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6/14/2024 4:56 pm  #1

The AltFL Season 2024

Welcome to another season of the AltFL. We have a ways before we kick off for the fifth season but we are trying to get ahead of the game in terms of organization. This week we are looking to hear from everyone interested in participating.

- Are you an owner interested in returning? Fill out the form.
- Are you an owner who needs to take a step back this season? Fill out the form. 
- Are you someone interested in becoming an owner? Fill out the form. 

Here's the form! 

Please fill out the form by Saturday, June 22nd. 

If you know of anyone interested in the league please have them fill out the form or contact me directly. 

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6/14/2024 6:11 pm  #2

Re: The AltFL Season 2024

yeah baby it's football o'clock letsgoooo


6/24/2024 12:16 am  #3

Re: The AltFL Season 2024

With the return of all 19 owners from last year, and the league owned team has an owner as the owner of the San Diego Pandas, robertropson, will be taking over the team. However, he has elected not to be the owner of the Birmingham Vulcans, and will assume the ownership of the San Antonio Phantoms.

Also, a little bit of housekeeping. Last season, during the preseason, the Buffalo Bolts traded their second round redraft pick for 2024 to the Utah Raptors. As this was a preseason trade, the pick did not move to the Raptors, but was logged in the backside. During the season, the Buffalo Bolts then traded that pick to the Boston Nightriders. Since the pick was no longer owned by the Bolts, the Nightriders will instead get the Bolts' second round rookie pick in 2024. I will be attempted to move those future picks in Fantrax going forward, but there are limitations. If you trade picks, I will track it, but you as the owner of the team are responsible to your own picks as well.

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6/26/2024 10:17 am  #4

Re: The AltFL Season 2024

Welcome one and all to your official draft preview and AltFL timeline reveal for the 2024 AltFL season. We're going to start strong here in July, have some down time perfect for processing trades leading up to the keeper deadline, then the Free Agent Dispersal draft, and then the start of the season. 

First things first, your keeper values for the upcoming season. This will give you a chance to prepare for the Rookie Draft, knowing what you are working with for your roster.


The Rookie Draft will begin on July 8th. As always, the draft order is the inverse of last year's finish for the teams, starting with the Minnesota Voyageurs until the defending champion Dallas Bandits pick. There will be, as always, two rounds. This will be a slow draft process as it will be handled on these boards. The draft order is below. Trading of these picks for your players or other picks is permitted, but all trades MUST be submitted to me, Gritty, or QCS to be brought to the Trade Council for approval before the trade is official and we announce it. Please let me know if you see something that is incorrect PRIOR to the draft.

We will then have some downtime on the preparation for the 2024 season until the Keeper Due Date of August 24th. During this time, trading is not only permitted, but encouraged. All trades MUST be sent to myself, Gritty, or QCS to be reviewed by the Trade Council before the trade can be made official and we announce it. Trading and all other player movement will not be allowed from the Keeper Due Date until the Free Agent Dispersal Draft. The order for this will once again be determined by the remainder of your keeper budget, with the team with the most budget remaining getting the first pick with the person with the least budget remaining getting the last pick in each round. All ties in remaining budget will go to the team with the better record.

The Free Agent Dispersal Draft will happen the weekend of August 30th through September 2nd. We will run a When2Meet closer to that date to finalize the draft date and time.

The Season starts with the NFL Kickoff game on September 5th. I feel this one is obvious, but we'll make sure to make it clear.

Any questions, please reach out to myself, Gritty, or QCS.

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6/27/2024 11:24 pm  #5

Re: The AltFL Season 2024

Arizona Scorpions trade block
LB - Roquan Smith - 22
RB - Austin Ekeler - 23
DB - Jalen Ramsey - 10
DB - Darnell Savage - 10
DL - Dre'Mont Jones - 7
DL - Derrick Nnadi - 7

Looking for:
Idk bruh

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6/28/2024 10:44 pm  #6

Re: The AltFL Season 2024

The Chicago Cyclones are willing to hear out offers on any of these available players:

QB Geno Smith (12)
WR Cooper Kupp (22)
TE Tyler Higbee (8)
DL Zach Allen (6)
LB Micah Parsons (10)
LB Bobby Wagner (10)
LB Pete Werner (8)
DB Chauncy Gardner-Johnson (4)
DB Richie Grant (4)

We would prefer picks (either redraft or rookie) in exchange, but of course we'd be willing to talk things out.

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6/29/2024 10:14 am  #7

Re: The AltFL Season 2024

The following are available as trade bait.  I know not everyone on this list is going to be immediately desirable, but it's just easier for me to list everyone that's available rather than try to cherry pick who I think would sell.  Looking for Rookie and Redraft Picks, but I'm open to discuss!

QB Justin Fields (10)
QB Sam Howell (9)
RB Khalil Herbert (7)
RB Samaje Perine (4)
WR Adam Thielen (8)
WR Romeo Doubs (12)
WR Michael Thomas (9)
TE Donald Parham (1)
DL Harrison Phillips (1)
DL, LB Jadeveon Clowney (1)
LB Elandon Roberts (1)
LB, DB Jeremy Chinn (10)
DB Tariq Woolen (4)
DB Myles Bryant (1)
DB Darrick Forrest (4)

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6/29/2024 11:30 am  #8

Re: The AltFL Season 2024

Hello everyone, I'm here to share with you what YOUR New York Emperors have on their trade block. I'm looking for  picks in either draft. There are some tentative trade talks with some of these guys, so lets work something out if you're interested.

23 - A.J. Brown (WR - Philadelphia)
16 - T.J. Hockenson (TE - Minnesota)
15 - Nick Bosa (DL - San Francisco)
10 - David Montgomery (RB - Detroit)
8 - Jakobi Meyers (WR - Las Vegas)
7 - De'Vondre Campbell (LB - San Francisco)
7 - Jameson Williams (WR - Detroit)
5 - Tyler Allgeier (RB - Atlanta)
4 - Joshua Dobbs (QB - San Francisco)
4 - Jalen Pitre (DB - Houston)
2 - Hendon Hooker (QB - Detroit)
2 - Marcus Mariota (QB - Washington)
1 - Dante Stills (DL - Arizona)
1 - Byron Young (LB - LA Rams)

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6/29/2024 12:54 pm  #9

Re: The AltFL Season 2024

The Nightriders are taking offers on

QB Aaron Rodgers (NYJ - 23)
WR Darnell Mooney (ATL - 10)
WR Chris Godwin (TB - 10)
LB Shaq Barrett (MIA - 4)

I am also open to working out deals to acquire costly players for those in need of cap relief.


6/29/2024 7:20 pm  #10

Re: The AltFL Season 2024

Buffalo Bolts Trading Block
Tee Higgins (11)
Stefon Diggs (22)
Fred Warner (20)
Tyler Conklin (7)
Sam Darnold (3)
Myles Garrett (20)

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