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6/30/2024 1:03 am  #51

Re: AltHL Refre5h

I'd like to see what the Ottawa Guardians got for Refre5h, if only because I'd like to know their legacy pairing, because they're currently the only active team without a pairing.

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7/01/2024 9:42 am  #52

Re: AltHL Refre5h

Good catch about Ottawa. We did not receive any submissions for them. We will be working on something for them by the start of the season. Similarly Calgary does have a winning logo but a few design decisions still need to be made. Stay tuned for the Wranglers. 

But for the Legacy Project teams, here are the teams without link ups: 
Ottawa Guardians = San Jose Sharks
Detroit Angels = Nashville Predators
Saskatoon Shockers = Calgary Flames

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