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4/15/2020 7:11 pm  #1

Random team names I thought of

I'm not much of an artist, but I have some team ideas if anybody wants to design them.

Sci-fi team
There are baseball teams with alien themes like the Voyagers or the Invaders, but my idea is more of a sci-fi space pilot theme or sci-fi alien theme. If going with the pilot theme, the uniforms and branding would have a futuristic design, I'm envisioning something out of the movie Tron.  If going with the alien theme, the branding and uniforms would include a combination of English and some kind of alien font.  I'm thinking the colors would be a dark grey for the spaceship and a bright color for the alien.  Even the stadium would have sci-fi and spaceship elements, like something out of Disney's Space Mountain ride.  

The space pilot theme could also work for a football team, with a futuristic looking battle helmet and the uniform like a sci-fi space pilot.  

Not that baseball needs another food team, but I thought of having different uniforms and logo variations for each type of donut, like white with sprinkles, chocolate brown and glazed.  A baseball would be in the center of the donut hole.

Black Diamonds
This team name has been used in the past, but my idea is to have branding and logos be like a luxury car.  Real slick and modern.  The logo could also play off the design of a baseball diamond.  

The Future
A futuristic team brand that combines sport with technology.  Colors would be black and turquoise.  Font would be a tech/computer font.

A simple idea for a team based in a desert or rural area.  Colors are tan, sky blue and bright yellow.

Palm Springs Mods
This city is known for it's mid-century modern architecture, this team's branding could reflect that 50s-60s style.  

There are plenty of sports teams that represent country life or country animals, but there are barely any sports teams for city people like myself.  I would love a team that is based on street culture: graffiti, ghetto streets, hip hop style, etc.  The font used on logos and uniforms would be similar to graffiti.

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