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3/09/2024 8:10 pm  #21

Re: AltHL Refre5h

Round 1 Owners

I have sent out the submissions to each of you. Please keep your selections private for now so we can organize all of the Refresh identities into a big reveal. 

Once you are ready please respond to that email with your selections and we'll start rendering them into a common template. 

If you have any questions please reach out to me. 



3/28/2024 11:29 am  #22

Re: AltHL Refre5h

If you haven't yet please submit your final ideas for your refresh uniforms. I have received feedback from most owners but not all. We are currently rendering them on to the common template. We'll have the big reveal soon!

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5/28/2024 2:14 pm  #23

Re: AltHL Refre5h

Happy Memorial Day everyone! 

I just wanted to give everyone an update on the AltHL Refresh Project. All is on track and we are getting close to the 'Owners Meeting' coming up this month. 

What to expect during the Owner Meeting: 
-Rollout of updated uniforms for AltHL teams
-Announcement about the locations for our 3 league events 
-Launch of the Minor Hockey League 
-Information regarding this year's first MHL Rookie Draft
-Access to your team's Budget outlook for next season

When will the Owner's Meeting take place?
-We will drop the first post once the Stanley Cup Final begins. This was the original plan all along but as I look over my previous posts I realize I may not have shared that. Sorry for that. 

I may reach out to a few owners from whom I am still looking for a few items. 

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6/11/2024 8:50 am  #24

Re: AltHL Refre5h

It is officially time to reveal the AltHL Refresh Project. I want to thank everyone for your patience as we get this off the ground. It took a lot of time to render all of the logos and uniforms. But through it all I think we have a bunch of improved identities for the upcoming fifth season of the AltHL. We hope to do this with our other leagues in the coming months and years. 

Here is what to expect over the next few days: 
-An introduction to the Minor Hockey League. This will include how we will manage minor league players, how they will compete. 
-Access to the roster budgets for this year ALTHL 2024 BUDGET
-Locations of the hosts for our three league events this year
-Refreshed Identities for all participating franchises

Let the fun begin!  

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6/11/2024 9:00 am  #25

Re: AltHL Refre5h

First up is the Minor Hockey League. As shared in the video from the beginning of this process, each AltHL will have a roster of minor league eligible players. This will be the way that teams can build for the future. 

Next up will be the identities of the MHL teams. Each owner can reach out to designers to bring their teams to life. The deadline for team identities will be the AltHL Draft in September. For now, here are the names of the inaugural MHL teams.

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6/11/2024 9:17 am  #26

Re: AltHL Refre5h

Next is the design of the event logos for this season. To make it a challenge we have added three design parameters (seen below). To access the league fonts visit this folder. The host owners will review the submissions and select the one that we will use. Submissions will be due July 1st

Now it is time for our host locations for this year's events. Every year, the team with the lowest record will host the draft. 

Every year we will randomly select a city to host the All Star Game. Cities that hosted events this year will not be eligible the following year to host this event. The owner can work with a designer to develop the uniforms for the event. It is important to note that this year the NHL will not be hosting an All Star Game in lieu of the Four Nations tournament. We will host our event at that time though. 

Finally, we have our first ever Legacy Classic. And perhaps it is serendipitous that our first host turned out to be our first ever champion. The gimmick of this event will be that participating teams will be able to make Reverse Retro style sweaters in which the AltHL teams combine their iconography with that of their Legacy Link team. In this case Halifax (Blackhawks) and Loons (Devils). During this event we will celebrate the Legacy histories of both teams. 

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6/11/2024 9:28 am  #27

Re: AltHL Refre5h

We will now start to roll out the refreshed identities of our franchises. We'll do a few every day.

First up are the Winnipeg Arrows. The Arrows were one of our first two expansion teams. The Arrows have played off of both the arrowhead and plane iconography for their design along with a traditional red and gold color scheme. 

On the ice, the Arrows have been a successful franchise. Through four seasons they have a record of 53-29. They have won two division titles, a Canadian Shield and a Gritty Cup for league's best regular season record. In the playoffs they have gone 2-4 and went all the way to the Final in Season 2 against Calgary. 

DESIGNER - Wallflower (Full Set)


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6/11/2024 9:34 am  #28

Re: AltHL Refre5h

Next up we have the Boston Rovers. The Rovers were one of the first four teams ever designed by the Alt Sports Universe. For this refreshed design you have a modernization of the crest as well as a new sublimated knot in the sleeve stripes.

On the ice, the Rovers have had a lot of success. They have had a record of 56 - 26. They won one Adams Cup (top US team) and the East Division Title. Like the Arrows, they have made the playoffs every season and have gone 1-4 in those appearances. 


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6/11/2024 9:46 am  #29

Re: AltHL Refre5h

These are great. I love the updates for Winnipeg, and that secondary really catches my eye. I'm not as big a fan of the lighter green as the base for the Rovers, but the updated look is really well done, especially the logo.

Going forward, can we get credit for the designers? If we're going to be reaching out to people for minor league identities, knowing who did the designs may help people reach out to people who did well with specific designs.

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6/12/2024 8:05 am  #30

Re: AltHL Refre5h

Next up are the Edmonton Wildcats! 

The Wildcats were a member of the second wave of expansion to the AltHL. An identity that combined Alberta's wild nature and its prolific oil industry. The logo was a winner because of well...a hat.

The 'Cats began play during Season 2 and have skated to a record of 35-33 since. 

For their future of their Legacy Connection - the Wildcats have been randomly paired with the Vancouver Canucks


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