deacons of Springfield. The simplest teams in the NEBL, their logo is an S for Springfield and their uniforms feature nothing special except for some striped socks. They wear white pants on the road to save money. Sometimes players wear there own pants if the they ever get a hole or something in their uniform ones.

The final team in the NEBL are the Manchester Millers. Named since most of the people of Manchester are millers, along with the players also being so. The only team to wear a color on the road. Their black uniforms have the word Millers across the chest. This also happens to be their logo.

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Re: The United Leagues of Baseball - First LA Team!

So next up is the USBL, all teams are in either Kentucky or Ohio. 4 teams use a different uniform style then the NEBL, which was more common in the southern US. And most also don't have a crazy amount of money so some uniforms are mismatched. Here the teams: First, the Cincinnati Rivermen. Named after the Sailors of the steamboats that went up and down the Ohio River. Their colors are cream and navy. and they adorn a big C on their chest for Cincinnati.

Next, the Louisville Stallions. Owned by a horse farm owner. He named the team after that. Their the only team so far to use green. Their uniforms feature their primary logo on their chest, a weird arrangement of the word Louisville.

The third team are the Covington Generals! Named after the amount of soldiers that volunteered for the civil war. The original name, Volunteers, was changed to generals, due to one of the Generals for the Confederacy, saying he would help coach the team. They wear simple uniforms. They're the only team to have a button down jersey. Their primary logo is a maroon C.

Up next is the Hamilton Athletic Club. Not much too this team. A classy H goes with the classy team name. A navy jersey with striped socks finish off their look.

Last but not least, the Dayton Eagles! Named after the national animal, the bald eagle. the team is the only team to use the color orange. They have the weirdest combination of uniforms however. Pants weren't provided to the players, so the white pants shown are only one possibility to what the team could look like. The shirts however, are cream at home and grey on the road. Each adorning Dayton's D logo.

So that's what the teams looked like as of 1885, changes will be coming quick however, so be on the lookout. 1885 should be up soon!

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Re: The United Leagues of Baseball - First LA Team!

The 1885 season!
In the first ever USBL season we saw the Hamilton AC come out on top. The AC were very top heavy, star hitters 3B Winston Reynolds, LF Nate Bracewell and 1B Alex Carrola gave the team the second best offense in the league. While a solid pitching core, led by Josh Klingel, allowed the least amount of runs all season. The team finished with a 46-34 record. Although some say they should’ve won more since Klingel didn’t start the season as the lead pitcher. That job went to Justin Stephens. Who went into the season as one of the primed prospects, until a ball was hit back at him in the third week of the season. Causing a scary scene where he had to be taken off the field with blood running down his head. This opened the opportunity for Klingel who never looked back. With a week to go, they looked to have secured their spot at the top of the league. Until getting swept by, at the time, 4th place Rivermen in a three game series. And dropping two of three to the Eagles. This let the Generals have their chance. The Generals finished the season on a six game winning streak. But a good final push against the Eagles at home secured their 1 spot.  

Covington: The Generals finished their first season 44-36, not far from the league leading AC. However, the beginning of the season was rough, the team who succeeded of their chemistry later in the season, was without a true leader on the team until about 15 games into the season. Over the rest of the season they went from the last spot to almost stealing the one spot from Hamilton. A fan favorite team, they’re credited to stealing the Rivermen’s attendance. Their fans traveled to every road game. They had the clear cut biggest fan base in the league. Their chants being heard from the Mississippi to the Atlantic. 

Cincinnati: The Rivermen, much like the Generals finished fairly close to the one seed. With a 41-39 record, they were only 5 games behind Hamilton. Some small bumps in the road led to mainly mediocre play. This is turn led to a lot of attendees shipping sail across the river to Covington to watch the Generals. The Rivermen are sadly considering folding due to lack of funds. Even though finishing with a good record, lack of a rich owner who could pay for the team, and lack of fans to come to the games, could lead to a future without the Rivermen in it. 

Dayton: The Eagles went .500 this season. The team maintained the second best attendance all season, and stayed pretty steady for most of the season.

Louisville: Louisville had a disappointing season, only winning 29 games. They were in the bottom in most categories. Some players ended up refusing to show up to practices due to not wanting to lose anymore. At least they ended the season on a high note on a 10-0 win in Dayton.

 Championship Prediction: I say in a close series Hamilton edges out the Generals to win the USBL championship. With clutch hitting performances by Bracewell and one or two great pitching outings by Justin Stephens. Hamilton wins the series 4-2.

 Boston: Across the country, the Sugarmen lead the NEBL in dominant fashion. With a 50-30 record, they were led by C William Lozano and SS Jonathan Irvine. Boston won almost all their home games this season. Scouting the best fanbase in the NEBL. The Sugarmen held their opponents to average of less than 4 runs a game. This helped their hitters by making it much easier to make big leads fast. Their pitchers were the reason for this great defense. Led by Ben Till, arguably the best pitcher in the league. 

Worcester: The Worcester Valentines finished 7 games behind Boston with a 43-37 record. Big hitters Brandon Nutt and Jamie Thomas kept the team afloat while the rest of the sub par crew tried to drown them. With no significant pitcher, and stale field play, it’s quiet a surprise they even did as good as they did. A late season winning record, as result of Nutt and Thomas playing phenomenally, practically carried the team here. Otherwise a much more deserving Miller’s team would be here. 

Manchester: A good first season from Manchester. Started the season off well, but choking toward the end foiled any championship plans. Their solid fanbase should ensure the Millers continue to push for a championship. 

Providence: The Red Caps definitely had the most disappointing season, championship aspirations dusted away when a injury bug went around the whole team. A couple illnesses also knocked this team further down. But when they played together, they played really good. Hopefully they can stay in shape next year and make some noise. 

Springfield: Much like Louisville of the USBL, the Deacons played unmotivated and just weren’t good. At one point losing 11 straight. Attendance started to become a problem in the middle of the season. The team was already in a tight financial situation before this season. This doesn’t help.  It only goes down for Springfield sadly.

Championship Prediction: Boston has this in the bag. It shouldn’t even be close. With a hitting core of Lozano, Campbell and Irvine. I wouldn’t be surprised to see them put up 10 runs per game. Boston wins the series 4-0

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Re: The United Leagues of Baseball - First LA Team!

The Championships are here! I'll start with the NEBL. Let's see who came out on top.

Game 1: Ben Till lit up the Valentines in a game where Boston’s hitting did less than expected. It started out well with the Sugarmen up 3-0 at the bottom of the third thanks to some good Base running by Will Lozano and Jonathan Irvine. But Boston’s offensive threats stalled as the Valentines tried to ease their way back into the game. Opening the 4th inning with a triple by James Thomas led to a run. Thomas then hit a home run in the 6th as he tried his best to lead the way for the Valentines. Racking up 3 hits on the day. The Worcester come back falls short in the end however due to a complete shutdown by Till throughout the last 3 innings. Where he racked up 3 Ks and only allowed two hits. Final Score; Sugarmen 4, Valentines 2. 

Game 2: Another poor hitting performance costs Boston game 2. We started off the afternoon with Worcester quickly jumping out to a 3-0 lead. Shocking the fans at Congress Street Grounds. Some good hitting by Nutt and Ogden and a Ralph homerun put the Valentines offense into complacency however as after going up 3-0 in the first 3 innings, they failed to score again until the 7th and by that time the Sugarmen had slipped back into it. Off a Tim Day 2 run Homerun in the fourth and a RBI double in the 6th put the pressure back on Worcester as they went on to take the lead again and hold it until a deep double by Lozano knocked in another run for the Boston keeping their hopes alive. The tie would hold as the Sugarmen left Lozano and Irvine on base and went into the Tenth in the bottom of their lineup. The Valentines immediately had the bases loaded with 1 out. A single by Nutt got two in and gave the Valentines the lead. Then the Valentines held Boston in a quick three and out and got the win. Final Score; Worcester 6, Boston 4 

Game 3: Boston’s offense finally clicks in a big road win. Boston finally produces some scores on the scoreboard with good hitting by Irvine and Day as Till only allows two hits all game and strikes out 3. James Thomas hits a 2 run homerun in the 4th in an attempt to keep Worcester in it. But the rest of the team fails to support. Dave Fisher allows 11 hits in 7 innings before being pulled. Final Score; Boston 7, Worcester 2 

Game 4: Boston dominates again. Boston comes out and puts up 5 runs in the first and we’re up 7-2 before anyone had realized the game had started. This killed the Valentines spirits as Tetlak and Hoffman give up 16 hits while Mosquera records a record 8 strikeouts for the Sugarmen. Final Score; Boston 10, Worcester 4. 

Game 5: Boston wins the championship in a blowout win. Much like the past three games, Boston’s offense clicked well and the pitching kept Worcester out of it. Big game for Lozano who had 4 hits in a clobbering of the Valentines. Final Score; Boston 12, Worcester 2

Congratulations to the Boston Sugarmen, your 1885 NEBL Champions! 

In the USBL:

Game 1: Big hitting performances from Reynolds and Carrola lead Hamilton! to a game 1 win. Winston Reynolds opened the game up with a home run for Hamilton! which was followed by Klingel pitching well and not allowing the Generals to get anything going. In fact they didn’t get anything going until Klingel was subbed out in the 9th. In the meantime Hamilton!, led by Reynolds and Carrola scored 5 more. Both of them getting 2 hits I 3 appearances. I 9th the Generals slipped a runner in and prevented the shutout. But it was only softening the blow. Final Score; Hamilton! 6, Covington 1 

Game 2: Covington bounces back big in win of Hamilton!. After the generals offense failed to show up in game 1 it was quite the surprise when by the third inning the Generals were running their 4th score in. Big hitting performance by Dunn and a good outing by pitcher Alexander gave Hamilton! some of their own medicine. Scoring only 2, which both came off one hit in the 6th after an error in left field. In the next two innings however the Generals dropped another 5 runs on them. Final Score; Covington 9, Hamilton! 2 

Game 3: Generals keep up the pace in another win over Hamilton!. As game one keeps looking more and more like a fluke, the Covington offense keeps looking more and more potent. Big performances at plate by Beebe and Anderson led the generals to an early 5-1 lead. Which quickly inflated to a 8-2 lead by the top of the 7th. Covington continues to cruise as they win in reassuring fashion again. Final Score; Covington 8, Hamilton! 2 

Game 4: Hamilton! might have found the Generals kryptonite in another loss. In game 4 Hamilton! trotted out new pitcher Sean Davis. Who would hold Covington to no runs through 6. Exposing a way to win. The lack of hitting was very reminiscent to game 1, which was a big reason Hamilton! won that game. Hamilton had scored off a Davis RBI in the 5th which gave them a steady lead. As the 6th turned to the 7th and Hamilton trotted out Davis to pitch. The Generals led off with Beebe. Facing two strikes and no balls, Davis through one far right of the box expecting Beebe to swing and strikeout. Beebe did swing, but he didn’t strikeout. He had socked the ball over the centerfield wall and tied the game up. Next up was 3B Luke who had been playing good in the field but his presence wasn’t felt much in the batters box. But on the first ball pitched. He had swung and also sent this back. Not as far as Beebe, but far enough to get him all the way to third. Davis, now faced with choking the lead, shut down the next three batters and ended the inning without letting Covington take the lead. The tie held until the ninth. With 2 outs and a man on second. Dunn walks to the plate. Two balls fly past him. Davis who had locked down the Generals all night had been subbed for Stephens. Stephens threw Dunn another ball which Dunn swung and missed at. Expecting Dunn to play it safe. Stephens threw a fastball down the middle. Dunn saw his chance and cracked it down the right field line. A walk off RBI that broke the Hamilton! players hearts. Final Score; Covington 2, Hamilton: 1 

Game 5: Hamilton! wins a shootout in Covington. As everyone expected Hamilton! To come out and pitch their way to a win. Reynolds and Bracewell had other ideas. The two collecting a total of 5 runs, 7 hits, and two home runs by themselves, led Hamilton! to a big comeback win that filled their hearts after the devastation the game prior. Some poor performances by Beebe and Dunn for Covington left them with another gaping hole along side their poor pitching core. As they struggled stopping Hamilton! resorting to 4 different pitchers to finish the game. Final Score; Hamilton! 14, Covington 6 

Game 6: Covington holds off the comeback to win the Championship. In another shootout type game. The Generals actually found themselves down 2-9 by the end of the 3rd, yes the 3rd. Hamilton!’s offense seemed impossible to stop. This was until Covington scored 8 runs, all in the 5th inning. They now had the lead. Klingel was immediately pulled for Hamilton! and they put Stephens back in. Who held them pretty close, by letting them score another 3 the next two innings. By this time, Hamilton’s panicking, they can’t stop the combination of Dunn and Beebe, who’d had already racked up 5 runs by themselves. A big 7th and 8th inning put the Generals lead down to 2 but that’s as low as it would get. Covington finished out the game and won thanks mainly to a disappointing game by hitting core; Reynolds and Bracewell and a complete break down in the middle of the 5th. Final Score; Covington 13, Hamilton! 11
Congratulations to the Covington Generals, your 1885 USBL Champions!

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Re: The United Leagues of Baseball - First LA Team!

The Offseason is here! We have a couple teams from each league making some changes and 2 new expansion teams! The first team making a change are the Millers! They added the millers script to their home uniforms to match their road ones.
Next, the Deacons added grey pants on the road and changed their logo from a black S, to a grey S. They also switched to white caps. The wanted it to represent the team better. They also officially changed their team colors to grey and white. It was previously black and white.

 Finally for the NEBL, we had two new expansion teams! Welcome to the league; the New York Bulldogs and the Hartford Colts!
First the Bulldogs. Named after the owner's pet bulldog, which he loves dearly. He's been criticized for not taking it seriously enough. They are te first team to have two colors in their look. Their colors are navy and maroon. Their logo is a arching New York script that is found on their home uniforms. They wear navy caps with red bills. They wear navy at home and have maroon socks.
Secondly we have the Colts! Hartford was named after the famous Colt family in Connecticut who owned the Colt Manufacturing Company who made guns and firearms and played a big part in the Civil War. Their colors are crimson and grey, they have stripe hats and socks in those colors.
In the USBL we had a 3 teams changing and updating looks. First the reigning champions; the Covington Generals.They made small adjustments to their logo and uniforms. They got rid of the grey pants at home and put their new logo on their jerseys.
Next, the Louisville Stallions garnered enough money to get matching pants on the road. Here's what they looklike now!
Last but not least, we have the runner ups! Hamilton Athletic Club also got some matching pants on the road now that they were able to. Here's what they look like!

 In other Offseason news! There weren't many big moves, the only significant one was, star pitcher; Bob Godoy left the Generals for Dayton. He had put up an 18-4 record with a 3.58 ERA and had 46 strikeouts. This weakens the Covington pitching core as they look to make another run for the League Championship.  Well that's the 1885-86 offseason! C&C appreciated! Hope y'all are enjoying!

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Re: The United Leagues of Baseball - First LA Team!

The 1886 season has arrived!
Heres the NEBL first! 

Boston: Once again the Sugarmen reigned superior to the rest of the league. But this time the race for 1st was much closer. Irvine and Lozano both had great seasons. Leading Boston to over 50 wins and a 59 and 26 win season. 

Worcester: The Valentines finished second with a 56- 29 record, gaining them second place and a second straight appearance in the championship. It didn’t seem like they would at first however, poor pitching held them down for the most of the season. Nutt and Thomas played well but giving up as many runs as they got wasn’t getting them wins. Up until the last 10 games they had been in the middle of the pack, balancing between 3rd and 4th. But a great last few games and some upsetting losses in Providence gave them the boost they needed to get back into the championship. 

Providence: The Red Caps looked promising this season. A good start actually led them to the one seed for parts of the season. But they slowed down as the season continued. Choking a late season series to the Colts let the Valentines slip by as they watched their championship hopes disappear. 

Springfield: Following a sad first season the Deacons got their act together. Attendance came back, and the motivation also returned, the once dire situation had flipped 180 degrees and now Springfield was looking like a black horse candidate to quickly pass the ‘Caps and Valentines and make the championship. Those hopes fell short though as the turn around season ended losing 3 of 5 crucial games.

Manchester: In probably the biggest disappointment of the year, the Millers failed to reach the championship, actually coming 5th in the standings. They finished 49-36, which is actually deceiving. While they did finish on the upside, they struggled out of the gates. Battling New York and Hartford for the bottom. But they did improve. They were just a bit late to throw their hat into the ring for the Chip. 

Hartford and New York: The new expansion team; the Colts. Played up to expectation along with their partner New York. Both finished under 20 wins. Unsurprising to most but the future is bright and with some improvements they could be up a bit higher in the standings in the near future.

And heres the USBL!
Covington: After a slow start last year the Generals made it a point to start off strong this year. Winning their first 10 games. With true stars in Dunn and Beebe, with Sean Davis making up for the loss of Godoy in the offseason. They finished 52-28, looking like they’re impossible to beat. The way they steamrolled the season should be proof enough that they’re separating themselves from the pack. Heavy, heavy favorites to repeat. 

Hamilton: After a somewhat surprising season last year. The AC followed that with another good season, finishing 2nd with a 41-39 record. While not as good as the last, they still were the clear number 2 and deserving to be in the championship. The main flaw this year was an even worse supporting class. The team still led by Bracewell, Carrola and Reynolds, with their star pitcher Klingel made up a good core, but outside of them they were the worst roster, maybe second to Louisville. The carrying job those 4 had to do was quite the feat, it’ll be interesting to see how they will perform in the championship. 

Cincinnati: After a worrying first season, Cincinnati improved slightly in attendance, but the team actually did worse and had a losing record. Racking up only 36 wins, several games below .500. On top of the dip in on field performance, the team had a spike in off field drama. Owner Jack deKorte got involved in gambling. Losing hundreds after betting on the Rivermen to do much better, deKorte has flirted with selling the team or folding. Nothing has been confirmed yet, but it all hangs over the team as they head into the offseason. 

Dayton: Finishing fourth for the second year in a row, the team had actually had the same record as the Rivermen, at 36-44, four games worse than last year. The Eagles also started having attendance issues toward the end of the season causing some player drama within the dugout, star pitcher Bob Godoy, who was acquired from the Generals in the offseason, had actually walked out on several practices due to players not putting in effort. Godoy, who’s acquisition had sparked some hope for a better season, had been especially disappointed with his hometown teams failure to do good.

 Louisville:The Stallions finished last again, but this time they were much closer to finishing higher. Only a game out of the 3rd place, the Stallions rallied toward the end of the season to finish with a 35-45 record.

Championship Predictions: Boston wins over Worcester again. However in this rematch the Valentines put up much more of a fight and it takes the Sugarmen 7 games to win. Pitching will play a big part, we’ll have to see if Worcester can pitch better now than in the season. Or at least keep up with the Boston offense. Boston 4 Worcester 3
In the USBL I predict Covington to win pretty easily. It will take a complete meltdown for them to lose. Hamilton is good, but not good enough. Covington 4 Hamilton 0 Here's the 1886 season!!

Comment how your team did! Championship should be up soon.

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Re: The United Leagues of Baseball - First LA Team!

The Championship Series’ are here! I’ll start with the USBL

Going into this i predicted that Covington comes out and dominates. The only way they wouldn’t would be if they completely collapse. Well I was right, but about the collapse part. In game 1, Covington came in looking like a completely different team. Their overpowered offense was outmatched from the start. Parcely thanks to a great game by pitcher Klingel, who shut down all 3 of the Generals stars. In fact, Bracewell, had more RBIs for the AC then those stars, he played better than the entire Generals offense. Those 10 RBIs making up a 22-8 win for Hamilton.  Game 1 looks to have heavily affected Covington. Who were again outmatched at home, possibly still in shock from the previous night. They started the game out slow. Falling into a 5-0 hole. Due again to Bracewell and Reynolds. Both having an RBI and a run in the first 5 Innings. However in the 5th inning, a Cody Beebe homerun sparked some fire in the Generals. Who scored another run in that inning off a Dunn triple, and went into a hitting frenzy in 5th and 6th. Having almost all 10 of their runs in that time. Scoring 3 more runs and closing up the gap, to make it 6-5. But after a pitcher switch by Hamilton it shut them down. P Cameron Cray only allowed one more hit. They scored three more runs, Reynolds had two doubles both resulting in runs in the 8th and 9th inning. The finals score 9-5 putting Hamilton up 2-0 in the series they were an underdog in. Game 3 took place in Hamilton, and the AC weren’t gonna disappoint their fans at home like the Generals did. Another great game by Bracewell, Reynolds and company. They got off to an early start that got them the 6-2 win. Another mediocre game by Covington has drained their hopes.  Before Game 4 took place, it was announced that Covington owner and coach, had become extremely ill. He had to be hospitalized ab 2 hours before the game due to the unreleased sickness. His son was placed as the interim coach. This seemed to greatly affect the Generals. But in spite of the obstacles, Covington dedicated the game to him and played their hearts out. The game was incredible. Great starts by the Generals offense helped them start with a 5-2 lead, their first lead of the whole series. But as they went into the 6th, Hamilton must’ve remembered they could win the championship tonight. As they outscored Covington 3-2 in the second half of the game. As the game rolled into the ninth. And as the sun was setting at Hamilton Lot. Hamilton was still down 4. After shutting down the Generals in the first half of the inning they had to follow it up with a great hitting performance. And they did just that. But with two outs and a man on second and third, it looked tough. Pinch Hitter Matt Shelkey was at bat. As two balls flew past him, both far left. He squared up and hit a curveball that was specially placed in the upper right corner of the box. A hard pitch to hit, and oh boy did he hit it. It soared over the infield, hitting the outfield wall. Bringing in both players on base and sending him to second. Up next to bat was RF Robby Trevino. He’d only hit on one of his 3 previous at bats. He didn’t hit on this one either, He struck out on a full count. As we went into extras the tide continued to roll Hamilton's way. After neither team scored in the 10th or 11th inning, Covington finally got one home. As Beebe crossed home place he yelled that they were gonna win this one for their owner. However, Hamilton wasn’t gonna let that happen. They scored two runs, in a walk off, championship clinching, game at home.

The NEBL championship was a lot less close than the USBL counterpart.

Game 1 was a defensive game. As Till pitched the entire game for Boston, and Chris Perry pitched 8 innings for Worcester. Both teams allowed less than 7 hits. And as we went into the 9th the game was tied at one. This didn’t last long though. On the first pitch of the bottom of the 9th inning, Boston’s Kyle Brown sent one over the wall for a walk off home run.
 In game 2 it was much of the same. P Jerry Harrods for Boston had 7 strikeouts in a slow 1-0 win for Boston.  In game 3 it again was much of the same for the first 5 innings. In the bottom of the 5th the Valentines exploded for 4 runs. But that’s as exciting as the game got. Led by Nutt and Thomas the Valentines got the win. Game 4 finally got a little exiciting when Sugarmen coach got in an argument with an umpire over a obvious missed catch that was called a catch. He was ejected from the game as fans threw beer bottles at him. Outside of the little scuffle the game played the same tune as the others. Low hitting and good pitching. P Tim Alexander pitched 7 strikeouts in the 3-1 win for the Valentines. Back in Boston the home team won again, for the 5th time. P Cody Schillings pitched 8 strikeouts in a slow and tedious game where he pitched 134 balls. The Sugarmen beat Worcester 3-1 Game 6 was once again slow. But as the game headed into the bottom of the 8th Boston was down 1-0 and wanted the championship clinching win. With an out and Brown on first, Irvine walked up to bat. As P Vince Tetlak rounded up, the entire crowd silenced themselves. You could’ve heard a pen drop. The first pitch was all that Irvine needed. He sent the curveball over the left field wall for the lead. The once silenced crowd roared to life. Boston went on to win 2-1, clinching the championship. They’re the NEBL’s first Back to Back Champions.
How’d your team do? C&C and comments please. Offseason should be up very soon! 

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