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5/06/2020 6:06 pm  #11

Re: Project CLT (12/30)

Thehealthiestscratch wrote:

For the Superbirds I think you are going the right direction. I have three suggestions. 1. The car looks a little odd at an angle, I think leaving it flat would be better. 2. If you thicken up the outer black strokes on the logo it would look a lot more like a sports logo. It is a little too thin right now, creating more of a drawing feel rather than a solid logo with some weight that aids the fans in the crowd when trying to make out the logo on a jersey that likely is the same color as the car. 3. I like the motion being created with the text, but the car seems a little stagnant. If some movement was created it would benefit that car a lot. 

The Brewers have a classy look, I like the logo a lot. I would change the white outline on the primary to go through the circle to cover the full pieces of wheat, just for consistency sake. Other than that, maybe drop the thin outline on the text and just make it one color that is a little more bold. The secondary logos would make great shoulder patches!

The idea of playing off the Mint is extremely charming. The colors are interesting, making me want to see how they would be used on a jersey. The brand screams Charlotte, but other than the stars it's a brand that feels like it could be recolored and used by another Charlotte team. No longer is it making the team unique to Charlotte, because that is done beautifully, the challenge is now making the identity focused on the Minters and not Charlotte. A simple thought might be removing the top circle on the crown and using the star above it as a replacement. This would connect the city and the name while reducing clutter. The crown could also then be used alone as a secondary, having some mint influence to make the logo recognizable for the team. A more complicated idea would be to take the woman on the coin, altering here so she is facing directly at the viewer,  then put the crown on her. To reduce clutter with this second approach I would then remove "Minters" at the bottom, leaving "Charlotte" but making it rounded to follow the circle like the year does on the coin referenced.

These are all great and keep getting better! 

Thanks for the input! You're absolutely right about the Superbirds, the car looks like a drawing and could use something like some speed lines to really work well. 

The problem I encountered with the Brewers was that the red and blue don't play well when touching directly so I had to make sure the gold always came between them. Maybe making the text gold will solve that problem. When I was making the wheat stripes I was working on a white background, so it looked a lot better than it does now. I'll probably give them another pass when I do some updates.

The idea of using the star as the point on the crown is brilliant and I wish I'd thought of it. I actually attempted to do a more direct translation of the coin to logo form, complete with the woman (who I think is supposed to be Lady Liberty). This was back when it was a concept for the MLS team so the name was "Charlotte Mint FC", but here's a look at how that went:

What's strange about the Charlotte crown is that it doesn't really work as an actual headpiece, given how simple it is. Rounding the text is definitely a good idea, I'll include that in the update for sure.

5/07/2020 9:02 pm  #12

Re: Project CLT (12/30)

Hey everyone, sorry about the delay. Shockingly, trying to get at least three logos done a day can cause some burnout, who knew? I've only got one team for you today, and it covers a topic we've already seen, but in a different manner.

Project CLT #10: the Charlotte Stars!
Inspired by the bluegrass stars that recorded in Charlotte I wanted to make this set more "musical" in nature. To that end, the primary consists of a tied sixteenth note with the famous Charlotte crown on top, with a platinum beveled star in the background (platinum as in a platinum record). The secondary is the music crown with no star, for smaller applications. This one's nothing special, just a bit to get me back into the swing (heh) of things. Tomorrow should come with a bit of a surprise!

What do you think? C&C Appreciated!
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5/13/2020 7:57 pm  #13

Re: Project CLT (12/30)

Ok, I'm back. I'll probably have to cut back on the scale of the project, I just don't have the energy to get through all 30 names (plus some of them aren't great). That said, I do have two more.

Project CLT #11: the Charlotte Dodgers!
Charlotte has a trolley service running throughout the city, so I thought it would be appropriate to utilize a classic name. I tried to go for a more old-timey feel with "Trolley Dodgers" on the logo and a basic rendition of a tram car, but I'm not so sure it turned out well. I really don't have much to say about this one, it didn't turn out as well as I hoped it would. 

This one, on the other hand, is much better. Project CLT #12: Charlotte Town FC!
When Charlotte was originally settled in the 1750s, it was named Charlotte Town before being shortened down the road. The name lives on as Charlottetowne Avenue, the street Memorial Stadium is on (where the Hounds lacrosse team and Independence soccer team will play once renovations are over) and this name cropped up as one of a few names that the Charlotte MLS team seems to be considering. I 
love this name. It fits right in with the Euro-style names while also referencing something native to Charlotte. There isn't a name like it in MLS as well, the closest being Orlando City. I took a suggestion from CCSLC to tie the hornet's nest, crown, and cross together in an Atletico Madrid style, and did my best to combine the two effectively while creating a logo that would stand apart in MLS. You can think of this as an update for Charlotte 1768 FC since I took the hornet's nest from there, update it to hopefully resemble a nest more, and added the cross as well. The blue color comes from that as well while the purple is the light purple that appeared on the Hornet's original uniforms. The alternates include the nest and crown on their own, as well as the shield-shaped flag and just the cross with the circle and crown. 

What do you think? C&C welcome!
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